Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2259

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The Fire Qilin shone brightly and the flame spread across his body. Once again, a sea of flame emerged with him as the centre. It cracked the ice glacier and the ten thousand zhang ice mountain; the snow and ice melted. From the attack, a flame mark shot out towards Xue Qianying. 

“This is my natal flame mark. You’ll die a worthy death.”

The flame mark travelled through the void and engulfed Xue Qianying. She screamed and was injured by the flame mark. She flew backwards and coughed out a blue-ish pearl, it then clashed with the flame mark and disappeared. 

“My Ice Soul...” Xue Qianying’s expression was pale. 

It was the Ice Soul given by her master. It was extremely precious. Moreover, it could help her increase her strength. But at this moment, it was devoured by the natal flame of the beast. Thankfully, that flame mark was also gone. 

“Not bad. To think you manage to block one of my attacks, little girl.” The Fire Qilin too suffered a grave injury. 

But compared to Xue Qianying and the others, he was better off than them. 

The one who had it worse was Yazi. Being the target of the Fire Qilin's tackles, his body was on the verge of breaking apart. 

“Give me the Dragon Ball,” the Fire Qilin said indifferently. 

“The Dragon Ball is over there.” Liao Bufan pointed at Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen shrugged. ‘Neighbors who can't agree lose out on a third party’. It’s time for him to enter the stage. 

“Give it to me, puny human. Otherwise, you’ll end up becoming a pile of ash.” The Fire Qilin calmly said with a pale smile. 

“I am lacking a mount right now. Why don’t you become my mount? What says you? Then I may consider giving the Dragon Ball to you.” 

Everyone was stunned by Jiang Chen’s words. Each of their faces became extremely weird. Did this fellow eat some weird mushroom? 

“Hahahahaha. This is too funny, a little fellow that isn’t even in the True God Realm. You’re interesting, you want me to become your mount? Hahaha!”  Fire Qilin kept on laughing. 

Each of them held in their breaths. Even Bai Yunfei thought Jiang Chen’s brain must’ve fried. What is he smoking? 

Jiang Chen smiled and quietly looked at the beast. 

Suddenly, the beast’s expression became disfigured and he coldly looked at Jiang Chen. 

“This is my first time hearing it, to think somebody wants me to become his mount. I’ll shred you into a thousand pieces due to your ignorance. Hmph hmph.” 

The voice of the Fire Qilin pierced like an icicle but Jiang Chen felt nothing and just gazed at the beast. One as tall as the Emei Mountain and another was but an ant. 

“You gotta have the ability to do it in the first place.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Even if I am in fact injured, I am still not one that could be looked down upon by you. Little kid, you’re too arrogant. Die!” The Fire Qilin roared and a terrifying flame was shot towards Jiang Chen. 

Yang Jian, Bai Yunfei and his companion’s expression drastically changed. 

“Run, Jiang Chen!” Yang Jian roared angrily. 

He hoped that he could take Jiang Chen away now. After all, he was the one who brought Jiang Chen to this place, he had the responsibility to bring him back and it was also his principle. 

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen did not care and provoked the beast instead. Isn’t he digging his own grave? 

“Sh*t sh*t sh*t……” Bai Yunfei murmured. 

Who doesn’t know how terrifying the Fire Qilin was? At this moment, Jiang Chen was engulfed by the flame of the beast. 

“Obnoxious fool. This is probably karma.” Xiao Ying sneered. 

Even though he was in a big trouble himself, after looking at Jiang Chen being so reckless, he felt like this person should be dead. 

However, at this moment, while Yang Jian and his party were feeling sad for Jiang Chen… something unimaginable happened! Jiang Chen was covered by another terrifying flame, completely ignoring the Fire Qilin’s flame. 

“How could this be?” Liao Bufan murmured, his eyes filled with shock. 

A Mid Void God lad managed to block the attack of the Fire Qilin. It was preposterous. Nobody would believe it. The difference in strength was too large. Jiang Chen would’ve become nothing but particles after being hit by that attack. After all, that flame would make these True God experts fear for their lives. 

“It’s the exotic flame of the Heaven and Earth!The Fire of Sun!”

The Fire Qilin was extremely sensitive towards these types of flames. At this moment, his pupil widened and managed to recognise Jiang Chen’s flame. It was one of the five true elemental flames, the Fire of Sun. It’s a much more terrifying flame compared to the beast flame. It’s a flame that comes from the Saintly Beast Golden Crow, a Saintly Beast that existed before the chaos was cut open. It was not born from this Heaven and Earth, it was something stronger than a Divine Beast, such as him. 

“Look, the flame on his body is devouring the flame of the Fire Qilin!” Tan Shanhe’s face was filled with shock. 

“This fella is full of surprise.” Yang Jian said with a bitter smile, but there was still a hint of worry in his eyes. 

“Jiang Chen, do not fight the Fire Qilin head-on. You’re not his match, be careful.” Yang Jian’s worry wasn’t baseless. 

Even though Jiang Chen had the mysterious flame in his arsenal, it did not mean that he could defeat the beast. The difference between them was still too big. 

“Yeah, Jiang Chen, that Dragon Ball is not for us to take, give it to him. Otherwise, you’re going to die.” Bai Yunfei was worried for Jiang Chen. 

Even though he acknowledged Jiang Chen’s strength, Jiang Chen had still not reached the True God Realm. It’ll be a one-sided murder. Not even the experts of the four great sects could do anything now. They’ve been completely suppressed by the beast. 

“Rest assured. This fellow cannot do anything to me.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

Even Xue Qianying felt somewhat depressed from seeing him and rolled her eyes. This fellow is too confident. Thinking he’s some peerless expert. Confidence is one thing, but it’s more towards arrogance. He couldn’t see himself properly now. 

“He’ll understand after his death that a true expert will need to lay low.” Xue Qianying said indifferently. 

“I gave you a chance but you did not take it, hence you cannot blame me. Give the Dragon Ball to me and I shall leave you a complete corpse.” The Fire Qilin's patience was at its limit. 

“Enough bullshit. Come and get it. This Dragon Ball will be mine to take.”

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