Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2193

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“Tyrant, if I did not look mighty and wise, do you think you have the chance to see such a charming lady? You’re a guy who chooses to help others at the expense of mine. You never thank me.”

“Thank you for what? I am saved by Little Chen. You are still so arrogant. I was almost killed, but you  still have the mood to flirt with a lady. Are you still my brother? Dead dog.”

Tyrant’s solemn expression was now gone and scolded Big Yellow. Everyone was shocked by the scene. Even Big Yellow who always swore was a bit stunned as Tyrant was never like this in the past.

“I have already suffered a severe injury. If it was not for you, how would I be like this right now? You don’t know anything about gratitude. Once I’ve recovered, I am going to bite you to death.”

“Amitabha. Mother f*cker. I have cursed again. Very good indeed.”

As soon as his words finished, Tyrant gave a bow to Big Yellow.

“This time, luckily I have you. Tyrant thanks your eighth generation… Oh no no. It was just a slip of the tongue. I thank Big Yellow for saving my life.”

“You’re welcome. Brother Tyrant, you are actually a sincere person.” Big Yellow said embarrassingly, however, he knew that Tyrant was indeed a sincere and loyal guy. 

“Such a genuine person.” Moling Dongchen murmured in a low voice.

“Yea, what’s your plan?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I want to go to that place. I know that something I want is there.”

“Alright, I will go with you.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“I will also go with you.”

Big Yellow jumped to the ground, turned his head and gave Goddess Luo a glance.

“My goddess, I have to go somewhere with this monk. Don’t miss me”


Goddess Luo moved her red lips and uttered a word. It was not easy for a goddess to make such a response. 

Moling Dongchen and others were thinking of helping Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen rejected it.

“You guys can wait for me at the Yu Hua Boundary. I will definitely be there.”

Jiang Chen rejected everyone’s help because he had a feeling that the journey would not be easy, and there might be great danger on the way.

“Luckily, you’re still loyal to friendship.” Tyrant looked at Big Yellow with his sincere smile.

Two men and a dog started their journey together. 

At the Eastern side of the Divine tomb, there was a dark and gloomy graveyard. Tyrant followed the summon and the feeling that came from his heart and came to this place.

Somewhere not afar, there was a towering palace that reached the clouds. Rays of lights were emitted from the palace. Although hundreds and thousands of years had already passed, the palace was still standing still. 

Outside of the palace, faded walls and ruins of buildings were everywhere. Stone statues were erected everywhere and they were all Buddishm disciples, hundreds and thousands of them. 

There was a huge bell that was embedded into the Chinese glazed roof tile of the palace. The Buddhist qi filled the air surrounding the palace.

“It’s here!”

Tyrant gave Jiang Chen a glance and said.

“This is the place that’s summoning you?”

“Yes, It's here. It seems like a Buddhist temple. However, it must have been many many years ago.” 

Tyrant stepped into the temple and the surrounding space seemed to ripple suddenly.

Little Leiyin Temple!

Tyrant stared at the four big characters above the Buddhist Temple silently, and his heart was moved. 

“Little Leiyin Temple, is this the Little Leiyin Temple of the Divine World? Why do I feel bleak and melancholy here?” Tyrant murmured. 

However, Jiang Chen was not able to enter the temple. No matter how he tried to step into the temple, his feet failed to do so and neither did Big Yellow. 

“Motherf*cker? Don’t tell me that this Buddhist Temple only allows certain people to enter? I am so handsome, there’s no reason that I couldn’t enter.”

“Since we couldn’t enter, let’s walk around that side.” Jiang Chen said.

“You go by yourself. I am too lazy to move since I’ve still not recovered from the injury.” Big Yellow mumbled and then he fell asleep.

“You should be reborn as a pig in your next life.”


As soon as Jiang Chen finished his words, the dog started to snore. 

Inside the Little Leiyin Temple, Tyrant saw a Vairochana Buddha statue at the Mahavira Hall. On the statue, the buddha looked dignified but the zafu beneath his legs was full of dust.

Tyrant kneeled down slowly and kowtowed three times in front of Vairochana Buddha statue.

Suddenly, an ancient book of sutra and a purple golden alms bowl appeared in front of him.

“A golden alms bowl and ‘Vairochana Sutra’?”

Tyrant’s facial expression changed at this moment, he looked incomparably serious. The Vairochana Sutra that the God Emperor expert had been looking for has appeared in front of him unexpectedly after paying his respect to the statue. This was really unbelievable.

This was too mythical! 

Jiang Chen shook his head and turned to the graveyard that was not too far from the temple. Although it was just about ten miles away, it was completely different from the other place. The place was filled with peace and did not seem like a place to bury the dead. Instead, it was like a place for people to enjoy their old age. 

In the graveyard, there were not many tombstones. All the tombstones looked organised, though some of them were just pieces of wood with inscriptions. They all looked simple and neat like someone had taken care of them specifically.  

Jiang Chen looked through all the tombstones but he could not see most of them clearly. Only the first one had some words written on it:

Headless War God Xingtian’s tomb!

Even though he tried his best and rubbed his eyes, he still could not see what was written on the remaining tombstones. 

“Xingtian, the ancient War God? The name sounds familiar.”

Jiang Chen murmured.

“Xingtian Wugan Qi, his spirit always remains. He was the simplest yet most terrifying god.”

An old voice sounded at Jiang Chen’s back. Jiang Chen was stunned for a while as he did not notice him.

“I am the tomb keeper here.”

The old man grinned and said. He seemed very happy to see Jiang Chen and he did not seem vigilant. 

“Tomb keeper.”

Jiang Chen murmured.

“Why couldn’t I see the words on the inscriptions clearly?”

“I can’t see it clearly as well.”

The tomb keeper shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

Jiang Chen looked at the tomb keeper with a profound look. The tomb keeper strength was only around the peak of the Void God Realm. But Jiang Chen was quite surprised by him.

“You’re willing to safeguard the tombs here, why don’t you go to the Divine World?” Jiang Chen asked. He knew that the tomb keeper was a man with flesh and blood, instead of a divine soul.

The tomb keeper smiled and said, “In one’s life, he goes back where he comes from. Once one dies, he has to return to the Divine Tomb. When you’re living, you pursue interest and fame. When you die, you also pursue interest and fame. Is Divine World still a good place to go? Hehe.” 

“You are really open-minded. Indeed. Life or death doesn’t matter. One lives to pursue interest and fame, but he does the same after he dies. This happens between heaven and earth, even here.” Jiang Chen nodded his head lightly.

“That’s why I said, what’s the point of going through those hardships?”

The tomb keeper asked Jiang Chen.

“How many years have you been staying here?” Jiang Chen asked.

Tomb keeper shook his head and replied, “I have already forgotten the years.”

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