Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2238

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Some of the audience showed contempt. But none was willing to be part of the problem. They did not know who was selling the medicinal pills. But Gu Wanfeng was someone they had to respect, after all he was a named disciple of Elder Ling Zhongqiang. The elder once said that he’ll accept him as a True Disciple the moment he reached the True God Realm. Who would dare mess with Gu Wanfeng? Plus, Gu Wanfeng had a lot of connections, if one were to offend him… that person will surely get a horrible end. 

Hence, a lot of people surrounded the area without a care in the world, and were only there to spectate. More people gathered over time. Gu Wanfeng already expected it, no one would dare touch him, as long as it’s not the top 5 of the inner sect, he was confident in killing anyone that stood in his way. 

The top 5 of the inner sect were all True Gods. Plus, they were all very strong. Even though he wasn’t clear on how strong they were, he could somehow feel it. However, he did not get that kind of feeling from Jiang Chen. 

Therefore, he was not pressured by this alchemist that appeared out of nowhere. 

“So what? What do you want? I’ll play your game. Since you said I’m being selfish then I’ll be selfish. I’ll do whatever I want. Who the f*ck are you to talk to me? I’ll accept your challenge.” Jiang Chen shouted with a cold gaze. At this moment, Zhou Yunpeng was extremely worried. 

“Quickly go and persuade Brother Jiang. Otherwise, he cannot win against Gu Wanfeng. This fellow is one of the big shots within the inner sect.”

“Big Brother will certainly defeat the bad guys!”

“It’s his own business, he’ll know how far to go and when to stop.”

Ling Yun was unfazed and just stood behind Jiang Chen. Moreover, this was not Jiang Chen’s fault. That Gu Wanfeng was truly shameless and forceful. He was probably jealous of Jiang Chen earning so much. It was shameless of him to ask Jiang Chen to hand over the pill formula. Ling Yun had never seen nor thought that such a shameless person could ever exist. To publicly challenge and provoke with such shamelessness. Is one’s face that worthless? 

“Playing Mr. Tough guy now huh… You guys saw it, be my witness. This fellow has completely ignored me. I shall punish this man in the name of the sect. Letting him know what it means to respect one’s senior. So arrogant, you’re waiting to be marked. Hmph hmph. Lad, you’re too young and stubborn, people like you fall easily.” Gu Wanfeng pointed at Jiang Chen and said, completely looking down on him. 

He acted like he was the boss of the inner sect because he was a Half-Step True God, a being completely different from those outer sect disciples. He only needed time and Divine Origin Energy to step into the realm of True God. 

“I will not fight you today. However, we can compete in alchemy and see which one of us can produce a better pill. The better one shall win. Hand me your pill formulas if I win. If I lose, I shall not appear before you anymore, and if we were to bump into each other, I will pay you respect as my teacher. What do you say?” Gu Wanfeng said arrogantly. 

He was extremely confident in his skill. He was not afraid of competing against Jiang Chen. Moreover, in a situation like this, he can gain more just by winning the competition. Plus, that fellow probably only got the formula through luck, he gave him a chance to hand it to him, but now it’s too late. 

“Senior Brother is right. In the future, senior brother will have to pay me respect whenever you see me, as a teacher. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“Hmph, let’s see how great you are later. This fellow’s skill in alchemy must be weak. He had only gotten his hands on the pill formula and created low-quality pills. If those formulas are in my hands, the effect of those pills will surely shock you all. In fact, I’m trying to be of service for our fellow disciples on taking the pill formula. Moreover, I will not sell it at such a high price? Even if I do not use the pills, I feel pity for you all. Aren’t those Divine Origin Stones hard-earned? I cannot bear to see you guys pay such a price.”

Gu Wanfeng even instigated the other disciples and there were even others that supported him—stating that Jiang Chen’s pills were too expensive, and they couldn’t afford it. It would’ve been great if it was sold at the price of three Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones. 

“Yeah. Senior Brother Gu is truly kind, acting for our sake.”

“Yeah. Senior Brother Gu is truly the first seat alchemist of the inner sect, it is our pride to have him. This out of the blue alchemist is too evil, one pill is priced at my whole fortune, truly evil.”

“In the end, it’s too expensive, we cannot afford it. If Senior Gu could uphold justice for us, we will support you, senior brother.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh from these ranting ignorant fools. This bunch of people deserved to be weak, not knowing what is right or wrong. Jiang Chen would not pity them if they were to die. Moreover, it was all the poor guys who cannot afford the pills that were shouting and ranting. 

A bunch of ignorant fools, shameless and ignorant, they deserve to die. These trash were wasting the Divine World’s Divine Origin Qi. 

“Bunch of degenerates.” Jiang Chen shook his head. 

He did not expect these guys to give him any more surprises. There are many types of men living in this world. He has seen many kinds of people, hence his heart was as calm as a lake. 

Gu Wanfeng twisted everything and blatantly tried to rob the pill formula as if he was in the right. He was pressuring Jiang Chen with his position, truly an extremely shameless person. 

“The number one most shameless person. You’ve really outdone yourself, Senior Brother.”

Currently, Jiang Chen wasn’t as angry at Gu Wanfeng anymore. Because the anger he had was changed into ‘entertainment. 

“Enough nonsense. Let’s concoct an Energy Recovery Pill that could recover one’s strength. The most basic pill, that shouldn’t be a problem right?” 

Gu Wanfeng wasn’t planning on giving Jiang Chen any opportunity. He wanted to win in an overwhelming fashion, and most importantly, get the formula of the Soul Stabilising Pill and Daybreak Pill. 


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