Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2183

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“Hahaha, I already expected this. This guy is still too weak. A Void God dares to confront the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. Does he really think that this Lightning Tribulation is no big deal?”

Gongyang Juemu laughed while his face became incomparably cold. He was waiting for Jiang Chen’s death, he would then take all of the inheritance that Jiang Chen possessed. By that time, those cultivators would not have anywhere to hide anymore.

“Heaven really is helping me. Heaven is helping me!”

Xianyu Hu also had the same reaction. As Jiang Chen had killed his brothers, he hated him to the core.

“Why did it become like this? Little Chen, don’t drop the ball. Learn from me, take a nap then the Heavenly Lightning will be over.”

Big Yellow voiced his worry and said in a deep voice.

“Bastard. What are you trying to brag about? Take a nap then the Heavenly Lightning will be over?”

Upon listening to Big Yellow’s words, Luo Wenhao got goose bumps. Even if you’re bragging, you should at least have a bottom line. This is just too much.

“I'm too lazy to talk to you.”

Big Yellow snorted and said. He was still gazing at Jiang Chen who was in the sea of thunder. Right now, no one dared to step forward as the surrounding hundreds of miles in front of them were filled with dreadful thunderstorms and lightning. Although they were Void God experts, they still couldn’t handle the dreadfulness of this tribulation.

“Is this the lightning essence of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning?”

Feeling the baptism of the lightning, Jiang Chen started worrying because the lightning essense of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was wreaking havoc inside his body and to the lingering Purple Golden Divine Spark. It was a  mystical feeling. Jiang Chen knew that the lightning essence was not something good to mess with. Compared to the sea of thunder of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, the lightning essence was even more dreadful because it was the source of all of the lightning and thunder in this tribulation. 

At this moment, even Jiang Chen’s vital organs were damaged by the lightning essence. 

“Am I really going to fail miserably in such an easy challenge?”

Jiang Chen was really angry in his heart. Suddenly, he thought of the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Master once told me that the Myriad Qi Cauldron was a Chaos Saint Tool, an epoch-making tool that could suppress everything in the world. Let’s see if the Myriad Qi Cauldron could suppress the lightning essence.  

“Get out of me!”

In his dantian, Jiang Chen was turning the Myriad Qi Cauldron around, suppressing the lightning essence above his Purple Golden Divine Spark. Suddenly, the lightning essence that was wreaking havoc around finally became quiet. At this critical moment, a Myriad Qi was released by the Myriad Qi Cauldron and spread across the various parts of Jiang Chen’s body. Jiang Chen felt unprecedentedly relaxed, and the feeling was like surviving through disaster. At the same time, his body was also under rapid recovery. The Myriad Qi was the most incredible thing between the heavens and earth as it collected the Qi of myriad things in the world.

Under the nourishment of the Myriad Qi, Jiang Chen’s body had recovered to its optimal condition, and his strength had also become quite formidable. Jiang Chen was well aware that the Myriad Qi could recover his injury, strengthen his body and help revive his flesh. 

“The lightning essence of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning has been suppressed by the Myriad Qi Cauldron.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a smile as the thunderous clouds above disappeared. Unexpectedly, the lightning essence of the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning was under the Myriad Qi Cauldron’s absolute suppression. The golden lightning essence was lingering above the Purple Golden Divine Spark. Right now, the lightning essence had become very mild so Jiang Chen could even control the thunder and lightning.

Imagine, a great war breaking out and a thunderstorm descending. It was so terrifying and even more dreadful than the Five Elemental True Fire.

“It’s awesome.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone as the Myriad Qi Cauldron was able to suppress the thunder, really impressive.

Now, Jiang Chen finally understood how useful the Myriad Qi Cauldron was. A Divine Tool that his master had left behind for him. It was not only used for refining tools and weapons, but was an unparalleled saint tool itself.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes suddenly. The one hundred thousand Divine Sparks were absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda completely. The 81st floor was opened up! It was completely out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. It was a miracle. More importantly, he sensed that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had gone through a great transformation. But he couldn’t figure out what changes had occured.

An old voice resounded throughout the the 81st floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda:

“It’s finally awakened……” 

However, nobody heard this sigh of an old voice, including Jiang Chen!

At the Eastern part of the Divine Tomb, there was a tomb and an old man holding a crutch coming out from a thatched hut. His deep but empty eyes suddenly become slightly brighter at this moment, however, it only lasted for a moment.

The old man raised his head and looked at the sky. He wanted to say something but chose to remain silent. 

Behind him, there was a place for the ancient gods to rest in peace. More than ten tombs suddenly began shaking. It seemed like the sky was going to fall down. 

“Can you feel it?”

The old man murmurd in a deep voice.

“Perhaps, some of the ancient gods who passed away have already returned.”

The old man was holding a huge torn yellow flag in fron the Divine Tomb. The flag was moving firecily even in the absence of wind. 

Even experts like Gongyang Juemu did not dare to step in here.

Because there was a miracle that they would never be able to achieve at the ancient eastern part of the Divine Tomb. It was said that there were four Divine Emperor Realm divine souls who had stepped into the eastern part of the Divine Tomb, but never came out afterwards. They had been killed and became slaves forever. 

The first grave in the Divine Tomb was engraved with the words “ Headless Overload, The Grave of Punishment……

Jiang Chen scorned Gongyang Juemu, Xianyu Hu and others as his strength had advanced again. This time, Jiang Chen had truly become a Void God Realm expert.

Stretching out his hand, Jiang Chen released the hundreds and thousands of people out from the Ancestral Dragon PAgoda.

The entire Mount Meru was filled with the deathly air. Everything was burnt into ashes and there was even fire still burning the ancient trees.

“Jiang Chen is indeed too powerful. This time, I am truly convinced by his competence. We are both from the Immortal World, but he unexpectedly has such heaven-defying competence. We are really incomparable to him.”

“You’re right. This person is destined to stand at the highest peak. Those who have died could not blame anyone.”

“One hundred thousand divine souls were killed here. It’s exciting! However, for the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns and Void God experts who have passed away, they can only blame their vanity.” 

“That’s right. He who takes advantage of the situation is a great one. They are too conceited. Hehe, there’s a reason for their death.”

Countless people could not help bowing down to Jiang Chen, they knew that those who had been killed bore the consequences of being conceited. They could not blame anyone as Jiang Chen had given them a chance. But they did not know how to appreciate it. That’s the most pitiful part about them.

Xianyu Hu and Gongyang Juemu exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with astonishment as they could not believe what just happened.

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