Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2222

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“It’s really good to set up our place here.” 

Ling Yun nodded and agreed with Jiang Chen.

“My brother really has a good insight. I like this place, it’s so beautiful.”

Yue Er drew Ling Yun’s arm while a smile was overflowing on her mouth. She was still a kid. A teen around twelve years old would always forget their worry when seeing attractive things. 

“Great, let’s choose this place. I am going to set up our place.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone when seeing the beautiful view in front of them. He found the Divine Origin Qi here also refreshing.

“I want this place. You go look for other places.”

A yellow-robed young man said faintly. While giving Jiang Chen a glance, the corner of his mouth was overflowing with a smile.

“We have decided to stay here first, how can you take it away just like that?”

Yue Er’s face was filled with dissatisfaction and said coldly.

“This little girl’s temper is quite bad. I have decided to stay here. Hurry up and leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking action.”

The yellow-robed guy frowned and his voice seemed to have become impatient and ruthless. 

“Of course, if this beautiful lady wants to stay here with me, I will be very happy. Hahaha.”

Ling Yun looked calm. The man shivered for a moment after Ling Yun threw him a glance. He could not wait to be intimate with her and express his affection towards her.

“Kill him.”

Ling Yun looked at Jiang Chen.

“I feel unworthy for you. Supposedly, you would be safe and sound, but why do you want to steal from me? It’s fine if you just compete with me, but why go against this woman?”

Jiang Chen looked at the yellow robed young man with a fake smile.

“Killing me? Hahaha, I guess you have some mental issues. I have been kind enough to give this woman who had lost her virginity a chance. But you guys are foolish and ignorant. Seems like I am going to give you some lessons today.”

The yellow robed young man sneered. He was full of hatred towards Jiang Chen. It’s also because he was envious of Jiang Chen for having such an elegant beauty by his side. Why did he deserve such beauty to be with him? 

Anger and envy started growing in his heart.

“Foolish people are everywhere in the world.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and heaved a sigh. The yellow-robed young man was getting angrier especially when Jiang Chen did not see him as a threat. 

Jiang Chen waved his palm, throwing the young man out immediately and leaving him no chance to resist at all. He turned around and struck a blow, using the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. The yellow-robed young man’s countenance fell as he could not dodge the attack at all, and was injured badly. Blood spurted out from his mouth while his face looked as pale as snow. 

“Let him go since Profound Feng Sect doesn’t allow anyone to murder a fellow disciple.”

Although Ling Yun was still angry, she did not want to bring trouble to Jiang Chen. They had just entered the Profound Feng Sect and if they broke the law, people might start arguing about them. They might not be able to escape from punishment if this spread to the ears of the higher-ups. 

“But he had insulted you.”

Jiang Chen took a step forward and his figure started flashing. 

The yellow-robed man was scared because he finally noticed Jiang Chen’s killing intent. Moreover, he realised that he was not a match for Jiang Chen even though their cultivation realm was not much different. Why was he defeated by Jiang Chen so easily?

The yellow-robed man took out his sword, however,  his sword was snatched by Jiang Chen’s fingers. Then, a clear sound of a sword breaking buzzed out. In an instant, Jiang Chen hit the young man’s chest heavily with his palm.

The young man retreated while looking extremely terrified. 

“Get away!”

Jiang Chen snorted.

“I will not let you off. My brother is the deacon of the outer disciples. I will not forget what happened today!”

The yellow-robed man turned away while coughing out some blood. He snorted and ran away.

“Is that man Huang Qiuyin? I heard that he is a new disciple and his background is quite profound.”

“You’re right. He is Huang Qiuyin. I have met him before in the Death Forest. His brother is the deacon of the outer disciples. That time, he was quite confident about himself and said that he would definitely enter the Profound Feng Sect.”

“He does really have a good background, however, he is too weak. Don’t you know the guy? It’s said that even the ruthless killing king, Wang Chongyang, doesn’t dare to act against him.” 

“Huang Qiuyin has definitely targeted his woman, otherwise, why would he be beaten up? To be honest, that woman is really like a goddess. If I can……. Sigh. Careless talk will bring trouble to myself. I am not that lucky, so I better be more realistic.” 

There were people passing by and discussing what Huo Qiuyin had done, but none of them pitied him. Everyone knew that he liked to bully others and he was lascivious. If he did not insult Jiang Chen, he definitely would not be beaten up. 

“It’s said that Huang Qiuyin’s brother was one of the experts on the Hundred Battle Ranking. Although he is not on the ranking anymore right now, his strength is definitely still very formidable. I think this guy is going to have bad luck.”

Hearing the other’s discussion, Jiang Chen remained calm and did not worry at all.

“Three days later, he will definitely die.”

Jiang Chen’s words slightly shocked Ling Yun. She nodded her head lightly while feeling touched in her heart.

Jiang Chen wielded his Heavenly Dragon Sword and danced around the place. In an instant, a mansion was set up. The Lan Ting Mansion.

“You and Yue Er will stay in  this room inside here, I am going to stay in the room outside.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Great. Brother Jiang, don’t come to this room that is specially set for us ladies during midnight. Hehe.”

“Don’t worry. We have the boundary. Cultivating here will make us progress much faster. How are you feeling?”

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun.

“Not a big deal, I will let you know when I need you.”

Ling Yun said in a low voice. She felt awkward while saying this. What did she mean when I needed you? 

“Book Collection Pavilion will open three days later. You must put effort into your cultivation so you can choose a cultivation method that you want.”

Jiang Chen told Yue Er.

“I know, brother.”

“I am going to give her the best in the future.”

Ling Yun said.

Jiang Chen nodded because he knew his limitation. Ling Yun came from a great sect, so Jiang Chen did not need to worry about Yue Er in the future.

“Whose mansion is this? Get out of your mansion. Huang Tianba is here. Get out, get out.”

A deafening shout sounded and Jiang Chen frowned his forehead. They were here in such a short time.

“I will go out and have a look.”

Jiang Chen turned around and left the mansion. Outside of the mansion, a young man was holding an iron hammer and his eyes looked like fire torches. He was robust with an overbearing imposing manner. He wore clothes that were made of sackcloth but no one dared to look down upon him. There were four young men wearing the Profound Feng Sect label of deacons standing beside him. Each of them released overbearing imposing manner. Of course, Huang Qiuyin who was beaten heavily by Jiang Chen just now was also here. 

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