Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2197

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“Today, my Mo Clan will recruit 100 outer disciples. My Mo Clan will welcome those who wish to enter our clan. The Divine World is separated into Nine Regions and Eighteen Counties, my Mo Clan is the lord of Mo County. We’re strong, that’s without a doubt. This is your chance, otherwise, you guys are highly likely to die when you’re in the Divine World.” The guy beside Mo Tianhan said as he looked at the group with a cold stare. 

“Those who managed to enter the Divine World from the Immortal World are those with great fortune, great talents, possess great willpower. Therefore, those that are able to enter the Divine World are all excellent seedlings, probably on par with the talented people of the Divine World. But the ones that are able to enter the Divine World were far too little on each thousand years cycle. They are all scattered into different corners of the Divine World, it’ll be hard to search for their traces. Hence, this is a great opportunity.” Moling Dongchen looked at Jiang Chen and said. 

“So that’s how it is.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“I’ll go, I’ll go.” 

“I’ll go too.” 

“Entering the Divine World signifies great risk, it’s better to enter the Mo Clan to be safe.”

Most of them rushed to join the Mo Clan. But the Mo Clan wasn’t some easy place to enter, and in the end, only 100 Void God Realm experts were chosen. Those that were not chosen were extremely disappointed, dejected. 

“Tyrant, why don’t you go too?” 

“Screw his grandmother, look at that cocky fella, probably a bad fella. Me following him? This one doesn’t respect the Heavens nor the Earth and you want me to serve him? I cannot do it. Namo Amitabha.” Tyrant said seriously while putting his palm together. 

Lastly, A’Mo Kehan and Jiang Xinxin also entered the Mo Family. Whereas Lu Dong and Yesheng Yunwang chose to be silent, even if they were chosen, they would’ve chosen to walk their own path. Even if they were to face extreme dangers when they enter the Divine World, they would rather take the risk. 

“I’m leaving, I wonder how long it’ll be the next time we’ll meet each other. You can visit us in Mo County if there’s a chance.” Moling Dongchen said.

“I will visit you guys when there’s an opportunity.” Jiang Chen said. 

“I hope you’ll live to that day, kid.” Mo Tianhan said. 

Since he had agreed to Moling Dongchen, he better not attack again. Plus, Jiang Chen had become a deadman in his eyes. It was extremely hard to survive in the Divine World with one’s own abilities alone. It won’t take Jiang Chen long to die in the plains of the Divine World. 

“Things may change over the years, don’t look down on the weak now! Mo Clan, I will go there in the future.” 

Jiang Chen looked at Mo Tianhan. Mo Tianhan sneered and a terrifying pressure was unleashed, completely locking onto Jiang Chen. Tyrant, who was beside Jiang Chen, staggered and took a few steps back with a pale complexion. The pressure Jiang Chen felt must have been even more powerful. 

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and coldly looked at Mo Tianhan amidst the heavy pressure. But Jiang Chen’s willpower was unrivalled, nobody could put him down. 

Mo Tianchen was shocked. To think he could be this calm under my spiritual pressure and not bend down. The people surrounding him were forced to kneel down and beg from the residual pressure. Yet Jiang Chen was unfazed and looked straight at Mo Tianhan. 

After a while, the pressure subsided like the tide. Jiang Chen’s expression was unmoved and the cold gaze remained. 

“Interesting, I hope to see you in the Mo Clan in the future, but I may not be able to wait until then. Hehe.” 

Mo Tianhan led Moling Dongchen, Jiang Xinxin and the others into the void. Jiang Xinxin smiled slightly. That perseverance was something Jiang Chen could only look up upon, hoping she could walk out from this hazy love that shouldn’t have even existed in the first place. 

Three figures appeared from the sky after the people of the Mo Clan left, it was the people of the Luo Clan. 

“Big Yellow, follow Goddess Luo. Since even if you follow me into the Divine World, we will not appear in the same place. Don’t worry about me,” said Jiang Chen

Big Yellow was extremely silent. Even Goddess Luo could feel the sadness coming from Big Yellow. 

“Relax. I will never forget you wherever I go. Little Chen, you better f*cking wait for me to look for you.” Big Yellow said while gritting his teeth. 

“I wonder how that monkey fellow is doing.” Big Yellow murmured. 

“Relax. He’s more cunning than you are, he will be fine.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Tyrant, don’t be so distressed the next time I see you. Otherwise, I will not forgive you.”

“D*mned dog. I will surely show you my mighty appearance the next time you see me. At that time, heheh, you may even fall in love with this poor monk. Hahaha. Namo Amitabha, reality is a phantom, and all phantoms are real. I have sinned.” Tyrant said with a laugh, but a shred of worry and reluctance could be seen in his eyes. 

“Please, Goddess Luo.” Jiang Chen said while clasping his fist. 

Goddess Luo nodded her head. 

“Brother Jiang Chen, Let us meet again if fate allows it.” Luo Wenhao said with a loud laugh. 

The people of the Luo Clan also chose a hundred talented cultivators and brought them into the Divine World. 

“The inheritance of the Craftsman God. It’s truly a pity that we were unable to obtain it.” 

Within the void, the elder of the Luo Clan sighed and helplessly shook his head. 

“Jiang Chen obtained the inheritance of the Craftsman God. A great fortune, but it’s a pity that we do not have that fortune.” Luo Wenhao said with a bitter smile. 

The elder of the Luo Clan suddenly looked at Luo Wenhao. 

“You said somebody took the inheritance of the Craftsman God?” 

“Yes. But it’s a pity that it is not from the Luo Clan. This disciple is incompetent, elder please bestow my punishment.” Luo Wenhao said shamingly. 

“No punishment will be given, no punishment. Haha, in fact, you have contributed great merit. The Mo Clan too had interfered in the Divine Tomb, it’s not really your fault. But now, our chance has come.” 

The elder of the Luo Clan looked at two of his disciples and gave a hint. The latter instantly understood his meaning and turned back. At this moment, Goddess Luo did not know what was happening. 

Yu Hua Boundary, the remaining people were preparing to enter the Divine World. They did not have the chance to enter the Mo Clan or Luo Clan, but they still had to enter the Divine World, the place they dreamt of for so long!

Jiang Chen looked at the ten thousand plus cultivators entering the Great Gate of the Divine World with complicated feelings. Plus, he felt like something was amiss. 

“Where is Jiang Chen?” 

A loud shout resounded. Half of the people have left Yu Hua Boundary, many were rushing to enter the Divine World and not many people noticed what was happening. 

“The people of Luo Clan? What is the meaning of this?” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“Still acting huh? Heh Heh, truly obnoxious. Hand over the inheritance of the Craftsman God, and I will spare your life. Otherwise, you’ll die.” The people of the Luo Clan said coldly with killing intent. 

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