Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2192

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“Things won't go well. It’s Yi Shuihan’s legendary trump card. It could crush the void, turning one hundred thousand miles of the void into ruins. The heavens would fall down while ghosts cry.”

Goddess Luo murmured, her countenance suddenly fell. At this moment, the hundred thousand miles of the void was turned into ruins and it might be absorbed by the black hole in the universe and become ashes. Countless experts had already been buried by his trump card—Darkening the Sky.  

“Are we really screwed up?”

Moling Dongchen smiled bitterly. At this moment, Jiang Chen seemed powerless to salvage the desperate situation as Yi Shuihan was still an extraordinarily peerless God Emperor. 

A centipede with hundreds of legs won’t just topple over even when dead! Even a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. All in all, Yi Shuihan was still a God Emperor divine soul.

“Defeat in a day. If there was no God Emperor, Jiang Chen would be unbeatable. Unfortunately, we are still in the Divine Tomb.”

Luo Wenhao said while gritting his teeth as he was not reconciled to this ending. 

“The mightiness of an emperor is indelible and invincible.” 

Moling Dongchen closed his eyes slowly. Although they were in Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the space was slowly disintegrating. Countless black holes had appeared in front of them. If they were pulled into one of those black holes, it would be a place of eternal damnation. Except for the God Emperor, who would have an attack that’s as powerful as this? 

Even though there were also people who could manage to tear the void apart, the Divine Tomb was still a completely different space from the Immortal World. The stability of the space of the Immortal World could not compare to the stability of the space of the Divine Tomb. The stability of the space of the Divine World might be even higher. 

No matter what, the void still collapsed completely and it was in a state of total darkness. Each of the black holes was trying to pull Jiang Chen into it, unceasingly. Once he was absorbed by the balck hole, he would be devoured by it and be turned into nothingness. This was the most mysterious strength of the black hole in the universe! 

“I am going to see how you are going to fight me now. Hahaha.”

Yi Shuihan sneered. This time, even a Heavenly King would not be able to save him.

“You’re indeed very strong,” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“However, I am stronger than you. Your competence could only go this far. 

“Great Void Technique!”

Jiang Chen stepped on the void, weaving through the black holes relaxingly like a void walker. This had startled everyone, and only Big Yellow was still laying in Goddess Luo’s embrace calmly. 


“Is this real?”

“I can’t believe my eyes. Jiang Chen has managed to dodge the black holes while weaving through the void.”

“Jiang Chen is omnipotent. I have told you before, my master is invincible, but you guys did not believe it! I have seen through everything while you were worrying.”

Big Yellow showed his seriousness but others did not know whether to laugh or cry looking at him. 

“No! This is impossible!”

Yi Shuihan was incredibly shocked while his face looked pale-dead. He had shattered the void but the black holes could not do anything to Jiang Chen. He had already used up all of his techniques but Jiang Chen either resisted or countered them. How could Yi Shuihan accept this? He was still thinking that he was still a peerless God Emperor deep in his heart. Failure was more miserable than death to him. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was holding the Divine Burying Flag, spinning around the void. He turned all of the black holes towards Yi Shuihan slowly. 

“I am not fine with this, I am not…”

Yi Shuihan’s bellow penetrated into the void while his figure was slowly being absorbed into the black hole. At this moment, everything went back to normal again.  

“The black holes devour everything under the heavens. He lifted the stone but hit his own leg. He reaped what he sowed. He could only blame himself for this. Hahaha.”

In a profound manner, Big Yellow spoke as if he was preaching. At the end, he fell back to Goddess Luo’s embrace and laughed.

Everything went back into a state of peace. The entire Mount Yin Kui became quiet once again.

“Get out of here. Your master has died. Do you think you can still escape from my palm?” 

Jiang Chen’s voice resounded upto a thousand miles and echoed in Mount Yin Kui.

Ren Chen’s countenance fell as he had never expected that even the remnant soul of a God Emperor was shattered by this young guy. This was too shocking.

“Tyrant is here. I dare not to be slow at all.”

Trying to flatter Jiang Chen, Ren Chen showed his smiley face and handed out Tyrant.

As soon as Tyrant saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, his eyes shone and he immediately ran towards them. 

“God! Little Chen, I thought I would never see you again.” 

Tyrant said in a deep voice while his eyes carried excitement. Different from the situation in the Immortal World, this time it could be said that they had finally reunited after going through a great crisis. 

“As long as you’re safe. Hahaha. How did you enter the Divine Tomb? You have already reached the Void God Realm.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.  

“More precisely, I am at the peak of Void God Realm. One more step then I will advance to the next realm. Sigh, but it won’t make any difference. However, Little Chen, you’re so vigorous and powerful. It was the soul of a God Emperor. Up until now, I still can’t believe that you’ve killed a God Emperor’s soul.”

Tyrant could not stay calm while thinking about what just happened. 

“It was just a remnant soul of a God Emperor. Nothing worthwhile to be mentioned. Hehe.”

Jiang Chen nodded and smiled. 

“You are always the most terrifying one. Although you are only at the Early Void God Realm, a Late Void God has to follow you.

“I sensed that a mysterious energy has been summoning me in this Divine Tomb,” Tyrant said seriously.

“Have you found it?” Jiang Chen asked.

“No, the moment I sensed it, Yi ShuiHan, that bastard caught me.”

“A mysterious man is summoning you? Seems like you’re going to have great fortune. But why would Yi Shuihan catch you? 

“He said that I am his enemy, so he must kill me. However, before killing me, he forced me to give him the Vairocana Buddha Incantation. How do I know what the f*ck is this Vairocana Buddha Incantation? But it sounds like a Buddhist sutra.” Tyrant touched his nose and said.

“It seems like that. Your identity is really intriguing. Who knows, you might be an incarnation of a God Emperor? Haha.”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter but there might be some truths behind it. 

“Whatever. As long as the bastard won’t kill me. I am not eager to be whatever God Emperor. I am a devoted Buddist and I want Buddha’s light to shine. However, there are still so many challenges and obstacles ahead of me. And I am so unlucky to encounter that God Emperor’s soul.”

Tyrant almost shed tears while complaining to Jiang Chen about his hardship. 

“Amitabha. Why would such a graceful lady be tarnished by a vicious dog?”  

Tyrant looked at Big Yellow and Goddess Luo, and said. 

* A centipede with hundreds of legs does not topple over even when dead: Old institutions die hard

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