Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2244

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The prestige of the blade was invincible. Gu Wanfeng’s pupil constricted, and his expression completely revealed how terrified he was.  Now that Huang Bin is dead, the next target of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was him. Not even Huang Bin could block that attack. Moreover, it was instant. Now, he knew that Jiang Chen was dead set on killing him. 

“Isn’t this fellow terrifying?” 

“Yeah. Instantly killing Huang Bin. I dare say, not even the top 10 inner sect disciples could do it like him, with ease.” 

“No, you cannot kill me. Jiang Chen, NO!” 

Jiang Chen, who was merged with Heavenly Dragon Sword, was rapidly closing in. Its overbearing aura could not be stopped. A Mid Void God could be this terrifying? It made Bai Yunfei who was observing to feel passionate, his eyes glittered. 

Unfortunately, Gu Wanfeng couldn’t even finish his sentence. Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Dragon and Sword has already pierced his body. At this moment, Gu Wanfeng’s pupils were dilated. He’s dead. Thoroughly dead. 

No one had imagined that Jiang Chen would kill the two of them in such a swift manner. One was ranked 11th, while the other was the famous and talented inner sect alchemist. 

Murdering others like drinking water. 

No one dared to speak another word. What remained was the fear towards Jiang Chen and pity towards Gu Wanfeng. Currently, it was as if the whole earth had become silent. 

“You have created a disaster. Haih.” Bai Yunfei said. 

“I don’t think this is a disaster.” Jiang Chen smirked, feeling confident. 

“This is what an expert should look like.” Ling Yun said. 

Yue Er looked at her Big Sister Ling. Her heart always supported Jiang Chen. This Gu Wanfeng kept pressuring and pushing others to the corner. Jiang Chen had already backed away many times. Pity, that guy did not know he was playing with fire. 

Now, Gu Wanfeng and Huang Bin were dead. The whole trading market was in uproar. 

Suddenly, a figure arrived at the site. 

“I am the Law Enforcement Hall Vice Hall Master, Lei Li, who’s Jiang Chen?” 

It’s a middle-aged man with a trident in his hand, looking extremely cold. His strength was at the True God Realm, causing others to feel tremendous pressure. 

“I am.” Jiang Chen stepped forward and looked at Lei Li without backing off. 

“Alright. Follow me. You have guts, publicly murdering your fellow disciples and ignoring the sect rules.” Lei Li said. 

“I have murdered people. Yes.” Jiang Chen said coldly, neither arrogant nor servile and looked at Lei Li. 

“It’s useless to tell me. Follow me. You too, Bai Yunfei.” 

“Yes, Elder Lei.” Bai Yunfei said respectfully. 

“You are quite overbearing but you’ll have to pay for killing others.” Lei Li said. 

“A bastard will be punished by the Heavens. Gu Wanfeng is a bastard, he should be killed by the Heavens. I am just enforcing justice for the Heavens.” Jiang Chen’s answer made Lei Li twitch his eye. 

“You’re pretty optimistic. But this matter is not as simple as you think.” 

“You guys go back. Rest assured, I’ll be fine.” 

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun. 

“Alright.” Ling Yun nodded like a loving wife and left with Yue Er. 

“This time, you really made a big mess. Gu Wanfeng is Elder Ling Zhongqiang’s named disciple. Elder Ling’s position within the sect is only second to the Sect Lord and the Great Elder. Moreover, he’s just a step away from creating his Divine Spark and reaching the Heavenly God Realm. If Elder Ling wants to make things difficult for you, even the Sect Lord may have a hard time judging the case.” Bai Yunfei said quietly. 

“Thank you, Senior Bai. Looks like I’ve alarmed quite a few people.” 

In Feng Ming Mountain, Nine Star Peak, the Sect Lord Grand Hall. 

Within the Grand Hall, a middle-aged man donning a long green robe sat on the chief’s seat. The man’s demeanour was calm, his gaze was sharp, and he gave off a powerful aura. His robe was without accessories, but his aura caused others to be unable to look at him directly. 

This person is the Lord of Profound Feng Sect, Xuan Qingfeng! A Heavenly God expert. Jiang Chen could feel the same feeling he got from this person the first time he met Ling Yun and the Profound Ice Azure Dragon. 

Beside him, there were four people, each emitting an exceptional aura too. 

“Reporting to the Sect Lord, Jiang Chen has been brought upon.” Lei Li said respectfully. 

Xuan Qingming waved his hand, signalling Lei Li go away. 

“This matter is related to two inner sect disciples. One of them is Elder Ling’s named disciple. You, this outer sect little fellow, plead guilty?” Xuan Qingfeng said and gave Jiang Chen an invisible pressure. 

“Gu Wanfeng harassed his fellow disciples and brought trouble to others. Moreover, he kept forcing me to give him my pill formula, because he couldn’t stand seeing me earning through selling my pills. He further pressured me with killing intent, trying to kill me. I exercised forbearance over and over, but it's a pity that he stubbornly persisted. When I asked for his pill formula, he said I’m shameless, but when he asked for my pill formula, it's perfectly justified. Such a bastard is truly shameless. Why should I not kill him? He’ll just stain the good name of Profound Feng Sect. I think the Sect Lord will be impartial. Fellow Elders will not judge with prejudice, right.” Jiang Chen said, neither arrogant nor servile. 

“Such a disciple within the inner sect… he has talent but without virtue, what’s the use of his existence? But in my eyes, he doesn’t even have talent. Heh. ” Jiang Chen’s words stunned everyone. 

Such an arrogant fellow, to say that the number one inner sect alchemist was without talent and virtue. Such an opinion was rare. 

“Bullsh*t. Even though Gu Wanfeng is just my named disciple, I know all about his character. This fellow killed two disciples and ignored the sect rules, how could we let him go? Wouldn’t the sect be in turmoil if we do so.” A long bearded old man coldly said.  

This person was the prominent Alchemist Elder Ling Zhongqiang.  

“In this case, then, this elder does not need to question me. You can ask the other disciples and the answer will be known. Senior Bai was there too, he knew about what had happened from the beginning until the end. If the Sect Lord does not believe me, you can ask Senior Bai.” Jiang Chen smiled as if he completely disregarded Elder Ling. 

Those with justifiable reason can go anywhere in the world. He believed that the Profound Feng Sect was not a place without reason. Moreover, Jiang Chen could see that the Heavenly God expert, Xuan Qingming, was not a fatuous person. 

“You are Bai Yunfei of the outer sect, right?” Xuan Qingming looked at Bai Yunfei. 

“The fact is the same as what Jiang Chen had said. Senior Brother Gu Wanfeng was bullying others with his prestige, moreover, he wanted to kill the others and steal their goods. He was killed because of he’s weak. Moreover, his words were vile, and he even attempted to kill Jiang Chen many times. This was truly Senior Gu’s fault.” 


Ling Zhongqiang suddenly stood up and coldly looked at Jiang Chen and Bai Yunfei with killing intent. 

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