Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2204


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“Master’s wise eyes are as bright as a torch. I am Jiang Chen from the Nine Region Immortal World and I just came into the Divine World. I thank master for saving my life. Cough…cough…” Jiang Chen said.

“Your body is still weak. You should rest well. Most of the cultivators who have gone through difficulties and challenges to enter this world are those who have great determination. You’re a good young man.”

The old man smiled and left the hut.

“My name is Yue Er. You can call my granddad Old Gang Tou as everyone in the village calls him so. Hehe. Granddad is a well known alchemist at the Ten Li Eight Village.”

Yue Er grinned and said, while the corner of her mouth was overflowing with some cunningness. After glancing at the direction where her grandfather disappeared, only then did she feel relieved. 

“You're an Eight Grade Immortal Sovereign!”

Jiang Chen looked at Yue Er and only then did he find out. He took a breath and his facial expression became really terrible as he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Yue’s Er cultivation realm is quite low and I really did not have much talent. Also, my comprehensive ability is weak. Brother, don’t laugh at me. I am trying very hard in my cultivation but grandpa said that I have no talent in cultivation or learn medicine from him.”

Yue Er tooted and said with an unhappy face. She seemed a bit unhappy. Jiang Chen could not help suppressing himself to not laugh while looking at her naive and pure face.

Was this called not much talent? Was this called low comprehensive ability? This young girl was even more terrifying than him who had been on the journey of cultivation for a hundred thousand years. He was only a Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign when he first stepped into the Divine Tomb. But now, the young girl showed an innocent face and even said that she had no talent, putting in no real effort and already an Eight Grade Immortal at such a young age. This was really a heavy blow to others. 

“That’s not right. Who said that Yue Er is weak? I am the first one to disagree. Hehe.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Who would dare say that a young Eighth Grade Sovereign Immortal girl was weak? Jiang Chen was the first one to disagree. 

“Brother, this is the medicine specifically made by my grandpa. Drink it while it’s still hot. I guarantee that you will recover and be lively as a dragon within two weeks.”

Yue Er’s pure and naive temperament reminded Jiang Chen of Yan Chenyu. She used to be that naive, kind and simple kid. She was like a lotus growing up from a muddy pond. 

“What happened? Brother, you don’t want to drink the medicine?”

“No, I just thought of a sister. She is as simple as you.”

Jiang Chen said while drinking the medicine. As soon as he finished the medicine, his whole body was refreshed. It had really recharged him. It was indeed a divine medicine. As soon as he consumed the medicine, he immediately felt a great sense of comfort. 

“You always laugh at others. Brother, I am not as good as you said.”

Yue Er blushed after being praised by Jiang Chen. Her grandfather never praised her before as she was almost the weakest cultivator in the village. Although no one cared about this, she actually put this matter in her heart. She did not want to become a burden to her grandfather. When others joked with her grandfather, they would always take her cultivation realm as a topic to joke about. 

“Old Gang Tou, Old Gang Tou, where is he?”

Someone shouted outside of the door in a deep voice.

“What happened? Young master Feng Manlou. My house is too shabby for you to come visit. Why are you here today?”

Old Gang Tou said faintly as if he did not welcome him too much.

“Isn't a young man staying at your house these days? Ask him to come with me to Profound Feng Sect three days later. Young master Feng has urged me several times. All the men in our village must come with me to mine Divine Origin Stone. This is a command from the young master.” 

Feng Manlou said with pride while looking at Old Gang Tou coldly. His father always asked him to respect Old Gang Tou who was a well-known alchemist in the Ten Li Eight Village. If he offended Old Gang Tou, his father would fall into a difficult position as the village chief. 

However, nowadays Feng Manlou had built some connection with the Profound Feng Sect of  Qilian Residence, so they started not putting Old Gang Tou in their eyes. Moreover, Feng Manlou was going to bring all of the men in the village to Profound Feng Sect to help them mine for Divine Origine Stones. It would be a very tiring labour. They could only come back to their village once a year, that’s why none of them were willing to leave their home to Profound Feng Sect.

Unfortunately, Feng Manlou was the village chief’s son and these days he had flattered the influential young sect master of Profound Feng Sect. So no one dared to find trouble with him now. 

“He’s not from our village and he is still recovering. I am afraid that he won’t be able to take the labour. I think it’s better that young master Feng get another man to replace him,” Old Gang Tou said with a smile.

“Are you going against me intentionally? Old Gang Tou, what do you think about one hundred Low Grade Divine Origin Stones? It would be enough for you for a year.”

Feng Manlou snorted, thinking that money can do anything. If the old man wanted Divine Origin Stones, he had more than enough. What he lacked was only manpower. 

Old Gang Tou shook his head and smiled without saying a word. 

“What do you mean? I am going to bring him away three days later. As I have told you about this this time, don't complain about this to my father next time. He’s the village chief and you’re only someone who refines medicine. Humph.

Feng Manlou snorted and turned around, leaving the hut.

“Oh right. When your granddaughter Yu Er grows up two or three years later, she will definitely turn out to be charming and beautiful. I am going to bring her to Profound Feng Sect at that time. She would definitely have a good future. Hehehe. She’s an embryo of beauty.”

The corner of Feng Manlou’s mouth carried a cunning smile that made people shiver.

“If something is meant to happen, it happens. If something isn’t meant to happen, it won’t happen.”

Old Gang Tou carried the pipe in his mouth while lying on a rocking chair, seemingly falling asleep. 

“Yue Er, who’s this Feng Manlou who wants me to follow him and mine for Divine Origin Stones?”

Jiang Chen frowned. The guy did not seem to be a good guy. He was shouting like he was the only ruler under the heavens. A typical tyrant who loved to bully the weak.

“He is the son of the village chief. Five years ago, he was fortunate to enter the Profound Feng Sect and flatter the young sect master. These years, he has been very tyrannical and overbearing, doing whatever he wants in the village. More than hundreds of young men had been recruited by force to Profound Feng Sect and mine for Divine Origin Stones. These guys are only allowed to come back to the village once a year. That’s why no one is willing to go. Moreover, he has been quite influential in the Profound Feng Sect. No one in the Peng Tou Village dared to go against him. Every time he comes back to the village, he bullies both the men and takes their women. There’s no evil that he wouldn’t dare do. Even his father, the village chief, can only pretend like he doesn’t see anything. Hmph. I hate him the most. He always looks at me with bad intentions in his mind.”

Yue Er said angrily. Obviously, she really doesn’t like the village chief’s son.

“Is Profound Feng Sect very powerful?”

Jiang Chen murmured.

“Of course, Profound Feng Sect is one of the major sects in Qilian Residence. They have more than a hundred thousand disciples. Even the cultivation realm of their outer disciples has reached Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Once they reach Middle Void God Realm, they will become inner disciples.”

Yue Er said.

“Are there also a lot of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns in the Divine World?”

Jiang Chen doubted.

Yue Er couldn’t stop laughing and she seemed flattered. 

“Do you really think that cultivators with god realm and Divine King cultivation base are everywhere in the Divine World? Brother, you’re more naive than me. Hehehe.”

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