Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2250

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“Who are those people?” Jiang Chen asked with a frown. 

These dozen or so women were quite strong, all of them were at the Late Void God Realm. Yet they couldn’t do a thing against that giant wild boar. 

“Looking at their clothes. They ought to be from the Lotus Cloud Sect.” Bai Yunfei said quietly. 

“Yes. Those people should be trying to hunt that Wild Boar King. Obviously, they came prepared.” Yang Jiang nodded. 

“This Wild Boar King is quite powerful. Even though it’s not at the True God Realm, it's almost at that level.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. 

That terrifyingly giant beast was unfazed under the women’s barrage of attacks. Truly a genuine Wild Boar King. However, those dozen or so people were prepared to use their strongest technique to kill it. 

“That must be a Hei Yan Boar. A beast with low intelligence but it's not weak. Moreover, this beast was born from the heavens and earth, it absorbed the essence of nature, its strength stronger than human cultivators. This Wild Boar King’s actual combat strength should be at the level of the True God Realm. They’re hunting this Hei Yan Boar to eat it and improve their cultivation. After all, the meat of a Hei Yan Boar is much more precious than a Divine Origin Stone. One’s strength will surely increase tremendously after consuming its meat. ” Yang Jian said solemnly. 

“There are still differences between True God Realm and Void God Realm. This group of people may not be able to take down this Wild Boar King.” Yang Jian’s words made Jiang Chen’s heart slightly shaken. 

These people were strong, but so is the Wild Boar King. 

“This means they’re a bunch of boar hunters. But they could probably become food for those boars too. Haha.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh.  

Bai Yunfei and Yang Jian were slightly stunned. 

“You’re right. Either you kill or get killed by the boar.” Tan Shanhe said after a big laugh. 

“Who’s spying?! Come out!” 

A loud shout could be heard. A girl holding a steel blade stood proudly and slashed towards their location. A flash of light could be seen and the surrounding dozen or so ancient trees were instantly decimated. If it weren’t for Jiang Chen and the gang’s quick reaction, they would've become a pile of ash too. 

“Such an overbearing girl.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

She was going all out, and was planning to take their lives. 

A snow-robed girl, who moved with the wind, stood on the air with vigour. She looked truly exquisite, cold and beautiful; with long black hair that could make the people under the heavens in awe!

“No matter who you all are, get out of Qiyun Mountain Range. Otherwise, we’ll kill you without mercy!” The snow-robed girl saidm, her voice was like a hellish god of slaughter, without a shade of mercy.  

“My name is Yang Jian, Profound Feng Sect Outer ’ Great Disciple! We’re not here to bring trouble to your sect. We’re here to gain experience. Five days tops. We’ll leave Qiyun Mountain Range and will not stay any longer.” Yang Jian said with a solemn expression. 

They were here to search for the Fire Spirit Lizard and not to seek trouble. Especially since they were facing the local overlord Lotus Cloud Sect, who were not someone they could mess with. 

“Profound Feng Sect? You guys are here for the Dragon Balls too?” 

The snow-robed girl was arrogant while talking with her back towards Jiang Chen and his team. 

“Dragon Balls? No, no, no. We’re only here for the Fire Spirit Lizard. We’ll leave after we’ve caught the lizard and will not cause any trouble for your sect. I hope the fairy permits.” 

Yang Jian’s expression was respectful and with a faint infatuation in his eyes. He had never seen such a beautiful and elegant woman who’s like a peerless fairy. 

“In this case, get out of Qiyun Mountain Range in five days and I shall not prod further.” The snow-robed girl said and left, rushing straight towards the Wild Boar King. 

“This girl should be in the supreme heavens.” Yang Jian nodded with eyes filled with admiration. 

“Extraordinary temperament, but she’s sensible. Something rare in this world.” Bai Yunfei was in agreement, valuing the snow-robed girl. 

“If it weren’t for our quick reaction. That girl would’ve already killed us.” Jiang Chen said while rolling his eyes. 

It baffled him that these two brothers admire the girl so much. However, after all, a goddess will always have special privilege. 

“That was just a misunderstanding. Everyone would do the same if it's a life-and-death situation. Moreover, our identity was unknown. We cannot blame her.” Yang Jian said quietly. 

“You’re right. But what do they mean by Dragon Balls?” Bai Yunfei asked Yang Jian, who was the most knowledgeable amongst the five of them, with his number of excursion training, experience and strength. He was the best amongst them all.  

“It should be the Dragon’s Crystal aka Dragon Ball. I’ve read about it in an ancient text. The Dragon Ball is the stuff of legends. Could it be that those Dragon Balls could be found in this mountain range?” 

“Looks like our trip this time is a worthwhile trip.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“What do you mean?” Bai Yunfei looked at him thoughtfully. 

“Since we’ve entered the treasured mountain. How could we go back empty handed?” Jiang Chen asked back. 

“This is not a trivial matter, Jiang Chen. Our goal is just the Fire Spirit Lizard. We must quickly get out of this place after getting the Fire Spirit Lizard, nothing more. I got you guys out from the sect, I have the responsibility of bringing you guys back in one piece. This is my principle and mission.” Yang Jian said seriously. 

“Alright. I understand, Senior Brother Yang.” Jiang Chen replied after a shrug.  

At this moment, the snow-robed girl slashed her steel sword towards the sky. The Wild Boar King’s tusk was cleanly cut and it gave a loud shriek, it then quickly retreated and the dozen or so female cultivators followed up. The snow-robed girl then turned her body and slashed another time, the flash of light could still be seen in ten li radius. 

“Such a powerful slash!” Bai Yunfei gasped in awe. 

He definitely could not defend against that slash. The snow-robed girl’s strength had shocked them. Not even Yang Jian dared to be tardy and his expression became serious. 

“Not bad.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved slightly. 

The Wild Boar King couldn’t evade her slash. A sword mark appeared upon its body, and fresh blood flowed from the sword mark. Then, the female disciples followed up and attacked the beast simultaneously. The Wild Boar King then was gravely injured and fell to the ground. 

“Such a girl is truly favoured by the Heavens.” Tan Shanhe sighed. 

“Yeah. Countless powerful experts are born in this generation. Probably, only Brother Yang Jian could go toe-to-toe against her.” Xue Rengang nodded quietly. 

After the Wild Boar King was attacked by the snow-robed girl, it did not have any energy left to retaliate. The prolonged battle between the group and the boar ended after the snow-robed girl unsheathed her sword. 

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