Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2251


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The group quietly left and disappeared from the snow-robed girl’s eyes. But Jiang Chen wasn’t giving up and no one knew about it. The Dragon Balls were important for him, he had a premonition that after he obtained them, his strength would improve substantially. Moreover, there are nine hollow slots within the Ancestral Dragon pagoda. Those slots might be for those Dragon Balls if he was right. 

But Yang Jian was determined to look for the Fire Spirit Lizard. Hence, he’ll have to follow him for the time being. 

Jiang Chen looked back and glanced at the Lotus Cloud Sect disciples. He had a premonition that they’ll certainly meet again. 

The group searched through the Qiyun Mountain Range for three days but found nothing. However, they found two traces of the lizard passing through the place. It left a big claw mark in this snowy region, which meant that it must be around the mountain range. Moreover, they were not far from it, but they just couldn’t find it. 

“We will find that Fire Spirit Lizard.” Yang Jian was confident that he could find the creature. 

His strength will certainly have a qualitative change after getting the demonic crystal of the creature. By that time, he’ll certainly reach the top 3 within the inner sect. 

But Jiang Chen’s mind was still thinking about that Dragon Ball. 

“Why do you look to be in daze for the past two days?” Bai Yunfei asked quietly and looked at Jiang Chen suspiciously. 

“Probably it's the environment here, I didn’t rest well enough.” Jiang Chen gave an excuse and laughed. 

“No problem. We’re more than enough to look for the Fire Spirit Lizard. The creature itself is not that strong. According to Senior Yang, that Fire Spirit Lizard is at most at the Early True God Realm.”

“Alright.” Jiang Chen nodded. 

The five of them searched through the whole South Eastern part of the Qiyun Mountain Range (300,000 li area) but found nothing. 

On the starry night, the moon above the sky showered the glaciers and the environment with elegance. It was a beautiful sight. 

The group finally found the trails of the Fire Spirit Lizard in a grand canyon. 

“This fellow could be hiding in this canyon.” Yang Jian said, unable to hide his excitement as there were claw marks found around the area. 

At this moment, snow fell from the sky but the claw marks of the lizard could not be completely covered. 

The blow of the wind was cold, snowflakes rained from the sky, the surrounding was quiet. 

“The heavens never let down those who work hard. We’ve finally found it!” Yang Jian was a bit excited. 

If they still couldn’t find the Fire Spirit Lizard after a day, they may have to go back empty handed because the Secret Hidden Realm was opening in a few days. Yang Jian would never let go of the chance to enter the Secret Hidden Realm. But even if he was willing to stay, Jiang Chen and Bai Yunfei would be unwilling to dawdle any longer.  

“I’ll go scout it out, you guys wait for my signal.” Bai Yunfei said. 

“Alright. Please be careful.” Yang Jian reminded. 

Bai Yunfei followed the trails of the lizard into the grand canyon. 

Snow covered the whole mountain, giving off a feel that a storm was coming. 

Jiang Chen could smell something dangerous. This place was a place that was easy to defend, unknowingly, this hidden grand canyon gave him an extreme depressive feeling. 

Yang Jian and the others were also extremely serious, none of them dared to take the situation lightly. Even though there wasn’t a battle now, it could happen at any moment. 

Half an hour passed. Bai Yunfei finally came out. The trail that the lizard left behind was already gone. 

“The Fire Spirit Lizard is inside. But I also spotted a Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon, it is much stronger than the lizard. To think these two fellows are living together in harmony. Truly unbelievable.” Bai Yunfei said quietly. His eyes solemn. 

“Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon. This thing could easily fight against three of us after reaching the True God Realm.” Yang Jian said with incomparable solemness. 

He too did not dare to be reckless, the  Fire Spirit Lizard was easy to handle but the Three Headed Scarlet Flame Snake Dragon was not.

“So what now? Are we going back?” Jiang Chen shrugged. 

That was not his concern. If it’s un-winnable, run away. Plus, he wasn’t willing to risk his life for a single mission. Jiang Chen wasn’t stupid, even if Yang Jian promised them a great reward, he needed to be alive to enjoy it. 

“Shanhe, you and Yunfei are the vanguards. Us three will cover you. If there’s a clash, we’ll still be able to retreat.” Yang Jian said. 

But Jiang Chen frowned and said: “Wait!” 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and dazed. His soul energy could feel three different energies flying to their location with high speed. Plus, they were not weak. Jiang Chen’s soul detection could reach farther than others after absorbing 100,000 divine sparks that included the divine soul of a Divine Emperor.

Even though he couldn’t use all of those divine souls, his current divine soul has already reached a terrifying level, not even himself knows what level he has reached. 

“What happened?” Bai Yunfei asked. 

“Are you sure we’re the only group here?” 

“What do you mean?” Yang Jian’s expression changed. 

“Yes. I am born sensitive. I dare say that there are three different groups coming to this location fast. Moreover, their target is also in this grand canyon.” Jiang Chen said confidently. 

“Are you sure?” Tan Shanhe said quietly, clearly doubtful. 

“‘Pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger.’ Let’s wait, it won’t be a big problem.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Alright. Let’s follow your suggestion. We’ll wait for awhile.” 

Sure enough, after five minutes, three groups entered this grand canyon. 

One of the group were the people from the Lotus Cloud Sect. That snow-robed girl was leading the group. 

“It’s them!” Bai Yunfei looked at Jiang Chen with shock. This fellow is amazing. 

“The other two groups of people are strong too. This time, we are probably forced to wait for an opportunity to strike. We’ll get cornered if we simply attack the place.” Yang Jian said quietly.  

At this moment, he chose not to act but chose the safest option. Waiting for an opportunity to strike when there’s a chance. 

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