Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2198

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Jiang Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at the two Divine World denizens. They’re both Luo Clansmen, he knew what they’re here for, no matter how foolish one could be. 

“Looks like you guys are trying to get something from me.” Jiang Chen said. 

“You’re right, smart ant. Hand over the inheritance of the Craftsman God. We may even spare you if we’re feeling great.” Luo Ningtian said with a smile. 

However, a hint of sarcasm could be seen from his eyes, even disdain. Being the indigenous people of the Divine World, they feel really disgusted about these low-borns like Jiang Chen who had climbed up from the lowest position. As they were filled with pride. 

Therefore, Luo Ningtian looked at Jiang Chen like that of a superior being towards a lower being, the pride that they were born with. From the moment they were born, they have reached a place that many wished for. 

“Why waste your time talking to this kind of person? Kill him. He talks too much.” Luo Chentian sneered, completely disregarding Jiang Chen. 

“Haha, you’re right. But I’m in a good mood today, I feel like playing with him, that’s all.” Luo Ningtian said. 

“We can’t make any mistakes on the task given to us by the Third Elder.” 

Luo Chentian’s words reminded Luo Ningtian and the latter looked at Jiang Chen. 

“Looks like you guys are dead set on getting the Craftsman God’s inheritance from me. I’m just curious, who is it that told you guys?” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“You’re not worthy of knowing, a deadman has no right to know all of these. Plus, what can you do even if you knew about it? You’re but an ant in front of us brothers.”  Luo Chentian said, it wasn’t even at the level of a disdainful tone. It was much less. 

After that he became silent. Because to him, killing Jiang Chen is an easy task, it’ll not even cause a ripple in his heart nor mind.  

Jiang Chen knew that the two of them were extremely strong. Today’s battle might be a battle of life and death. Their strength was somewhat unfathomable. Jiang Chen was very familiar with this kind of situation. They wanted the Craftsman God’s Inheritance, then, only one party shall walk out of this alive! 

“Allow me, Brother Chen. I, alone, am enough to finish the job.” Luo Ningtian said with a cold gaze. The battle was on the verge of starting. 

“Better be careful.” Luo Chentian said. 

“I am a True God. If I can’t even defeat a Void God kid, what qualification do I have to go back to see Third Elder? Hahaha.” Luo Ningtian said arrogantly. 

Luo Chentian became silent as Luo Ningtian harrumphed, the latter then turned and moved towards Jiang Chen. 

“Little Chen, the two of them are quite strong.” Tyrant’s expression became serious. 

“So what? Should I be afraid of him?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Hahaha. Great, great, great. I’ll play with you. Let’s see what a True God can offer. It’s not easy meeting such an opponent.” Tyrant said with burning battle intent. 

“Two reckless fools, this god would care less even if there’s a hundred of you.” Luo Ningtian sneered. 

“No matter what, trash is still trash in the end.” 

“Tyrant, somebody is looking down on us, what should we do?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Naturally, we’ll fight back. If one doesn’t provoke me, I also won’t provoke them. If one does provoke me, hehehe, we’ll return the favor ten times the interest! Until he’s dead.” Tyrant’s expression was cold. The current him doesn’t look like a reverent Buddhist monk. 

“Enough talking. Come. Since you guys have chosen death, I have nothing else to offer. The Heavens cares for all life, but I am dead set on taking a life today.”

“If the devil stands in my way, I’ll kill the devil. If the Gods stand in my way, I’ll massacre the Gods.” Jiang Chen’s killing intent flowed out and reached Luo Ningtian. 

“Trying to die so bad eh? I’ll grant it to you. Massacre the gods? Such arrogance. Prepare to die, lowly ant.” Luo Ningtian’s expression was cold, completely disregarding Jiang Chen. 

The two of them were but weak ants, yet they are so arrogant, it was his first time meeting people who look down on the people of the Divine World. The powerful ones naturally have their own pride, and those who are weak tend to lay-low. In the eyes of Luo Ningtian, these two arrogant fools don't know what it means to lay-low. 

Then, I will teach them how to be a proper man. 

“Qing Feng Sword. This blade’s purpose is to cut down arrogant fools.” Luo Ningtian pointed his long sword at Jiang Chen. 

His sword qi covered the sky, engulfing the battlefield. The strength of a True God was something out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. It was terrifying. It was truly different, the Peak Void God Realm and the True God Realm. 

If a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign reaching the Void God Realm was already  considered a tremendous change of an Immortal. Then, the difference between the Void God Realm and the True God Realm was like the Heavens and Earth!

Reaching the True God Realm could one only be called a genuine god, the realm of god!

“One blade shatters the sky.” 

Luo Ningtian slashed forward and instantly created a terrifying energy, shattering the void. Jiang Chen became serious as he flew towards the sky and intercepted the attack with his blade. 

“I refuse to believe that you could suppress me!” Jiang Chen’s gaze was cold. 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword clashed against the Qing Feng Sword. Jiang Chen was pushed 800 metres back. That terrifying suppression was something Jiang Chen wasn’t prepared for. Since he did not expect the guy to be this powerful. 

“The True God Realm is not something a Void God could compare against.” Jiang Chen thought. 

But Luo Ningtian had already rushed forward with his sword Qi, accompanied by the Sword Qi of the Supreme Heavens. Each strike was aimed at taking his life, forcing Jiang Chen to be on the passive side, without a chance to strike back.  

Jiang Chen swiftly evaded the attacks of the powerful foe. But the strength of Luo Ningtian exceeded his expectation. He would’ve been pushed to the corner if it wasn’t for the might of the Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

“A great Heavenly Divine Tool. It’s not something you’re worthy of possessing. The inheritance of the Craftsman God lives up to its reputation.” Luo Chentian murmured as he looked at the Heavenly Dragon Sword with increasing excitement. 

This time, they’ll be able to gain great merit after obtaining the inheritance of the Craftsman God. 

“This one doesn’t agree with you bullying my brother.” Tyrant harrumphed. 

He then swiftly attacked with the purple gold alms bowl in his hand, slamming straight towards the Qing Feng Sword. The purple gold alms bowl was struck back by a slash, but no damage could be seen on the bowl. Then, the bowl emitted a Buddhism brilliance, causing Luo Ningtian to be slightly stunned. 

“Such a powerful Buddhism Tool! It’s on par with Jiang Chen’s sword. A treasure trove! It’s all mine!” Luo Ningtian pushed forward without retreating. 

In his point of view, he was just playing with a bunch of rats, it’ll be easy to kill them off if he really wished to.  

“Good Job. Tyrant.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

The two of them joined hands and fought against Luo Ningtian together. Luo Ningtian was obviously underestimating his opponents, he did not think they could defend against his attack together. Causing Luo Ningtian to feel extremely embarrassed, since his own brother was watching. 

“Two petty ants, your time has come, die!” 

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