Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2245

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Bai Yunfei’s words evoked the people present to clamor. Everyone frowned besides Xuan Qingming. Because this issue has a polarised opinion. Ling Zhongqiang wanted revenge for his disciple. Naturally, he did not want to be on the side of justice, Jiang Chen’s side. Moreover, it’ll put his disciple down. 

Even though Gu Wanfeng was still not his disciple, in his heart, he had already accepted him. He wanted to train Gu Wanfeng to become stronger, hence, he made him a named disciple. But, without the knowledge of anyone, Gu Wanfeng was his favourite disciple, and he was killed by Jiang Chen. How could he not be pained? 

The other elders did not dare to speak much. After, Ling Zhongqiang’s position wasn’t just there to be seen. Who would dare to go against him? Those that do will not benefit from it. 

Great Elder Yan Jun looked at Jiang Chen coldly. He did not know why but he instinctively did not like this fellow. Jiang Chen did not look like a good person. Moreover, he was disrespectful towards his elders. He’s not even afraid of the Sect Lord. One could say that a ‘young bull does not fear the tiger,’ one could even say it's disrespectful. 

“This fellow, I see he’s quite proud and arrogant. His words could be ignored.” Yan Jun sneered and looked at Jiang Chen. 

Even though he did not fear Ling Zhongqiang, he didn’t need to be on bad terms with the latter. Since they were all elders of the sect, he still needed to be on Ling Zhongqiang’s side. 

“Many thanks to the Great Elder’s impartial judgement.” Ling Zhongqiang said with a smile. 

The others too echoed in agreement. Only Xuan Qingfeng was silent, but the fact was that it was pointless to ask Bai Yunfei. The others even started to group up with the Great Elder and Elder Ling. 

“Supporting you meant being impartial? I ask the Sect Lord, what impartial judgement is? Just from the words of the Great Elder and all the wrongs are pinned onto me?” Jiang Chen sneered, towards the Great  Elder and Ling Zhongqiang without fear. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was not planning on backing down. He silently resisted the Great Elder’s pressure while clenching his teeth. 

“Are you doubting me?!” Yan Jun shouted with an ear-splitting voice. 

Even Lei Li who was standing beside Jiang Chen frowned. The Great Elder’s temper was quite short. The Sect Lord was still there and yet he got angry, as if he’s the one controlling the whole situation. This made him, a man of the Law Enforcement Hall, disagree on the Great Elder’s behaviour. In his point of view, Jiang Chen may not be wrong, but it's a pity that he had offended two elders, Yan Jun and Ling Zhongqiang. 

“I am not doubting you, I simply do not believe you. The Sect Lord is here, what qualification do you have to kick up a fuss? Are you trying to revolt? The Great Elder is powerful, of course I do not dare to go against you. But you’re blatantly ignoring the Sect Lord, is that even proper?.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“What a cocky kid, running your mouth. To think you dare slander me, in this Profound Feng Sect, nobody had dared to speak to me in this manner!”

“Not even the Sect Lord? Looks like you’re disregarding the Sect Lord, is that not enough?”

Jiang Chen’s words caused Yan Jun to be at loss for words. This fellow was persistent, making him so angry he had to kill someone. 


“Enough. This matter will be for another time.” Xuan Qingming said. 

As the Sect Lord, his single word managed to quiet down the Great Elder. 

Even though what Jiang Chen said was just pushing responsibility away, his words were not without reason. The Great Elder was forceful along the way and completely disregarded the Sect Lord and this was the truth. Xuan Qingfeng will not be swayed by the words of others, but the Great Elder was a bit too much. 

“Sect Lord. I do not have such intentions. I hope the Sect Lord will not listen to the defamation of a despicable disciple.” Yan Jun said. 

He could’ve not said those words but in order to not make Xuan Qingfeng be wary of him, he needed to speak up since the sect lord might take it to heart. If the Sect Lord took in what Jiang Chen had said, then he'll be in big trouble. 

“I know that the Great Elder does everything for the sake of the sect.” Xuan Qingming looked at Yan Jun and smiled.  

“Jiang Chen, I’m going to ask you. Your hand-seal is filled with the Qi of death, why is that? Why is it that Gu Wanfeng said that you’re a spy and then you killed him? This should be fact, right. Bai Yunfei, is it correct?” 

“Yes, then……” Bai Yunfei hesitated. 

But it was the truth. Jiang Chen did not blame Bai Yunfei, because he was only stating the fact. 

Lei Li’s gaze was cold, like a blade of ice. He looked at Jiang Chen and took a step forward and said: 

“Sect Lord, according to Lei Li, this Jiang Chen is not a despicable man, he’s an honest person.” 

“I was being framed again and again, and he even tried to kill me several times. I ask the Sect Lord, is it wrong for me to kill that person? Is this how an inner sect senior should act? Bullying their juniors? I did not want to become enemies with him, but he was persistent and wanted to rob me off my pill formula, truly shameless to the core. I am doing justice by killing him. As for that Qi of death, it was just one of my techniques. Could one be judged as a traitor for just that reason? As for killing others for the sake of silencing him, it is just preposterous. I even dare to face the Sect Lord, that means that I have a clear conscience. I plead the sect lord to judge impartially.”

Jiang Chen’s words were fervent and his expression was proud, it wasn’t an act. Each word was a fact, at least Jiang Chen was really of clear conscience. Otherwise, how could he speak with such clarity and confidence? 

Bai Yunfei looked at Jiang Chen with extreme admiration. This fellow is truly proud. He could even be this confident when he’s facing the Sect Lord. 

“This fellow is just quibbling. He killed Gu Wanfeng when he said he was a spy of the sect. Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?” Ling Zhongqiang sneered and said. 

“Jiang Chen, are you not afraid of me?” Xuan Qingming said and looked at Jiang Chen.  

Everyone shuddered. They never expect the Sect Lord to unleash such a powerful pressure. 

But none of them expected that Jiang Chen would be this fearless. Moreover, he looked unfazed by the Sect Lord’s pressure, as if it did not have any effect. The expression of those Late True God Elders became solemn, the prestige of the Sect Lord was nothing to scoff at. 

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