Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2236

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Jiang Chen’s daybreak pill was selling like hot cakes at the price of thirty Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones. The pills were completely sold out after just half an hour, making countless others sigh and angry that they couldn't  get their hands on the pills. Since the situation became apparent, the fact was that those who initially did not believe have already joined in and tried their hardest to get their hands on the pill. 

Zhou Yunpeng too did not expect such a drastic change, he was in daze from the fact that Jiang Chen's merchandise were all sold out. 

"Why is the amount so little?  Only two hundred? Are you joking? "

"Yeah. How could this be? We didn't even see what the pills looked like. Brother, is that all you have? "

"Are there anymore daybreak pills? We're here waiting. "

Some of them couldn't help but complain from Jiang Chen's stock being so little. 

Countless outer sect disciples were mostly Early Void Gods and there were even Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Some of them couldn’t breakthrough because of their limited talent, while some couldn't breakthrough due to their bottlenecks. Hence, they all needed the pill to solve their problem. 

"Sorry, that's all. If you wish to purchase more, I'll be here ten days later. However, I still have another pill, the Soul Stabilising Pill. It could nourish one's soul, increasing the level of one's soul realm. If anyone understands it, you should know how important one's soul realm is. One thing to point out is that if you have the strength but your soul realm is insufficient, then a Soul Stabilising Pill could also help you breakthrough. But the chances between the two pills goes without saying, the medicinal effect between these two are completely different. I don’t need to elaborate further on the effect of the Soul Stabilising Pill. 50 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones for one pill. Think about the medicinal effect you’ll get!” 

Jiang Chen's words had caused countless people to be in a daze. At this moment, some inner sect disciples started to pay more attention. Because the effect of the Soul Stabilising Pill was much more direct and much more effective compared to the Daybreak Pill. The inner sect disciples were mostly Peak Void Gods or Half-step True Gods. A simple Daybreak Pill barely has any effect on them anymore.

The uniqueness of the Soul Stabilising Pill of being able to nourish the soul made those real experts focus their attention towards Jiang Chen. Thanks to his previous sales, his current credibility was extremely high. Almost nobody doubted his pills. Moreover, the inner sect disciples were mostly wealthy. Hence, the price of 50 Divine Origin Stones was easier to accept for them. Even though it was still quite pricey, it was still within the acceptable range. 

"Could this really nourish the soul?"

Such a great medicinal pill could not even be found within the inner or outer sect. This time, with the sales of the Daybreak Pills, the credibility of the Soul Stabilising Pill became much higher. 

“Believers do not suspect, non-believer do not use.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Even though his answer was arrogant, there were still people willing to pay 50 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones. In the end, both pills were all sold out and Jiang Chen raked in a big haul. 

This time, Jiang Chen received a whooping 16,000 Mid Grade Divine Origin Stones which is equivalent to 1,600,000 Low Grade Divine Origin Stones. Such a huge wealth immediately made Jiang Chen a rich man. Not even those top rankers of the inner sect possess such great wealth. 

Four hundred pills were sold out. But there were people who failed to purchase one. Since it was a first come first serve, some were frustrated and angered, and those who arrived late hadn’t even caught a glimpse of the pills. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glittering from the haul. With these many Divine Origin Stones, he could even possibly reach the Late Void God realm. 

Even Ling Yun was somewhat shocked, to think that Jiang Chen was quite capable. She had never heard of these two pills. Most importantly, the effect of these two pills had created an uproar within the whole Profound Feng Sect. The Soul Stabilizing Pill that was sold to the inner sect disciples had caused countless experts tremendous shock after their soul was nourished and even strengthened. Such a pill could be regarded as a divine grade, even though it was a bit pricey, it was something they could accept. 

After all, such a pill could only be obtained through luck. 

“Do you guys know who was the one selling the Daybreak Pills? And that Soul Stabilising Pill is rumoured to be quite effective, there are quite a lot of people searching for him now.” 

“I do not know what happened within the inner sect. But I heard some rumours that the 197 outer sect disciples that bought the Daybreak Pills have all successfully broken through. It was a one of a kind event that has never happened in the outer sect. Even the elders of the sect were utterly shocked.” 

“Isn’t it?! Even though the grade of the pill was not high, for Void Gods like us, it is extremely useful.”

“Quite a few people within the inner sect managed to strengthen and recover the injuries of their soul. I also heard that Su Nanfeng and Sheng Kun were searching for that person. Both of them were injured by a Soul Eater Beast while on a mission outside. Both of them were quite unlucky, they couldn’t improve their strength for the past two years and the strength of their soul stayed extremely weak.”

A voice of doubt appeared in both the outer and inner sect. It was not a hunt, but a search on the mysterious alchemist. Only Zhou Yunpeng knew that Jiang Chen was a true Master Alchemist. 

Jiang Chen went into seclusion and started his journey on breaking through. All the Divine Origin Stones were sucked into his body, however, nothing happened. He was not even able to reach the Peak Mid Void God realm.  

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel sad. However, this was an unchangeable fact. If he was any other person, with these many Mid Grade Origin Stones, he would’ve easily broken through and reached the Mid Void God realm. 

“Your body's like a blackhole, so many Divine Origin Stones have been spent and it’s not even full.” Ling Yun said with doubt. 

“Sad, truly sad. Looks like I have to slave away in concocting pills now.” Jiang Chen laughed bitterly, and once again started concocting pills. 

This time, he concocted 500 Daybreak Pills and 500 Soul Stabilising Pills in one go. These two pills were quite easy to create. However, it still took Jiang Chen two days to complete it. Moreover, Jiang Chen was a perfectionist, the pills he concocted must be of High Grade. 

For an average pill, if the medicinal effect of the pills were insufficient or could not achieve its desired effect, it will not even be graded. Hence, the average pills were without a grade. Naturally, those pills could not be compared to Jiang Chen’s product. 

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