Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2262


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“If you’re so wild and arrogant, why hadn’t you come out in the first place and defeat everyone? Or are you not so confident in your own power? Haha. Mid True God Realm, so what?”

Jiang Chen snorted at Helian Wushuang contemptuously in reply. Although he had suffered a severe injury, he would definitely not let this Helian Wushuang bluff and bluster in front of him. 

“You’re wild and crazy. You’re indeed very strong too. However, you’re still not a match for me. You’re too weak for me, even more so now that you are badly injured,” Helian Wushuang shook his head.

“I don’t want to kill anyone here. Give me the Dragon Ball and you all can leave here.”

“It’s impossible. If you want to get the Dragon Ball, you have to go through me first. What do you think? If you can kill me, then you will get what you want.”

Jiang Chen faced Helian Wushuang. Helian Wushuang smiled and the green bull bellowed lightly.

“Even my bull knows that you’re kidding me. Okay. Then, I will bid my farewell with you guys here. I hope that there’s no sorrow in the heave. I will get that Dragon Ball sooner or later.”

“You have slept on brushwood and tasted gall for five years. You’re quite determined, however, you’re unlucky to encounter me here.”

Jiang Chen did not withdraw his step at all. At this moment, he decided to kickstart a slaughtering battle with Helian Wushuang. He would never hand over the Dragon Ball. Only if he defeated Helian Wushang would he obtain the Dragon Ball safely.

“The youngsters nowadays are really ignorant. Haha, I wanted to spare your life actually, but you don’t know how to appreciate it. Such a failure you are…” Helian Wushuang shook his head and laughed lightly.

“This guy had become more and more confident in himself. However, to be honest, I don’t think he can defeat Helian Wushuang. After all, Helian Wushuang is one of the top experts in Taichi Sect and is a very formidable one at that. Meanwhile, his brother is also unparalleled and powerful. He is even more powerful compared to the Fire Qilin. Now that Jiang Chen is suffering a severe injury, it seems like the Dragon Ball will end up falling into Taichi Sect’s hand.” Liao Bufan said calmly. 

Although Jiang Chen was indeed very strong, the gap between him and Helian Wushuang was three realms. Moreover, he was severely injured, it was almost impossible for him to overcome Helian Wushuang who was in his best condition right now.

For Xue Qianying and others, the fact that Jiang Chen defeated the Fire Qilin was already completely out of their expectation. It would be unbelievable if Jiang Chen managed to defeat Helian Wushuang. The two of them did not share the same realm at all, so one could already imagine the result of their battle easily. 

“Jiang Chen is a bit overly conceited. He shouldn’t fight that guy. Obviously, Helian is playing tricks and was looking for this perfect opportunity. Jiang Chen will fall into the trap this time,” Tan Shanhe said.

“You’re right. However, I still hope that he could make a miracle even though it doesn't sound possible.” 

Bai Yunfei felt regretful, but he knew Jiang Chen’s temperament. Jiang Chen was stubborn and would not admit being inferior to anyone so easily. He was wild and crazy as he did not put others in his eyes. He most probably did not have any cards on his hands to win this final battle. 

“If you have the same cultivation realm as me, I might not be a match for you. Too bad, you’re too weak right now. I will take your sword as mine as well,” Helian Wushuang said in a low voice while putting down the bamboo flute on his back.

“I am afraid that you are not capable of having my sword yet. Let’s start. I can’t wait to go back home.”

Jiang Chen sneered.

“Since you’re so impatient, I am going to give you the chance now.”

“My bull, someone is challenging us. Shouldn’t I give him a good lesson?”


“Even my bull said so. You’re really distasteful. Shepherd's flutes sound drunk to the ears!” 

Helian Wushuang played the flute. 

After hearing the flute’s sound, everyone fell into confusion. The sound wave struck everyone like a sharp sword. It was invincible and attacked people in a mystical way. Jiang Chen could not help but take a few steps backwards while his face showed some struggle.

“A sound wave attack is really terrifying.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, his face looking ugly. However, he calmed himself down slowly. The sound wave was designed to attack the soul, fortunately, Jiang Chen’s soul was incredibly strong. A Heavenly God expert might not even be able to overcome him.

“Are you going to play this trick with me? You’re too green. Get out of here!”

Jiang Chen sneered, he then suddenly opened his eyes. A terrifying spiritual ripple spread across in all directions. The entire canyon became chaotic; meanwhile the sound coming from the flute turned into a graceful music that lacked lethality after clashing with Jiang Chen’s spirit.

Helian Wushuang slightly closed his eyes and was astonished by Jiang Chen. This guy was really quite impressive to manage to resist his sound wave attack. Was his spiritual strength that strong?

“Not easy. It’s not easy. If I don’t show more strength, you won’t know how powerful I am.”

Helian Wushuang gripped his hand, then the bamboo flute in his hand suddenly gave off a dazzling radiance, and turned into a pillar that shattered the void. Jiang Chen took a step back instantly as the pillar had covered the entire canyon. It then fell down from the heavens, dropping on Jiang Chen’s head. 

Jiang Chen looked intensed while using his sword to defend. The enormous bamboo flute had created too much pressure on him. He was struggling while kneeling down on the ground with one knee. His sword pointed to the bamboo flute while Helian Wushuang pressed against him firecily, thinking of completely smashing him. 

“Do you really think that such a small trick can kill me?”

Jiang Chen sneered. He suddenly disappeared from where he was. He seemed not to exist between the heavens and earth, but his silhouette seemed to be able to appear anywhere. 

“This? What happened? Where’s Jiang Chen?”

Liao Bufan was completely stunned. 

“It is not a simple teleportation. It’s not! It’s the Great Void Teleportation.”

Xue Qianying’s facial expression finally showed some excitement. Great Void Teleportation was something even the Divine King experts could not achieve. From what she knew, no one was able to achieve the Great Void Teleportation until now because only the one who had the Spatial Formation Technique can achieve the Great Void Teleportation. 

“Impossible! It’s impossible! Where did he go?.” 

Yang Jian’s countenance fell while his heart was in a state of great shock. What was happening completely made him dumbfounded. 

“Shuttling through the void, what is this……”

Helian Wushuang was shocked as well. Powerful experts usually had more knowledge about how difficult shuttling through void was. They knew that one could be easily killed by the turbulence in the void while shuttling through the void. However, Jiang Chen was able to do so.

When the bamboo flute fell down, the entire canyon was torn apart completely. Jiang Chen appeared behind Helian Wushuang and made a heavy blow with his Slaughter Dragon Seal. 

Helian Wushuang was terrified, but his green bull immediately took action and brought him out some distance away. 

“It has become more and more interesting.” 

Helian Wushuang raised his eyebrows as he found the battle more and more interesting. 

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