Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2185

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“This guy is really too powerful.”

Luo Wenhao could not help but say, his eyes were filled with astonishment. With his competence, it would still be difficult for him to fight Jiang Chen whose strength was irresistible.

“Perhaps he could compete with the outstanding disciples of the young generation in Mo Family. Despite only being an Early Void God, Jiang Chen has managed to sweep across everything in all directions with invincibility. This has seriously made us ashamed of ourselves,” Moling Dongchen said bitterly.

“It’s undeniable. It seems like we, the people of Divine World, should not treat him lightly. There might be more experts like Jiang Chen coming from the Immortal World,” Luo Wenhao added. 

“However, people like him are destined to be extraordinary. If he could grow further, he definitely would be able to achieve something great.”

Moling Dongchen strongly believed that as long as Jiang Chen did not die, he would definitely have a great future in the Divine World. However, he was also worried about Jiang Chen as he was too brilliant when compared to the talented young experts of the Divine World. He would definitely create jealousy among them.

All in all, only mediocre cultivators would envy Jiang Chen. A talented expert like Jiang Chen would definitely become the spot light wherever he goes.

Jiang Chen, holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, stepped on the void while sweeping across the heavens and earth. He was chasing after Xianyu Hu and Gongyang Juemu all around the place unceasingly.

“The two of you are just rubbish. I don’t even need to take action as Little Chen is already enough to handle the both of you. Unfortunately, you guys can’t see my mightiness anymore. What a sad thing,” Big Yellow boasted.

Moling Dongchen laughed but did not say a word. This fellow was really amusing. He could sense that Big Yellow’s strength was not any weaker than him. Although Big Yellow always sneered and swore and was flirty, he was actually very spiritual. The relationship between Jiang Chen and Big Yellow was not ordinary at all.

“Will you die if you stop bragging?” 

Luo Wenhao showed an unsatisfied face. He had been thinking about cooking this horny dog.

“Are you still thinking of pursuing my goddess with your ugly looks? A fool talking about his empty dreams? As long as I am here, you won’t have a chance to pursue her. How dare you stand here and think about competing with him? Do you want to taste my fart?” 

Big Yellow looked very arrogant while walking around and shaking his tail. 

“Motherf*cker. I am so unlucky to encounter a shameless dog.”

Luo Wenhao scolded in a low voice, but did not dare to compete with Big Yellow. If this dog really farts at him, he would probably not only suffer physical injury but psychologically as well.

“The two of them might not be able to withstand anymore.” Goddess Luo murmured. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s momentum was irresistible. He struck with his sword and Xianyu Hu was killed immediately. Golden rays of light were emitted, lighting up the entire Mount Meru. 

Eventually, Xianyu Hu screams couldn’t be heard at all. Gongyang Juemu also started taking steps backwards slowly while his eyes were filled with fear.

“Let me go please, Jiang Chen. Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape here. Once I die, there will be people looking for you. No one can save you in the Divine Tomb at that time.” Gongyang Juemu said seriously. 

He would still be in a disadvantageous position even if he wanted to fight at the cost of his life. Therefore, he said something like this as this was his last chance.

“You thought that I would spare your life? If so I am just finding trouble for myself. I am always friendly and kind to my friends. However, with my enemies, I would rather kill thousands of them instead of letting one of them go. You thought that you could continue to live being neither a human or a ghost? The Divine Tomb was actually your place to rest but you guys have been slaughtering those who work hard to enter the Divine World one day. You guys have turned their hope into despair. Your hands have been stained by so much blood. Even if I kill you ten times over, it’s only fair and reasonable.” 

Jiang Chen looked at Gongyang Juemu ruthlessly. He hated this divine soul to the core. Although he was also not a saint and had killed hundreds and thousands of people, he at least had his bottom line. These divine souls had killed whoever they saw for thousands of years. At present, no one knew how many Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns they had killed in order to regain their status of being a god.

Those cultivators have put all of their efforts and potential throughout their life to become Immortal Sovereigns and had dreamt of entering the Divine World. They thought that they would experience another kind of world and stepped into a higher realm battlefield. However, it was out of their expectation that they would be buried in the Divine Tomb. They did not even know where the gateway of the Divine World was. How pitiful and miserable it was. 

“I did not kill many people. I really did not kill many.”

Gongyang Juemu said in a deep voice.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sneer and snort. 

“You deserved to die.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent had come to the boiling point so it was impossible for him to spare Gongyang Juemu’s life.

“Then let’s try to see if you can kill me or not. We will die together.” 

Gongyang Juemu’s eyes looked extremely cold while the corner of his mouth was overflowing with ruthlessness. What was waiting for him was absolute death. That’s why he must fight Jiang Chen to the death. Even if he dies, he will let Jiang Chen suffer. 

“Young master Jiang Chen, be careful.” 

Jiang Xinxin said in a low voice. Her mouth had been murmuring something while looking at Jiang Chen in the sky. 

“Don’t worry. Jiang Chen will be safe. He had made a breakthrough and killed one hundred thousand divine souls. Jiang Chen is no longer who he was a while ago. We can’t measure his strength.” 

Lu Dong smiled and said, he was actually very confident in Jiang Chen. 

They were both at the Early Void God Realm, however, Lu Dong was well aware that he could not compare himself to Jiang Chen at all. The Heavenly Dragon Sword that was in Jiang Chen’s hand was even more terrifying. Once the sword was moved, he felt shaking. The sword was like the greatest weapon in the heavens and earth. 

“You do not have a chance anymore.”

Jiang Chen sneered, pointing his sword towards Gongyang Juemu who was trying to spin the universe around. Gongyang Juemu was not willing to be destroyed by Jiang Chen as he wanted to regain his status of being a god! 

If Jiang Chen hadn’t gotten in his way, he would have completed his transformation, and regaining the status of being a god was not far from him. However, Jiang Chen destroyed all of his dreams and efforts throughout these hundred thousand years. Everything vanished in a flash.

“Kill without mercy!”

Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was terrifying, and each of his steps broke through the void. Gongyang Juemu’s figure had started becoming fainter and he’s trembling in fear. 

“I am not willing, I am not willing, I am not willing…..”

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