Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2224

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“Haha, I am going to gain back a few times more Divine Origin Stones.”

“Can’t agree more. There isn’t any suspense in this battle because Deacon Huang will definitely win and get all of the Divine Origin Stones.” 

“Wealth that has fallen from the heavens. Only a fool won’t take it!”

A greedy and uncontented person is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant! 

This was exactly the effect Jiang Chen wanted to create. Would it be so easy for these guys to squeeze out Divine Origin Stone from me? I am not someone who is easily bullied.  

Those with great greed had to pay the price. If they wanted to get Jiang Chen’s Divine Origin Stones, they had to pay the exact price. Although Huang Tianba is the deacon of the outer disciples, this did not mean that he could do whatever he wanted. Even though he had been on the Hundred Battle Ranking, so what? Xiong Yan had been on the Hundred Battle Ranking as well, but he was still killed by Jiang Chen. 

“Let's take action. You don’t have any chance. You’re a new disciple, so I won’t kill you. I have agreed not to kill you, but I will still give you a lesson to help you grow. It’s necessary,” Huang Tianba said faintly.

“Really? If that’s the case, then let’s start the show, Senior Huang.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“You are biting off more than you can chew. Hmph!” 

Huang Tianba shouted in a deep voice with an extremely cold look. He held his mace and struck a blow forward. The enormous iron mace almost covered up the entire sky. His terrifying strength tore the sky apart, meanwhile Jiang Chen, with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, also rushed towards Huang Tianba. The sound produced from their battle was deafening and terrifying.

Their battle could already be considered as intense. It was out of Huang Tianba’s expectation that Jiang Chen was this formidable. Normally, a Late Void God would not be his match. But today he was restrained by an Early Void God.

“You are no match for me!” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

His sword flew to the east and suddenly broke through the heavens. This scene made Huang Tianba stunned. And now he was left with no chance to escape at all. When the sword fell down sharply, Huang Tianba’s face showed great shock.


Huang Tian’s countenance fell and said in a deep voice. He retreated quickly and even discarded the weapon in his hand. 

However, Jiang Chen’s sword had already fallen down. Jiang Chen immediately took up his sword and chopped Huang Tianba’s arm off. Although Huang Tianba wanted to grab his arm back, his broken arm was smashed completely by Jiang Chen’s overbearing sword. Only his blood was left on the ground, instead of the arm. He was thinking of connecting his arm back to his body, but it was already smashed by Jiang Chen.

“You’re so cruel!”

Huang Tianba looked gloomy and said. His eyes were incomparably ruthless but also carried some colour of pain. He could bear the pain of losing an arm but he could not tolerate this kind humiliation. There were so many people watching their battle. He was really humiliated this time, moreover, he had lost one of his arms and was about to lose thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones. It could be said that he had thrown good money after bad.

“You deserve this ending. I thought you wanted to take revenge for your brother? You even wanted to win the Divine Origin Stones in my hand? Anyway, the winner takes it all. Don’t you know this principle?”

Jiang Chen looked at Huang Tianba with disdain. Huang Tianba was almost about to burst from anger but he realised that he had no words to say at all because he was defeated. No one understood more than him about how terrifying Jiang Chen’s strike was. If that sword had fallen on his neck, he would have lost his life. In other words, if Jiang Chen really wanted to kill him, he would already have died. 

“Such a formidable sword!” 

“Yea, Huang Tianba wasn’t able to resist that strike.”

“We have underestimated this new disciple. There’s always people better than us. Oh, my Divine Origin Stones! I was thinking about earning something, but now I have lost more.”

“This guy will definitely have a bright future. While just being at the Early Void God Realm, he has already defeated Huang Tianba who had been on the Hundred Battle Ranking before. He is really too strong.”

Everyone was in a great shock, however, they also felt sad as their Divine Origin Stones were cheated by Jiang Chen. To them, those Divine Origin Stones that they had gambled were their savings and hard-earned money. Those Divine Origin Stones were the foundation of their cultivation and also the currency they needed in their daily life. Three to five hundred Divine Origin Stones would be all the wealth the lower-grade disciples like them had.

“I have lost.”

Huang Tianba murmured, stunning Huang Qiuyin. Huang Tianba was a supreme presence who had been on the Hundred Battle Ranking. His Heavenly Horse Mace was incredibly terrifying. Many of the experts who had the same cultivation as him would have been scared of his weapon. It was not an issue for him to confront ten people normally, but today he lost unexpectedly.


Huang Qiuyin still thought of saying something but he was interrupted by Huang Tianba.

“Shut up. You have already caused trouble to me.”

Huang Tianba gave a cold glance to Huang Qiuyin. He would not simply let go of the humiliation he suffered today.

“All of the senior brothers here, I am going to take all of your Divine Origin Stones with gratitude.” 

Jiang Chen waved his hands and collected the twenty thousand Divine Origin Stones. More than one hundred of his seniors heave a long sigh because they knew this was the consequence of their own action. They thought they would definitely win this gamble but it was out of their expectation that Jiang Chen had been pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger. Huang Tianba couldn’t match him, unexpectedly. They did not feel unjust about the result because there were always two sides of the coin. They were overconfident on Huang Tianba, that’s why they lost.

Although their facial expression looked extremely heartbroken, Jiang Chen would not give them any chance. Who asked you to be so greedy and thought about earning my Divine Origin Stones? This is the lesson and also the price.

Jiang Chen purposely wanted to show them some lesson, otherwise, they would cause more and more troubles to him in the future. In addition, Ling Yun was indeed too beautiful so those powerful people normally wished to show off in front of a goddess. Jiang Chen would unavoidably become their target. He actually slightly regretted bringing Ling Yun along with him. A beauty like her would definitely become the spotlight of everyone no matter where she was.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen already did his best to show his mercy as he did not kill Huang Tianba. As he just entered Profound Feng Sect, Jiang Chen did not want to act too reckless and kill many people. He was always the kind of person who would not offend others if others did not offend him. He rarely went to provoke others by himself. But, right now, the peerless beauty would definitely not bring him peace but only chaos.

“Let’s go!”

Huang Tianba snorted and brought the people around him, leaving the place. However, they were stopped by Jiang Chen.

“What happened? Senior Huang, are you going to go back on your own words? You haven’t paid me the thirty thousand Divine Origin Stones. It’s not right. As a senior, shouldn’t you be a role model? I have taken the Divine Origin Stones from your brothers. If I don’t get yours, I guess others won’t feel comfortable in their heart. Am I right?” Jiang Chen said while laughing. 

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