Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2209

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“Snow Shadow Flow, breaking the Heavens with just the blade!”

The white-robed lady was unstoppable; her Snow Shadow Sword was unparalleled. Her figure zapped across the field, cutting through the air, forcing the creature to retreat continuously as cuts and injuries appeared across its giant body. It was forced to be on the defensive from the lady’s furious attacks even with its sturdy scale covering its body. However, the blade of the lady did not have a single drop of blood on top of it. 

The white-robed lady looked at the Profound Ice Azure Snake with rising killing intent!

“I’ve said it before, you’ll never be my match. Since you refuse to surrender, then, prepare to die. Your scarlet dragon gall will be mine!” 

The white-robed lady flew up towards the sky, her sword qi reaching 800 zhang with prestigious might and an unstoppable aura. 

"F*cking b*tch, you dare injure me?!  I'll never forgive you." The creature's eyes became vicious, and extremely cold. The two then flew towards the sky, and clashed once again. 

The two of them clashed against each other. It was probably due to the creature’s injury that it was unable to suppress the lady even though it was obviously stronger in terms of cultivation. Whereas the lady was getting much more ferocious with her attack, trying to take the creature’s life with every attack, it was truly terrifying. 

“F*ck off!” The creature roared. 

However, it was still repelled by the lady’s attack. Moreover, with the lady dead set on killing the creature, it needed to put its life on the line to fend her off. Otherwise, there won’t be anything left for him. 

"Die, Azure Snake! You'll never get away after you robbed the supreme treasure of my sect from our treasury.” The white-robed lady eyes lit up. 

She then unleashed her strongest sword strike, cutting across the void and air, shattering the earth, causing the creature to have a hard time defending against such an attack as it continuously retreated. 

“I will never let you off easily even if I die.” The creature sneered as its eyes became suffocatingly cold. 

Jiang Chen could see that the creature was trying to do a kamikaze with the white-robed lady. 

“The Heaven and Earth freeze as I hail supreme!” The creature sneered once again. 

It then leapt up towards the sky as it encircled the lady, and then released a frozen qi that froze everything within the ten li radius. Everything became frozen solid and dead. The white-robed lady was in the middle of that attack, causing her mental state and blood to also become frozen solid. 

The white-robed lady continuously retreated but the creature’s freezing field did not allow her to get away. It even made her reaction and body became slower and slower. 

“My arms… my blood… my body… my consciousness…” The white-robbed lady murmured as she slowly froze under the Azure Dragon’s attack. 

At this moment, the creature fell from the sky and a black marble fell from its body. Jiang Chen was quick with his hands and swiftly took the marble without anyone noticing.

The creature was already heavily injured by the lady and was even in its last leg. It then leapt into the lake and swiftly retreated. 

Whereas the lady’s eyes were turning fiery even though she was frozen. 

“When the heart is calm, it’ll not waver even if the sky collapses!” 

The white-robed lady’s eyes shone brightly as she opened her eyes. But she still fell towards the ground and into the chillingly cold lake. 

“Even if a powerful being died, it can still leave its influence behind!” The white-robed lady said while gritting her teeth.

Her expression was pale white, her strength almost completely gone. The chilling ice qi that was invading her body felt like it was devouring her soul. The Profound Ice Azure Snake was terrifying, after all, it was still a Late Heavenly God expert. Even though she was extremely careful in her actions, she still failed in the end. 

“I have lost half of my strength. It’ll take me more than one or two days to recover. Plus, the chilling qi that had invaded my body will eventually take my life if it’s not eliminated quickly.” The white-robed lady gritted her teeth and murmured. 

The creature still managed to get away in the end. However it was already in its last legs. It’ll take a tremendously long time for it to recover. But the sect’s Cabernet Hades Marble vanished along with the creature, once again going into hiding. 

She was clear that it was impossible for her to search for the creature with her current condition.

The white-robed lady’s expression was pale white. The chilling ice qi that invaded her body was becoming worse, causing her strength to drop down to the level of the Mid Void God realm. 

“Looks like I’ve really underestimated that beast.”

She won't be able to live past the third day if the chilling ice qi would not be eliminated from her body. That chilling pain was excruciating. 

“Master, I have let you down. This disciple is incompetent.” The white-robed lady stared blankly at the void and murmured. 

No matter how much divine energy she used to try to force the chilling qi out, no result could be seen. 

"Thunderfire Seal!"

The white-robed lady suddenly remembered the Thunderfire Seal her master taught her. Because the Thunderfire Seal was incompatible with her cultivation technique, she gave up on it. But at this moment, it could probably be effective in this situation?

The white-robed lady unleashed the Thunderfire Seal. At this moment, she was burning as if a raging fire was lit within her body. Nobody knew what kind of excruciating pain she was experiencing, the chilling qi and fiery qi that was clashing within her body was truly unbearable.  Even though the seal managed to disperse the excruciating chill, the two opposite energies within her body could not merge together. 

“Thunderfire shines across the sky, the raging fire shall burn.” The lady murmured. 

In an instant, her clothes were burnt to nothingness, completely showing her snow-white skin and perfect figure. It was a sight that could make a person’s blood boil in excitement. It was something that could only be admired and not tarnished by the likes of mortals, Jiang Chen’s throat tightened from the sight. 

Isn’t this too stimulating?!

“The fuc*? This is not something I want to see. Nothing to be seen, nothing to see."

Jiang Chen quickly closed his eyes shut. Even though he only took a glance, it managed to make his blood boil. 

The white-robed lady was in excruciating pain, as one could see a pained expression across her beautiful and elegant face. 

Her eyes coldly swept across the field. Even though there wasn’t anyone there, she felt like there was something or someone looking at her. Her hand moved and the surrounding mist covered her beautiful body. 

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and sighed. It was not a gentleman’s act to peek. It was an accident, those who don't know anything, should not take any responsibility. Hence, he did not feel guilty.

The white-robed lady was in pain and Jiang Chen couldn’t bear to watch it. The creature’s technique was quite powerful. 

“I could possibly help you.” Jiang Chen suddenly appeared 20 metres away from the lady. Her eyes became cold as she looked at Jiang Chen. She quickly took out a garment and donned it on her body with a shred of killing intent emerging in her eyes. 

“What did you see?” The white-robed lady spoke with extreme coldness as she looked straight towards Jiang Chen and asked. 

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