Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2257

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“Alright.” Jiang Chen gave a faint smile, not feeling angry. 

When the purple-eyed youth took out the shining purple Dragon Ball the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda tremmored, as if it was extremely excited. 

The moment Jiang Chen received the Dragon Ball, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was the real Dragon Ball and it was given to him without any effort on his part. It was a truly exciting occasion. In his eyes, only the Dragon Ball remained. 

“Great stuff, truly, a great stuff. Hahaha!” Jiang Chen silently nodded and held  the Dragon Ball tightly in his hands. 

At this moment, he was prepared to run away. 

But the purple-eyed youth kept on looking at Jiang Chen ‘hungrily’. Because he was prepared to rob the Dragon Ball in a moment's notice. 

“Now, it’s time that we settled our score. Hehe.” Liao Bufan said with a smile. 

“If any of you are willing to back away, then I am willing to compensate you whatever you want. I want nothing else, just the Dragon Ball.”

“I see the people of the Happy Valley in a new light. Are we here just for show? I will not back away from anything that I can grant from what you all ask. I too have no other request, I only want the Dragon Ball. ” Xiao Ying harrumphed.   

“Looks like we’ll have to use our own methods to settle this problem.” Xue Qianying said. 

What she was trying to say was obvious. She too only wanted the Dragon Ball, anything was irrelevant. 

“Then, I also have no other choice.” Yang Jian shrugged. 

In the end, nobody was willing to take a step back. Even though Yang Jian was not interested in the Dragon Ball, since he had entered this battle, then he too was qualified in getting the treasure. What is a Dragon Ball? It was something much more precious than a Fire Spirit Lizard. Even the Sect Lord will be stunned by it. 

The four of them were in discord and fought once again. But no result could be seen and the youth’s gaze once again fell upon Jiang Chen. 

“These people… I am speechless. Even if the Dragon Ball is great, it'll be pointless if one doesn’t have the life to enjoy it.” The youth sighed. 

Yet, at the moment, when he was preparing to attack Jiang Chen,  a deep but ear-splitting roar could be heard, as if the whole Qi Yun Mountain Range could hear its voice. Due to the roar’s ferocity, everyone thought a true overlord had descended upon them. 

“Zi Chen. I’ve pursued you for 800,000 li. You didn’t expect that I would have eventually caught up to you, right?!”

A raging flame appeared, a blood red Qilin stood on top of that raging flame and looked down from the sky. It was exceptionally ferocious. 

“Fire Qilin! To think you’re still after my tail. You’re already a Heavenly Divine Beast. Why must you snatch my Dragon Ball?” Zi Chen’s expression became gloomy. 

He was not the Fire Qilin’s match. Even Xue Qianying and the others were fodders for the beast. They had no chance of winning against it. 

“Such a powerful Fire Qi Lin!” 

“I’ve never seen such a fierce Fire Qilin before.” 

“This divine beast only exists in the legends. To think I am able to witness it myself today.” 

“You’re right. The Fire Qilin is much prouder and rarer than the Dragon Clan. Hence, the bloodline of the Fire Qilin is much more precious than the Dragons.” 

At this moment, the four gave up on fighting because the threat of the Fire Qi Lin was too high. 

“This is… Half-Step Heavenly God!” 

Everyone gasped. To think the divine beast had reached such a stage. A Half-Step Heavenly God Fire Qilin, a naturally born Divine Beast, possessing exceptionally great innate talent. It was even stronger than a human Early Heavenly God. 

“He’s also hurt. Even though I received a grave injury when we fought before, he wasn’t any better. Now, its Half-Step Heavenly God’s prestige is not as great as before. Hahaha.” Zi Chen’s words stunned everyone. 

Looks like the two of them fought each other. Moreover, Zi Chen’s injury was caused by Fire Qilin. The beast pursued for a vast distance just for the Dragon Ball. Xue Qianying and the others were far weaker than the Fire Qilin, if they were compared. With the beast’s strength on display, even if it’s hurt, who dares go against the prestige of a Half-Step Heavenly God? 

“Even so, killing you is as easy as taking a sweet from a baby. Those who dares to stop me shall die a miserable death.” 

The Fire Qilin stepped on the void and flame spread through the field. Even Jiang Chen felt the heat from those flames. The flame it possessed should be the beast flame of the Beast King. It was stronger than the Five Elemental True Fire. 

“Fire Qilin... Let’s see how powerful it is. Now that it has come to this, we’ll have to stake our lives to get the Dragon Ball!” Xiao Ying said coldly. 

Even though he knew that he was not the beast’s match, he still had to try. Otherwise, the effort he previously put in would be wasted.

“I agree. Even though he’s a Half-Step Heavenly God, he’s not in his peak condition.” Liao Bufan said. 

“I agree.” Yang Jiang nodded. 

Xue Qianying had no reason to refute. At this moment, even Zi Chen should face the Fire Qilin. Otherwise, he will not get away if they die. 

“I will face the Fire Qilin with you all.” Zi Chen clenched his teeth and said. 

He desires to kill the Fire Qilin. But the beast was a peerless Divine Beast, it had unfathomable strength. It was certainly a dangerous battle. 

“This is getting merrier and merrier.” Jiang Chen shrugged. 

He was playing the role of an audience splendidly. It’ll be great when both parties become weak due to their battles. Then, he will be able to get away from here with the Dragon Ball safely.  

“A bunch of fearless, stubborn fools. I will get the Dragon Ball. By getting the Dragon Ball, I shall obtain the opportunity to become a Dragon Qilin. At that moment, I will dominate the True Dragon and Qilin Clan and become the true Beast King! No one shall be able to stop me.” The Fire Qilin roared continuously as it spewed flames. 

This forced Xue Qianying and the others to quickly retreat. The might of the Fire Qilin pressured them a lot. After all, it was still a Half-Step Heavenly God.

“Pebbles that dare to stand up against giants?! Keep on dreaming. Everyone of you shall die.” 

The Fire Qilin’s proclamation of death reverberated in the hearts of everyone. That coldness and disdain had lit the flames of anger from the parties of Xue Qianying. 

“A battle of life and death. Glory to the ones who win. Good Luck, beautiful sister.” Jiang Chen said excitedly. 

This time, let’s see how you’re going to hide your power. Facing a Half-Step Heavenly God Fire Qilin, you guys should show your true cards now, right? Whoever does not give it their all will face a terrible, terrible death. 

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