Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2159

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“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword!” 

Jiang Chen instantly changed into the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The shadows of the sword overlapped; the might of sword was unrivalled!

Two terrifying rays of light instantly clashed, and the Heavenly Dragon Sword emerged victorious. Ao Feng coughed out blood like a fountain, his dragon face was pale. His most powerful attack, the Fierce Sky Ripping Dragon Strike, couldn’t even defeat Jiang Chen. Due to the hole created by the Heavenly Dragon Sword, he was in an extremely weak state. 

“Today, I shall rip out the dragon’s tendon* and strip you of your skin bare!” 

Jiang Chen’s voice was loud, causing the ears of the others to ring. Everyone on the site was shaken. Such cruelty. Isn’t this too terrifying? 

Jiang Chen leapt up once again and landed on Ao Feng’s body. His blade stabbed onto Ao Feng’s body and a green dragon tendon was pulled out from the latter’s body. A ten-meter long dragon tendon. 

“No! Noo!” 

Ao Feng was in excruciating pain, his pitiful cries could be heard. At this moment, the arrogance he once had could not be found. 

“Don’t kill me. You cannot kill me! Otherwise, the Dragon Race will pursue you to the depths of the earth.”

“That’s just you talking. Not even the Heavens could stop me from killing you.” 

Jiang Chen stabbed once again, the remaining dragon tendon was completely plucked out from Ao Feng’s body. Ao Feng’s pitiful cry could be heard throughout the process. 

“No. Impossible! My dragon tendon, my dragon tendon……” 

Ao Feng’s body was extremely weak as he looked at his own dragon tendon being destroyed by the flame. His heart had sunk towards the bottom. 

“Who dares?!” A furious roar was heard. 

A white figure appeared in the God Refining Temple, standing on top of the sky, pointing at Jiang Chen. 

“Another powerful expert!” Bing Chan said quietly. 

This person’s strength has already reached the Late Void God realm. A genuine Late Void God, not one that had to rely on the Spring of the Divine Power. These two were different beings altogether. This white-robed youngster was just a step away from attaining his godly position. 

“And who are you?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“Save me, Seventh Elder Brother. I don’t want to die!” Ao Feng said while weeping, without a shred of his previous demeanour. 

A person waiting for his death. 

“Trash. You couldn’t even handle an Immortal Sovereign ant, a disgrace to our Ao Clan.” Ao Tian harrumphed as he unleashed his powerful Qi, not even the surrounding flame could get close to his body. 

“Who are you? Why do you have the Dragon Transformation body? I may possibly bring you back to the clan to atone for you crimes if you kneel down and beg.” 

Ao Tian was much more terrifying than Ao Feng, much more dominant. He nonchalantly announced Jiang Chen’s death sentence, to be brought back to the family to be sentenced. 

“Are you dreaming? No matter who you are, what background you have, as long as you stand in my way, even the Heavens itself, I will still kill you nonetheless.” 

Jiang Chen backing down? He was much crazier compared to Ao Tian. While he was talking, his blade swung downwards, chopping off Ao Feng’s dragon head. At that moment, everybody was shocked. Only Dragon Shisan was mentally prepared. This Ao Feng fellow had extremely offended Jiang Chen, hence he will never leave this place with his life intact. 

“You?! You dare kill my clansman?!” Ao Tian said. 

Ao Tian was instantly engulfed by rage! 

“Just an ant. What’s done is done. What more do you want?” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 

“You dare kill my clansman. You shall die today!” 

Ao Tian felt that his dignity was challenged. Moreover, his identity of being a Divine World expert did not even faze the little bastard. Now that Ao Feng has died, in the hands of a puny bastard nonetheless. The anger Ao Tian was feeling… unimaginable. 

“Ao Tian is different from Ao Feng. This fellow’s strength is real. A Late Void God. I may not gain the upper hand even if I used all of my cards.”  Jiang Chen thought. 

Even though it was a dangerous situation, he chose not to back off. Plus, the situation had already reached such a point.  

“Ao Tian, wow! From what I see, you’re just eyeing the Divine Burying Flag, am I right? Hehe.”  

A sneer could be heard and a robed man suddenly appeared. Another Late Void God realm expert has joined the fray. 

“This one’s name is Luo Wenhao. Little brother is truly amazing, a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, a feat untold since ancient times. Hahaha! It’s this one’s honour to witness such a feat.” Luo Wenhao said with a smile as he nodded at Goddess Luo. 

A hint of affection could be seen from his eyes. Obviously, Luo Wenhao was a person from the Divine World and a clansman of the God Luo Clan. 

“Nice to meet you.” Jiang Chem smiled. 

He’s not a cold person when the other party would show him goodwill. Obviously, the situation at hand was moving towards isolating Ao Tian. This Luo Wenhao wasn’t simple. 

“Luo Wenhao, aren’t you a meddlesome one? Do you think you could stop me with your abilities?! Who are you to stop me from killing anyone?! Even if I want to get the Divine Burying Flag, so what?!” Ao Tian harrumphed. 

“The Divine Burying Flag is this little brother’s possession. You people from the Ao Clan want to seize it by force, this won’t look good, don’t you think so? From what I have gathered, this little brother here wouldn’t have killed Ao Feng if the latter didn’t go overboard. It was either Ao Feng or him, no one would’ve stopped at nothing until the opponent is dead right? Not even you. The laws of the jungle. I think you should understand it more than me.” Luo Wenhao said plainly. 

“Hmph. I don’t care who he is, I don’t even care what reason he had. He has killed a clansman of mine, I shall take my revenge! I’ll use whatever means necessary, even if it was for the Divine Burying Flag. Come, let us fight if you cannot accept it.” Ao Tian said. 

“No! No! The death of Ao Feng could only mean that he was weak. You should know better that I will not stand aside and do nothing right now. Brother Jiang Chen, I am dead set on befriending this fellow. If you are set on robbing the Divine Burying Flag from Brother Jiang Chen… I will not take it lying down. Think about it, can you fight against us, two, alone? If you think you can, I’ll gladly comply with your wishes.” Luo Wenhao spoke with a sense of justice. 

But Jiang Chen knew that this person also had his own scheme. If he managed to bring Jiang Chen to his side, then Ao Tian could not make his move. 

Luo Wenhao’s words has angered Ao Tian. But Ao Tian was no fool, he would definitely lose badly, if he were to duke it out with Jiang Chen and Luo Wenhao. Probably, even lose his own life like Ao Feng. But, he cannot swallow this matter down just like that. The Ao Clan will not take it down quietly. 

“Great! Very well! Luo Wenhao, you’re great.” Ao Tian sneered and looked at Jiang Chen. 

“I’ll let you live for the time being. But I believe you’ll not leave here with your life.” 

“Anytime. I too believed that you shall never walk out of this Divine Treasury.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

At this moment, the whole God Refining Palace was set ablaze. Everyone was feeling extremely pressured. The fire in their hearts was burning. In the weapon’s storage, flames burst out from the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade, as if a powerful entity will emerge!

“Sh*t! It’s the fire spirit, the fire spirit has emerged, it’ll be devastating! This Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade was left behind by that senior. The fire spirit was sealed in it, the spirit of the Heavenly Lightning Imperial Demon Blade has been devoured by the fire spirit!”

Luo Wenhao quickly retreated with his expression drastically changing. Then a terrifying flame aura burst out towards the sky!

TL: reference to Nezha who killed a dragon and use the dragon’s tendon to become his weapon. 

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