Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2208

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The sun was setting towards the western horizon. The duo had already walked 2000 li of the outer region, harvesting plenty of ingredients, a boon! 

“We should go back soon, otherwise grandpa is going to get worried.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Let’s play a little longer, I still haven’t had my fill. Heheh. There’s a lake over there, let’s go have a look.” 

Yue Er ran towards that direction without listening to Jiang Chen’s reply. 

The lake was crystal clear. The scenery was one of a beautiful picture. 

“This place is really beautiful.” Yue Er breathed in deeply while enjoying the scenery. 

The lake had a dozen li radius with a soft breeze blowing across it, creating ripples across the entire lake. Even Jiang Chen who was lacking in the emotional department felt somewhat moved from the beautiful scenery that was imprinted in his eyes. 

“It is beautiful.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise. 

The day was slowly getting dark, a giant vortex could be seen in the middle of the lake as the night arrived. The vortex was getting deeper and deeper, reaching a thousand metres deep as water splattered across the lake. 

“Is that a water tornado?” Yue Er’s eyes enlarged as she looked at the shocking scene. She did not realise the danger she was in. 

“Sh*t! There’s definitely a great demon here.” Jiang Chen shouted. 

He then quickly took Yue Er’s hand, wanting to quickly evacuate from the scene. However, a gigantic Azure Snake flew out from the vortex and roared furiously, causing the lake to suddenly freeze. Jiang Chen and Yue Er were both blasted away from the sudden change and the latter fainted from the force. 

Even Jiang Chen cursed as the blood flow within his body was in a mess.

“Surrender now. Profound Ice Azure Snake, you’ll never get away from me.” 

A white-robed lady stood on the sky elegantly, as if she was the profound lady of the supreme heaven. Her figure was exquisitely stunning, giving off an angelic vibe that every mortal would envy, a beautiful face was hidden under a green piece of cloth, yet one could see her beautiful feature through it, causing one to be dazzled by her beauty. 

The lady possessed an elegant voice that could move the hearts of men as if it had a mysterious power that ensnared Jiang Chen. 

This lady should only appear in places like the Heavens, how could one appear in the mortal realm?! 

Jiang Chen had never come across a lady so elegant that one could only exist in a painting. A lady such as her was sacred in the hearts of mortal men, watching, admiring from afar, one that cannot be sullied. 

“Not even your master could do anything against me. But you? I’ll kill all who dares to stop me from transforming into a dragon!"

The Profound Ice Azure Snake leapt up and flew with its 100+ Zhang body, blotting out the sun with its gigantic body. 

At this moment, it uttered the human language. Speaking disdainfully towards the white-robed lady. 

“You're still heavily injured even if you're powerful. ” The white-robed lady coldly said without a shred of emotion, cold as ice, as if she was announcing the creature's death. 

“Obnoxious! Let's see whether you really have the ability to kill me! You're far too weak! You're but an Early Heavenly God. I am two realms higher than you, even if I am injured, you still couldn’t harm a single scale of mine."

The Profound Ice Azure Snake said above the sky with an ear-splitting voice. 

Jiang Chen trembled. These two were both Heavenly God experts, a realm higher than the True God realm. Jiang Chen felt like he was an ant in front of these two Heavenly Gods. The creature ignored him after giving him a glance. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen felt like his whole being dropped into a bottomless pit of ice, terrifying. A Heavenly God expert was terrifying, giving him a psychological shock. 

“A powerful expert would always be powerful.” Jiang Chen sighed. 

Two Heavenly God experts already have the strength to shock the hearts of men. What about Divine Kings or even Hierarch experts? Wouldn’t that be devastating? Jiang Chen had a lingering fear thinking about what had happened in the Divine Tomb as he eliminated hundreds of thousands of divine souls that were Heavenly Gods, Divine Kings and even Divine Emperors.

Yet they were divine souls. In the Divine World, a Heavenly God expert could easily vanquish my very being from the face of the earth. 

“I need to become stronger!” Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly as he observed the two Heavenly God experts face off against each other.

A battle was about to set off. Jiang Chen was forced to quickly retreat from the scene, otherwise, the battle between these two Heavenly God experts would certainly affect the surrounding area, including him.  

“Such being the case, then I shall see what you amounted to. ” The white-robed lady said. 

She flew up towards the sky, closing in onto the creature with a jade-white long sword. The blade was sharp. As it spun towards the sky, sword Qi accumulated on the blade and swept towards its enemy. 

“I did not think that the old codger would pass down the Snow Shadow Sword to you. Looks like you’re really his favourite disciple. However, I shall be your ruin today. There are too many beings in this Heaven and Earth that you are not meant to go against. Little lady, you’re still too young.” The Profound Ice Azure Snake sneered as it flew and tumbled across the sky, leaving only its after images and a trail of ice from its path, freezing even the air itself. It was truly suffocating. 

The lady used the Snow Shadow Sword with vigour. As a lady, her sword qi was powerful, her strength was terrifying, a single sword strike could level the whole battleground into flat land. Not even the creature dared to take it head-on, as it attacked while evading the lady’s flurry of attacks. The lady’s aura was unparalleled, her giant swings had a tinge of the energy from Heaven and Earth that fused with the environment, anywhere the blade points, everything was destroyed!

The creature avoided the flurry of attacks. A human and a creature fought a battle of life-and-death above the skies of the lake. The terrifying aftershock from their clash has caused the giant ancient trees to freeze in a dozen li radius or even shattered into dust from the sword Qi. Jiang Chen used the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to defend themselves from the aftershocks. At this moment, he was in extreme shock, the battle between these experts will certainly become a good reference for his future. 

“Azure Dragon leapt out from the sea, heaven-shaking water tornados!” The Profound Ice Azure Snake roared. 

Within the lake, water tornados emerged, reaching over the sky, causing the white-robed lady to quickly retreat. However, her body was still frozen by the sudden attack. The creature roared furiously, its voice shook the heavens and earth. Even Jiang Chen who was hiding in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could feel the tremors. Luckily he was able to hide himself within the pagoda and was unharmed. A ten li radius of the battlefield had been frozen in ice, it was a terrifying sight to behold. 


An ear-splitting loud bang could be heard, the white-robed lady forced herself out from the ice. But a tinge of paleness could be seen on her beautiful face. A single slash cut through the void, causing heaven and earth to change its colour!

TL: the Azure Dragon here is a snake-like being that has yet to become a true dragon which is 蛟
*extra note* There is also another being that can become a dragon, which is the carp, if they managed to jump over the dragon gate. 

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