Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2229


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“Sui Zhenkai plunged into his own shit, he’s really dirty. Hahaha.”

“This is what he deserved. But the outcome will still be the same, only the powerful shall laugh in the end.

“I’m quite intrigued at the outcome of this battle. Because, only by killing Jiang Chen could Sui Zhenkai clear his name.”

Sui Zhenkai’s expression was becoming colder by the second. Jiang Chen’s words had made countless people start to gossip. Now, the only thing he could do was to eliminate Jiang Chen. 

“You refused to take the road to the heavens, and chose to take the path towards hell. I’ll let you know that there’s no weaklings within the Hundred Battle Ranking.” Sui Zhenkai unsheathed his long sword and closed in on Jiang Chen with swift attacks, sweeping across the hundred zhang stage. 

Jiang Chen sneered and his gaze turned colder and became much more serious. To use a woman as the prize was only something a fool could think off. 

Jiang Chen and Sui Zhenkai’s blade clashed with sparks flying everywhere. Terrifying blade marks appeared on the stage. However, the audience were not affected, since the stage had its own barrier.

To start the battle, the “Star Breaking Sword!” was casted by Sui Zhenkai.

The shadows of the sword created by Sui Zhenkai rushed towards the sky, and his figure became fuzzy. His sword technique was superb, the strength of the Late Void God has truly been unleashed. The terrifying strength of his sword had pushed Jiang Chen to a corner. But, it’s only because Jiang Chen had only exhibited the strength of a Mid Void God. 

“Trying to overpower me? You’ve chosen the wrong opponent.” 

Jiang Chen was unfazed and prepared his sword. Facing such terrifying sword shadows, he was calm as water. Even if the attacks of Sui Zhenkai were already upon him, Jiang Chen was still unfazed. 

The single stroke of the blade was shocking. Who can contest against a Heavenly Dragon? 

The terrifying Heavenly Dragon Sword easily pushed Sui Zhenkai away with just the sword form alone. Sui Zhenkai’s expression drastically changed. The wrath of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was unstoppable. For now, Jiang Chen could only unleash 12-13% of the Heavenly Dragon Sword’s full potential. After being reforged by the Craftsman God, the current Heavenly Dragon Sword was truly unparalleled. 

But since Jiang Chen’s abilities were limited, he could not unleash the true ‘cutting through the void’ with the sword. 

The wrath of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was extremely terrifying. Sui Zhenkai’s expression changed drastically after being easily pushed back by a simple strike of Jiang Chen. Is he really a Mid Void God? 

Everyone gasped! None of them had expected Jiang Chen to be this powerful. Sui Zhenkai was ranked 69th on the Hundred Battle Ranking, an expert amongst the hundred thousands disciples. However, he was forced back by Jiang Chen with just a single strike. He’s probably looking down on Jiang Chen, but, still… it was truly a terrifying sight to behold. 

“What the f*ck, isn’t Jiang Chen too strong?! This fellow looks like he could really go head to head against Sui Zhenkai.” 

“Let’s not be hasty. We won’t know the result till the end. Hehe.”

“This fellow really shocked me. That sword is truly one of a kind. Sui Zhenkai could only go into a passive and defend against it.”

Jiang Chen’s blade had shocked many people. Now, Sui Zhenkai dared not to look down on his opponent anymore. Because he knew that this fellow was strong enough to be treated seriously. He must not let his guard down. This battle could be the toughest battle he had faced in the last five years. 

Sui Zhenkai was no pushover, too. To be a ranker within the Hundred Battle Ranking, none of them were cowards. There are others who were Late Void Gods too, but how come those people could not reach the Hundred Battle Ranking? Meanwhile, Sui Zhenkai managed to do so? This only meant that only the powerful could attain such a result! 

“Meteor Sword Art! Outer Meteor Sword!” 

Sui Zhenkai’s sword technique was superb. Jiang Chen had to admit this fact. But Jiang Chen’s sword techniques were much stronger than Sui Zhenkai. The current him has already combined with the Heavenly Dragon Sword, a single strike from his sword could force Sui Zhenkai back. 

“No matter what technique you use, I am unfazed by it.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Only when the cold hard steel of the blade was inches towards his body did Jiang Chen react, and it was without any form, only a single stroke, but ten thousand sword slash emerged! Sui Zhenkai’s False Divine Tool broke into pieces the moment Jiang Chen moved, forcing him to retreat. 

Sui Zhenkai’s expression dramatically changed. Jiang Chen cut through the stage and leapt up towards the sky, wanting to fight Sui Zhenkai to the death. 

“Such a terrifying blade.” 

Sui Zhenkai swiftly retreated but Jiang Chen had already attacked twice, completely shattering Sui Zhenkai’s blade qi and False Divine Tool. It was an unprecedented shame. 

The audience was extremely shocked. Jiang Chen’s sword gave off an immensely powerful aura, one that could move mountains and sea. No matter what Sui Zhenkai did, it could not do anything against it. 

Jiang Chen’s sword technique was without form nor extravagant movement. Even though he may not be able to connect his heart with the sword, reaching the realm of the heart and sword as one, the realm of ‘man and sword merged into one’ was already strong enough. ‘My heart is with the sword, the sword is my heart.’ ‘Where my finger points, is where the sword heart points!” 

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to think of the realm of the heart and sword as one. He needed to at least wait until he could use 50% of the Heavenly Dragon Sword’s full power to reach that realm. 

However, Sui Zhenkai hasn’t even reached the realm of Man and Sword merging into one. Moreover, his sword does not have a sword-soul like the Heavenly Dragon Sword. Hence, it could not aid him in reaching the realm of Man and Sword merging into one . 

“Taste my blade! Galaxy Spread!” 

Sui Zhenkai did not retreat but moved forward instead. Even though his sword was destroyed, his sword qi was still intact. Terrifying sword shadows were created once again, striking towards its target! 

“Your sword is my sword, Man and Sword merging into one !”

Jiang Chen’s gaze became cold. He did not want to waste any more time with Sui Zhenkai. Sui Zhenkai’s attack was getting fiercer by the second. Jiang Chen unleashed the realm of Man and Sword merging into one, he then changed into a sword with the form of the dragon, dragon and sword merging into one! Unparalleled under the heavens!

Sui Zhenkai’s pupils constricted when Jiang Chen disappeared and was replaced with an immensely sharp Dragon Sword. The sword cruised through the air, as if it could cut through the galaxy itself, piercing through Sui Zhenkai’s body. 


Jiang Chen changed into a sword and merged with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. It has totally surpassed Sui Zhenkai. The latter’s expression was constantly changing. Jiang Chen’s sword intent was far superior compared to his, Sui Zhenkai finally understood this fact. 

However, it was all too late. Jiang Chen did not give him any chance to fight back. 

“No… don’t kill me, no…!” 

Sui Zhenkai’s heart raised an inexplicable fear as if his body and soul would be vanquished by Jiang Chen’s blade. Jiang Chen’s ten thousand blades pierced through Sui Zhenkai’s body, filling Sui Zhenkai’s with holes. 


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