Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2241


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“Are you sure you want to fight Gu Wanfeng? However, the condition is that you need to show your face.” Bai Yunfei frowned. 

He was worried that Gu Wanfeng was bullying an outer sect disciple all this time. If this person’s an outer sect disciple, then he’s certainly not Gu Wanfeng’s match. 


The moment Jiang Chen took off his mask, Bai Yunfei’s expression instantly became extremely solemn. 


Bai Yunfei’s shock was much more than the others. He knew that Jiang Chen was an extremely talented outer sect disciple. Moreover, he could take on one of Yan Chen’s punch. But now, he offended the most famous alchemist of the inner sect, Gu Wan Feng. 

“It's him! He was the guy who took the Li Huo Demon’s punch. I know him, his name is Jiang Chen.” 

“This fellow has guts. A Mid Void God dares to go against a Half-Step True God and not backing off nevertheless.” 

“This fellow’s strength is much stronger than what he looks. He can take on Yan Cheng’s punch, which not even a Late Void God could take.” 

“I am getting excited for it now. Hahaha.” 

Gu Wanfeng’s expression was extremely cold. He did not care about something like an ‘outer sect prodigious disciple’. In the inner sect, no one dared to stand up against him. Who the heck does this Jiang Chen think he is? Does he really think he's the boss of the inner sect?  

Gu Wanfeng’s impression of Jiang Chen was not deep. But in the outer sect, Jiang Chen was a famous person. He killed several people of the Hundred Battle Ranking and went against Yan Cheng. He then went into hiding after those series of events, and to think he had another identity. Which once again caused a stir in the inner and outer sect. 

“A prodigy will always be found no matter where he goes.” Ling Yun said. 

Those who managed to come to the Divine World from the Immortal World were mostly talented individuals. Ling Yun was correct about Jiang Chen. 

“You have to reconsider. He is stronger than you, plus he’s supported by some very powerful people.” Bai Yunfei once again reminded Jiang Chen. 

“When you’re pushed against the wall by others time and time again and he even wants to take your pill formula and your very life, do you think you’ll be quiet about it?” Jiang Chen asked. Making Bai Yunfei go silent. 

“Then, good luck,” Bai Yunfei said quietly. This was the final wish he could give to Jiang Chen. 

Each and every one of them held their breath and waited for the battle to start. 

Bai Yunfei knew that Jiang Chen was forced into this situation. One doesn’t need to guess that it’s probably Gu Wanfeng that started it. Jiang Chen was a guy who would not simply offend others if others didn't offend him. This was something Bai Yunfei had realised earlier. 

Jiang Chen always gave off a mysterious vibe. No matter if it was the punch of the Li Huo Demon, and now the competition of pill formula with Gu Wanfeng, he did not step back at all. 

Gu Wanfeng’s overbearing attitude was famous within Profound Feng Sect. Baiyun Fei knew that this fellow must’ve seen Jiang Chen earning massive cash from his sales and got jealous of it. Then he wanted to get Jiang Chen’s pill formula, but why would Jiang Chen hand it over to him? Isn’t he pushing it? 

Bai Yunfei too couldn't stand Gu Wanfeng. But the fact was, Gu Wanfeng was just too overbearing, and had great resources within the inner sect. If anyone has those resources, he could do whatever he wants. 

Jiang Chen’s identity had caused quite a commotion amongst the crowd. He went against Yan Cheng and now he’s protecting the pill formula to the death. Jiang Chen’s overbearing-ness was fated to be tested. He’s just a new star that was getting famous in the outer sect, he’ll surely become a prized son of heaven. 

“Looks like you’re trying to treat me as a stepping stone. To think you’re a sharp little brother. We’re fated to be enemies.” Gu Wanfeng said smilingly. But his gaze was getting colder, like the eye of a hawk, unleashing killing intent. 

“I do not dare. Since Senior Gu is willing to give me the honour. Then, I’ll gladly take it, I do not want to waste Senior Gu’s time.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

Even though they were exchanging civilised words, it was not as it shows. A battle of life and death shall ensue, a winner shall be decided!

“Come. Otherwise, you’ll never have a chance.” Gu Wanfeng said confidently. 

“Alright. As you wish.” Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold and swiftly attacked. 

In an instant, the terrifying Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal was unleashed. Gu Wanfeng solemnly took it head on with a slash. In an instant, a terrifying aura covered the whole trading market. As Gu Wanfeng clashed with the Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal he’s surprised that Jiang Chen’s attack was this powerful. 

Suddenly, Gu Wanfeng retreated 10 steps back as he was pushed back by Jiang Chen’s Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal. Jiang Chen had shown a terrifying battle strength. Bai Yunfei’s gaze suddenly lit up. His attack was full of surprise. If it was Bai Yunfei, he would also have faced the same result. Gu Wanfeng must’ve looked down on his opponent. 

“To think you are quite capable. Hehe. But still… that’s all.” 

Gu Wanfeng roared and took up his sword once again. Sharp attacks were thrown, one that could even cut the reincarnation circle down. 

“Infinite Galericulata Sword, kill without mercy!” 

Thousands and thousands of sword shadows filled the skies. Countless people gasp looking at the scene. 

“This is Gu Wanfeng’s famous Infinite Galericulata Sword. There are less than 10 people that could take this technique head on.” 

“Yeah. this time, this fearless fellow will probably die under Gu Wanfeng’s Infinite Galericulata Sword.”

“It may not be, from his attack before, I think that kid’s strength is exceptional.”

Followed by a dragon roar, Jiang Chen once again unleashed a lethal move—the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. After stepping on the void, Gu Wanfeng’s Infinite Galericulata Sword was forcefully stopped, unable to unleash its powerful attack. 

“Such a terrifying footwork. It's one that has never been seen and never been heard.” 

“Yeah. Such technique. To block against Gu Wanfeng’s Infinite Galericulata Sword. Terrifying. ”

Jiang Chen’s footsteps were stable, he ignored Gu Wanfeng’s Infinite Galericulata Sword and continued forward with bursting killing intent. 

Under the effect of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, Gu Wanfeng’s attacks became weaker and he flew backwards in the end. 

Gu Wanfeng’s swordplay shone through the void and he steadied his stance, but his expression was extremely solemn, 

Jiang Chen's explosive attack caught him off guard. The Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and the Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal made him  realise the predicament he was in. This Jiang Chen is not ordinary. 

Gu Wanfeng was clear about his strength. He still looked down on this Mid Void God. But he used most of his time on concocting pills, hence, he was weaker than those martial freaks that spent all day cultivating. 

Even so, Gu Wanfeng stood proudly. He had to continue this battle and put Jiang Chen down. He was still the number one alchemist in Profound Feng Sect. He’ll lose everything, his name, his fame if he loses this battle! 

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