Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2246

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“Why should I be afraid of the Sect Lord? It’s not like the Sect Lord is going to eat me alive. You’re the lord of the sect who possesses tremendous strength, virtue and excellence. A model of our sect that we strive to learn and emulate. If there’s a crisis that would fall onto the sect, you’ll be the one standing in front to protect us. I only have respect and have no fear towards the Sect Lord. I do things in an upright and honest manner, strict according to the rules, and with clear conscience. Why should I be afraid? An honorable man can live freely but a despicable man lives in fear.” Jiang Chen said with a righteous aura. 

He definitely had a clear conscience. Hence, he went against Xuan Qingming but he also believed that Xuan Qingming was an impartial Sect Lord. After all, Xuan Qingming’s gloominess and coldness were not fake. Such a person will definitely not be swayed by calumny. Hence, Jiang Chen dared to be ‘disrespectful’. 

Xuan Qingming’s eyes were cold as he gazed at Jiang Chen. Everyone else was holding their breath, because they were waiting for the Sect Lord to punish Jiang Chen. To speak to the lord with such tone. Isn’t he digging his own grave? 

“Let’s see how long you can keep up this farce.” Yan Jun thought and looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. 

Bai Yunfei sighed. This fellow is truly obnoxious. Looks like the Heaven's favourite is going to fall today. 

“Very good. Hahaha. Lad, I like you. You’re the first young man that dared to be this arrogant towards me, but also the most talented one. Killing two Half-step True God inner sect disciples while just being a Mid Void God. Truly extraordinary. It’s totally their own fault that they receive such an end. What you said and what I’ve heard are aligned. As for whether you’re loyal, I have my own thoughts about it.” Xuan Qingming’s words made everyone shocked and their jaws drop. 

That’s all? Moreover, he even complimented Jiang Chen, citing that he’s young and promising. Isn’t this too hasty?

Great Elder Yan Jun and Ling Zhongqiang were extremely depressed by the result. They could not accept it. 

Ling Zhongqiang was the most depressed. He was Gu Wanfeng’s master. If he could not even get Jaing Chen for Gu Wanfeng’s death now, how could he face his fellow elders in the future? How could he stand his ground in the sect? 

“Sect Lord. Isn’t this too lenient? Is that all? After killing Gu Wanfeng and Huang Bin?!” Ling Zhongqiang said. 

“Then, what do you want? A Half-Step True God inner sect disciple lost against a Mid Void God outer sect disciple. I only have three words for him. Serves him right.” Xuan Qingfeng’s words were extremely indifferent. 

Xuan Qingfeng was displeased with Ling Zhongqiang and the Great Elder joining hands together. Moreover, it was not Jiang Chen’s fault. 

“You can go and understand the whole matter from top to bottom. Gu Wanfeng was the one who pushed Jiang Chen into a corner with killing intent, which ended up to this result. As for how Jiang Chen’s conduct is, I have my own decision about it.” 

Ling Zhongqiang’s expression was gloomy. But since the Sect Lord has made it clear, he could no longer continue. Otherwise, he would be going against the lord. 

Whereas Yan Jun was resting with his eyes closed. He was very unhappy with the result; in addition to his grandson being killed not too long ago, he was extremely depressed. At this moment, he no longer has anything to say. But he still thinks that this Jiang Chen was something different. Moreover, he doesn’t like the kid, deep down in his heart. 

“Many thanks, Sect Lord.” Jiang Chen thanked the Sect Lord’s impartial decision. 

Whereas the ‘Lad, I like you’ made everyone understand that the Sect Lord was more than impartial, he liked Jiang Chen. As one of the few old fellows of the sect, they understood the meaning of the Sect Lord and would think twice on whether to mess with the kid. 

The only ones that were displeased were Ling Zhongqiang and Yan Jun. 

“Leave this place. You can try for the Hidden Secret Realm that is going to open soon. The top 10 of the inner sect and top 3 of the outer sect. If you can beat any of them, then you’ll be qualified to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. Little fellow, do not disappoint me. Hehe.” Xuan Qingfeng said with a faint smile. 

Jiang Chen then turned and disappeared from the Grand Hall. But he could feel two sharp gazes falling onto him, it was probably Great Elder Yan Jun and Elder Alchemist Ling Zhongqiang. 

Thinking back on the Hidden Secret Realm, Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly shone brightly. He needed to get a spot to enter it. It’ll surely be a great place of trial for them. 

Jiang Chen smiled and did not think further. These two would be opposing him sooner or later. This Great Elder is the grandfather of Yan Feng, whereas Ling Zhongqiang is Gu Wanfeng’s master. This debt will surely not be simply forgone. 

Outside of the Grand Hall, Jiang Chen looked at Lei Li with a smile. 

“Thank you, Hall Master Lei. I’ve received your help on today’s matter.” 

“I am just stating facts. Everyone in the inner sect knows who Gu Waneng is. But he’s fake as hell, if it wasn’t for Elder Li protecting him, I bet many people would’ve challenged him. You have helped the inner sect do a favour by killing such a scum.” Lei Li said with a cold expression. 

Although he looked like an unsociable man, Jiang Chen could see he was a man of justice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have supported him. 

“Senior Brother Bai, thank you.”

“I am also just stating the fact.” Bai Yunfei waved his hands, not wanting to take Jiang Chen’s thanks. 

Moreover, this Jiang Chen was now in line with him. His prestige as a senior brother doesn’t apply to Jiang Chen anymore. 

“Sometimes, speaking the truth is not easy. You all have to take care.”

Lei Li was about to leave but was stopped by Jiang Chen:

“Hall Master Lei, can I speak with you privately for a second?” 

Lei Li frowned, not knowing what Jiang Chen wanted. 

“I still have things to do, I shall take my leave. Brother Jiang, if you face any trouble in the future, come and look for me.” Bai Yunfei was tactful, and said goodbye to Jiang Chen and left. 

“Hall Master Lei, are you harassed by lightning poison?” 

Jiang Chen’s words made Lei Li’s gaze focus on Jiang Chen. 

“I could feel some instability within your body. Moreover, you’re unable to control that lightning energy within your body. At this moment, that lightning energy had changed into a lightning poison. You’re probably in pain now, right?” 

“Lad, your eyes are quite crafty. What do you mean?” Lei Li said but his eyes gave off a hint of shock. 

This fellow’s eyes are too sly. To think that he’s able to see through the injury within my body. Moreover, he did not mention this to anyone, that the lightning poison within my body was really terrorizing me. 

“I have a way to eliminate the lightning poison that lies within your body.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“What did you say?” 

Lei Li’s eyes became wide open as he looked at Jiang Chen with disbelief. A Mid True God expert like him was helpless against this lightning poison, not even Ling Zhongqiang could do anything against it. To think this kid could cure this poison? 

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