Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2227


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"‘Sword of Solitude’?  Looks like you’re really new, boy. This sword art is very weak. The weakest, in fact, in its grade. Are you sure you want to choose this? There is still time, I suggest that you pick another.” Elder Wu said with a smile, trying to persuade Jiang Chen to change. 

“This book it is. I would like to see how trashy this Sword of Solitude is.” 

“I have no more words if you said it like so…” Elder Wu shook his head while chuckling. 

He wouldn’t have commented on it if it was any other technique. But this technique was truly trash amongst trash. Therefore, he spoke out of consideration. But evidently Jiang Chen did not accept this kindness of his. 

Jiang Chen kept away the Flying Sword Technique and decided to practice the Phantom Wolf Clone Technique. Honestly, this was the upgraded version of the Nine Phantom Wolves. Moreover, this Divine World technique has thoroughly dissected the infrequent changes of the Phantom Wolves. The Nine Phantom Wolves will certainly raise several levels up after he learned the Phantom Wolf Clone Technique. The speed and changes he possesses will increase by several folds. 

Jiang Chen swept away the thick dust on the book, "Sword of Solitude" and opened its page. And upon reading its contents, Jiang Chen was thoroughly shocked. The words were too overbearing! 

"One would become unparalleled under the heavens after learning the Sword of Solitary. One slash severs the connection to the secular world, tens of thousands of sword qi change into the sword of solitary, enabling it to cut down all immortals and mortals alike. Unparalleled. Solitary is alcohol, is sadness, it's homesickness."

“It would be great if it is that mysterious.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

“The first sword uses the blade to cut through flowing water but the water still flows. When one is able to sleep when he’s alone, he could certainly eliminate all troubles within his mind.” 

“The second sword, I hope to ride on the wind and return to the heavens; the sword qi can sever the sky.” 

“The third sword, standing alone!”

“Only three techniques?” Jiang Chen murmured. It is nothing, only the intent and without the form. 

“Solitude is an alcohol, solitary is a wound, solitary is homesickness.” Jiang Chen recalled his memories of the Immortal World, the wind of the Immortal World, the rain of the Immortal World, the mountain of the Immortal World, the people… the tragedy of a father and son, Wu Ningzhu, Yan Chengyu as well as Yan Qingcheng. 

In the eyes of Jiang Chen, a tinge of sadness could be seen. That solitude was something none could understand. It stems from the separation of one world to another. Moreover, the solitude has made Jiang Chen’s sword intent become much more at loss. Perplexed, yet it glitters steadfast with faith. 

“The Nine Region of the Immortal World, the solitary sword, cannot describe the melancholy of parting.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

A shadow wielding a black sword suddenly appeared in his mind. That shadow gave off a familiar feeling, that solitude seeped into his bones and into the soul. The Sword of Solitude, the sword moves whenever the heart moves. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword too, slowly moved. 

Every gesture and motion, stab and slash was as if it was created by the heavens. The Sword of Solitude moves alongside the wind, moves alongside the solitary intent, piercing straight towards the Supreme Heaven, destroying the Heaven’s Intent! 

“The first sword, when one is unable to sleep when he’s alone, he could certainly eliminate all troubles within his mind.”

A single sword slash. No powerful nor devastating aura was created, only a solitary sword intent. Not destroying a single flower nor grass, a single mountain nor pebble, but it gave off an invincible feel to it. This sword intent felt like it was inscribed with the solitude and silence of this world. This blade felt like it came from the Supreme Heavens! 

The solitary sword intent. At this moment, Jiang Chen finally understood the sword intent. It felt like it was in the book, then it felt like it was presented in front of his eyes, in his hands, just a single touch away. 

The solitary feeling was not limited to the sentiment of the homesickness, it was more of grief and anxiousness, reflection and at loss. It was exactly such a contrasting feeling that the sword intent of solitude was born, piercing up towards the heavens and invincible. 

“Invincibility is such a lonely place……”   

Jiang Chen could almost hear the black figure murmuring. The side of his face was lonely, cold, and icy. The killing intent it possessed was great, the sole being under the heavens. 

“Who are you?” 

Jiang Chen recalled in his mind and asked palely. 

“I am the lonely version of you. Also, the rebirth of solitude.” 

The opposite party said and was instantly engulfed by the darkness. Jiang Chen suddenly opened up his eyes with a solemn expression. It’s as if he had just gone through a great battle as he was sweating profusely. 

Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen with extreme shock. The terrifying sword intent she felt from before even gave her, who was a Heavenly God, feel afraid for her life. That sword intent felt like it could sever the void itself and change the colour of the Heavens and Earth. 

“Did he really manage to learn it? It’s not an abandoned sword art?”

Ling Yun’s expression displayed disbelief. The others might have not known, but she understood the sword art. No one was able to learn this sword art, and those unfortunate ones who happened to learn it became the weakest of them all. But at this moment, Jiang Chen comprehended the essence of the art, the sword intent of solitude. 

“Even though I’ve only comprehended the first technique, it is enough.” Jiang Chen was not anxious. 

He knew that the Sword of Solitude was extraordinary. It was a great fortune for him that he was able to learn the first technique by chance. But at least he has reached a new height, the terror of the first technique granted him the strength to destroy the Heavens and Earth. It possesses a devastating attack of a fierce beast. 

“To think that this was not an abandoned sword technique. It’s just that no one was able to really utilise its strength. The sword intent of that blade is truly terrifying.” Ling Yun murmured. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was content with the result. The fact showed that his decision was right. 

“Big Brother is great! Big Sister Ling said you’re a one in a million prodigy. Even though you’re still slightly lacking compared to me, it's good enough.” Yue Er said seriously. 

“Hahaha, to think our little Yue Er is so powerful.” Jiang Chen said with a great laugh. 

On the second day, Sui Zhenkai stood on the life-and-death stage with a blade in his arms with his eyes closed. He stood there like a golden spear, erect, quietly exerting a boundless imposing manner. 

Countless outer sect disciples surrounded the area beside the stage. The audience amounted to at least several thousands. The news of the 69th ranked Sui Zhenkai challenging a new disciple has reached the ears of the whole outer sect, attracting countless people to come and see. 

Are there any weak rankers on the Hundred Battle Ranking? On one hand, Sui Zhenkai was there to avenge Huang Tianba, on the other hand, it was for his selfishness, for the sake of the opposite sex. Since Ling Yun was obviously beautiful, such beauty had attracted countless men. Whereby Jiang Chen was unqualified to be with such a goddess. It’s like a beautiful flower stuck on top of a cow’s shit. 

Everyone knew, the men that were eyeing on Ling Yun were as much as the fur growing on a cow. A beautiful woman will attract the attention of the eyes of men. Especially those guys who call themselves heroes. How could a hero be lacking beauty beside him? 

This sword has already been baptised by sacrificial blood, its calamity of the world, it could also make beauty fall in love. Becoming a famous person, who can really understand what I feel? Using fire to tease the feudal lords, looking at the wolf smoke rising, it was all for the sake of making that beauty smile. 

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