Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2219


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The trio rushed a several thousand li of journey and reached the boundary of the Profound Feng Sect. The sect's area amounted to several tens of thousands of li. The sect was one of the famous sects within the area, owing to their history that goes as far back to several dozens of thousands of years. 

Profound Feng Sect resides on a long mountain range. Bountiful floras grew on the mountain, ancient giant trees could be seen everywhere, and growls and howls of animals could even be heard from the unending jungles. 

At the moment, there were more than 100,000 people gathered near the sect. 

“Have you guys heard? The Profound Feng Sect is going to take in 3,000 disciples this time but the aspirants need to be at least at the Void God Realm.” 

“Yeah. The Profound Feng Sect is the strongest sect around this area. We’ll be able to get anything we want if we manage to enter the sect. Hahaha.” 

“It’s too early to be excited. Haven’t you heard that they’re only taking in 3,000 disciples this time? The strongest amongst the applicants are at least Mid Void Gods. Choosing only 3,000 people amongst the rest... such a brutal quota, it’s not something anyone could just accept.”

Some couldn’t help but agree and their hearts were getting serious. 

“Yeah. But I’ve tried for twenty years. This time, I will surely enter Profound Feng Sect!”

Everyone looked up and waited anxiously as they were eager to enter the Profound Feng Sect. After all, the sect only opens up their door to accept disciples every twenty years. Each time, they’ll only accept three thousand people as disciples. The number of people who came this time was the same as the time before. Plus, those below the realm of Peak Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign would not even come to join. Because they would be digging their own grave if they do so. 


An ear-splitting voice filled with dignity and overbearing aura resounded through the air. 

“This time, those who wish to enter the Profound Feng Sect must enter a battle of tag. I will randomly throw out 3000 nameplates to the people below. You must pass through the Jungle of Death and survive with the nameplate to be qualified to enter the sect.” 

A youth stood on top of the sky, looking down upon everyone that was present on the scene. 

“I heard he’s the outer sect’s big brother, Yang Jian, whose strength is feared by  many inner sect disciples.” 

“Yeah. According to rumours, he stayed at the outer sect to manage those brothers of his. In actual fact, his strength could’ve gotten him into the inner sect’s top twenty.” 

“Such a person… truly is a heaven blessed child.”

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Jian who was standing up above. He was definitely strong, having reached the True God Realm. For an expert like him, being the Big Brother of the outer sect was no surprise. 

“Your job is to get three slots.” Ling Yun said. 

“You two are not going to do anything? ”

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun. Little Yue Er was fine. But an expert like her… even if her strength had diminished, she had no reason to rely on Jiang Chen, right? 

“Big Brother, you need to be a gentleman!”  

Jiang Chen was caught off-guard by Yue Er’s words. This little, mischievous kid. 

“Three thousand nameplates will be randomly dropped by me in a while. When you guys pass through the jungle with this name plate, then you’ll be qualified to enter the sect.  Of course, killing how many, or rather, how many will be killed is yours to decide. Only by experiencing blood, sweat and fire could you be called a disciple of Profound Feng Sect.” Yang Jian said with a cold smirk on the corner of his lips, as if the people below him are not worth his pity nor time. For him, only by experiencing battles and death could one really become a true expert. 

“Even though he’s right, it's too cruel. To experience such a life-and-death battle before even entering the sect. This Profound Feng Sect is too domineering.” Ling Yun slightly frowned. 

Even she thought it was too much. This Profound Feng Sect was pretty harsh and cruel.  

At this moment, the 3,000 nameplates were randomly scattered across the field. 

Coincidently, Yue Er was struck by it, luckily. 

“I got it one! Big Brother.” 

“Haha. Looks like Yue Er is blessed by the heavens.”

Jiang Chen took Yue Er to his side to protect her. At this moment, there were others who had been eyeing on them. Since it was a 1 of 40 chance, it was a pretty low probability. There’s only one who will enter amongst forty others. People will start eyeing on those nameplate holders, Yue Er was no exception. 

“I hope you guys will not bother me. I still lack two nameplates.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

These many people simultaneously go into the Jungle Of Death. A jungle filled with death, just like hell itself.  There are fierce and murderous beasts lurking within the jungle. But each of the participants would do anything necessary to enter the sect. Without constraint. 

Only by obtaining the nameplate could one enter the Profound Feng Sect, then the honours and wealth shall be theirs to take. Twenty years, they only have this chance every 20 years. Hence, this chance is very precious, creating a lot of fanatics. Through endless slaughter could they only obtain the nameplate to success. 

Hundred thousand men. It was a gigantic number. Yet the number will surely dwindle after going into the Jungle of Death. Jiang Chen immediately felt there were eight people following them after entering the jungle. 

The Jungle of Death stretches over a hundred li. Even though it was not a big jungle, it was not a place that one could simply enter. As this was the place of trial for the disciples of the sect. The beasts that reside within reaches the Void God Realm, hence one must be extra careful while they enter the place. 

“Little lady, hand over your nameplate. I will let all three of you go.” A careless youth said with a sneer. 

“Your pubic hair hasn’t even grown properly, yet you’re here trying to be a robber?” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

“Obnoxious!” The youth harrumphed as he waved his long sword towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen waved his blade and instantly killed that youth without a pause. It was instant death. It had shocked quite a few onlookers, some who were eager to try immediately chose to give up. Because Jiang Chen’s technique in the killing was truly fearful. 

“F*ck. How is this lad so strong?” 

“Yeah. To think there’s a powerful one hiding within the participants.” 

“That youth has just reached the Void God Realm. He’s not even considered to be a true expert!” 

“Even so, can you kill an Early Void God in an instant? Show it to me.” 


Many chose to silently back off. Jiang Chen wanted that effect. He did not want to be followed by others. Otherwise, it’ll be a hassle to look out for. They may cause trouble for him needlessly. Not allowing him to eat nor sleep peacefully. Hence, Jiang Chen wanted to show them who they’re messing with. Pushing off those small fries that wanted to bring needless troubles. 

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