Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2186


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Gongyang Juemu’s roar was as loud as thunder. It reverberated throughout the void, stretching as far as 800 li away. Unfortunately for him, everything was too late. 

Jiang Chen was waving his Heavenly Dragon Sword with intense pressure, Gongyang Juemu couldn’t defend against such sharp attacks. His divine soul perished with his eyes was gazing straight towards Jiang Chen, even right before his death. 

Silence permeated the whole Mount Meru. More than 100,000 human cultivators watched in awe. That proud man standing on top of the sky, holding a single blade, like a peerless war god. Standing proudly, firmly, not succumbing to the levels of the mortals. 

“We’re saved. Hahaha. We’re saved. Thanks to fellow Daoist Jiang Chen.”

“Yeah. Otherwise, we would’ve become slaves for those divine souls, or even dead.” 

“Brother Jiang Chen, we will listen to your orders from now on. You’re our leader, at least within the Divine Tomb.” 

“Brother Jiang Chen is unstoppable, you’re our leader!” 

Countless people cheered, shaking Mount Meru. But Jiang Chen was calm because he intended to save these people, he did not want to see the masses suffer. 

As a human, one must have a bottom line. 

Even at this moment, facing thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns and Void God experts, he never once gave a frown, not a single ripple was made in his mind. His goal, his wish, was to only move forward, straight towards the sky, and eventually stand on top of the Divine World!

That was Jiang Chen’s everlasting glory. To become the best amongst the best!  

Killing Gongyang Juemu has caused the people to cheer frantically. 

Jiang Chen grabbed towards the void. A divine spark of a Divine Emperor fell into his palm, in addition to another twelve Peak Hierarch divine sparks. 

At this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda emitted a strong desire to devour those divine sparks. 

“You can refine this Divine Emperor divine spark, it’ll help your divine spark greatly, thoroughly solidifying it. Whereas the twelve Peak Hierarch divine sparks could be used to refine twelve fire spirits. They’ll then follow your increase in level and become a puppet that could level up as well.” 

“Fire God Guard?” Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. 

He never thought Red Lotus who hated him would take the initiative to strike a conversation with him. 

“Yes. The Fire God Guard is refined by father, it has a shred of my fire essence within. The twelve Fire God Guards could reach the level of Peak Divine King! But because of the passage of time, their strength weakened, the original spirit tool too was exterminated. But if you put the divine spark to those Fire God Guards, they’ll return back to their glorious strength. Their sturdiness is as hard as an Origin Divine Tool. It’ll surely become a trump card for the current you.” 

Red Lotus’s words have made Jiang Chen think hard. The twelve Fire God Guards with the Peak Hierarch divine sparks. Their strength would surely increase tremendously, their original spirit tools were already gone. These Fire God Guards will surely become a force to be reckoned if the divine sparks were placed. 

“Truly powerful, the remarkable work of the Craftsman God.” Jiang Chen said. 

A Peak Divine King puppet, who could have imagined? How powerful is it? It’s not a divine soul, but a true Divine King of the Divine World. The current Jiang Chen dared not to imagine. 

“Powerful my ass. The original twelve Fire God Guards were meant to be a guard for the front door.” Red Lotus sneered and its voice disappeared without a trace. 

Jiang Chen touched his nose and smiled, feeling slightly ashamed. The current him was lacking in vision and experience when compared to the Craftsman God, undeniably. But Jiang Chen did not ponder more about it, he knew that Red Lotus wanted him to become stronger, a gesture of goodwill, but she made it look like she was doing something bad. It’s probably because of her cold nature. Probably? 

After giving it a thought, that shouldn’t be. She’s the Karmic Flame of the Red Lotus, shouldn’t she have a nature of fiery enthusiasm? 

The guardsmen of a front door were that powerful, then the previous Craftsman God must’ve been extremely powerful. After all, he was regarded as the number one person below the God Emperor! 

Jiang Chen refined the twelve divine sparks and placed it into the Fire God Guards. Their strength was still at the Peak Void God realm, but their eyes became much sharper and more terrifying. He placed a shred of his soul seal into those Fire God Guards, enabling him to summon them in an instant and dispersed them at his will. 

Lastly, Jiang Chen refined Gongyang Juemu’s divine spark. Even though the increase in strength was minor, a few hundred dragon marks. But his divine spark was much more firm, solid. He had finally solidified his Early Void God realm. 

The 2.4 million-plus dragon marks in Jiang Chen's body intertwined against each other, giving him immense strength, enabling him to move mountains and the sea. He’ll be able to reach the Mid Void God realm after reaching 2.5 million dragon marks. 

“Little Chen, great job. You made me proud. Kakaka.” Big Yellow, whilst wagging his tail, walked towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen saw how insufferably arrogant he was. 

“You d*mned f*cking dog. Fuck off.” Jiang Chen kicked away Big Yellow. 

Big Yellow did a beautiful turn and changed back into a pug, jumping back into Goddess Luo’s embrace. The current Goddess Luo did not have the previous feeling, the pug was cute but a surge of anger could be felt after thinking how lewd Big Yellow was. 

Big Yellow gave Jiang Chen a brotherly gaze. How could Jiang Chen not know? This f*cking dog must be in heat, obviously liking Goddess Luo. 

“This time, it’s all thanks to you, Brother Jiang Chen.” Luo Wenhao ignored that disgusting yellow dog and looked at Jiang Chen, and said earnestly with a hint of admiration in his eyes. 

“Yeah. If it weren’t for you, we would’ve died here with regrets. Not even the people of the Divine World could get away unscathed.” Moling Dongchen said with a smile.  

“These divine souls should be dead. When people die, this place should only be a resting place for them. But they still wanted to reincarnate, at the cost of the lives of countless cultivators. The reincarnation of Heavenly Dao, this is just karma.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Oh, Brother Mo, my brother Dragon Shisan, where is he, do you have an idea?” Jiang Chen said solemnly. 

“Holy sh*t. That damned monkey is with you? Little Chen.” Big Yellow perked up his ears. 

“When you were inside the Refining God Palace, Brother Dragon Shisan ran into the palace despite everyone’s effort in stopping him, with the Karmic Flame of the Red Lotus covering the place.” 

“What?!” Jiang Chen’s expression changed.

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