Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2158

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A black-coloured dragon, with reflective scales covering its giant body. It was a dazzling sight to behold, causing everyone on-site to be shaken. 

The current Ao Feng had changed into a giant black dragon, with four terrifying claws. The dragon’s head looked extremely majestic, looking down upon Jiang Chen with a cold gaze and eyes filled with killing intent. 

The dozen zhang tall black dragon was a genuine peerless divine dragon which gave off an extremely powerful pressure. It was also Jiang Chen’s first time seeing such a divine dragon. 

“A True Dragon? Is that a True Dragon?” Jiang Chen’s heart was slightly shaken. 

The dragon transformation skill in his body was moving at full throttle as if a resonance was formed. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda too unleashed a terrifying Qi, causing Jiang Chen to feel troubled. 

“My heavens! Is that a real Divine Dragon?!” Bing Chan said with extreme shock. 

The Divine Dragon was the world’s number one divine beast; no other could surpass its existence. Moreover, the true Divine Dragon was also deemed to be a symbol of supremacy. 

“To unleash the True Dragon. This Ao Feng has been thoroughly angered. Looks like that fellow may not get out alive.” Goddess Luo said in a plain tone. 

She knew how powerful Ao Feng’s techniques were. The Ao Clan was a clan of dragons. Not even the God Luo Clan dares to offend such an ancient clan. Moreover, the Dragon Transformation Art of the Ao Clan was one of the best in the Supreme Heavens, no other divine beasts nor demonic beast could rival its might.  

Ao Feng unleashed the True Dragon transformation to ensure that Jiang Chen was utterly and thoroughly dead! 

“This fellow, he shouldn’t be that easy to kill, right?” 

Currently, Mo Ling Dongchen was somewhat curious, because Jiang Chen has given him too much “shock”, it’ll be baffling if he was killed that easily by Ao Feng. 

“Your death is honorable as you shall die under my True Dragon claws.”  Ao Feng arrogantly said with his giant maw wide open and waving his claws around. 

“True Dragon Transformation, is it? I also have it!” Jiang Chen slightly smiled. 

He instantly changed into his draconic form, causing everyone on-site to be shocked to their core. 

“This, how is this possible?! Draconic form?! Are you also from the Dragon Clan as well?!” Ao Feng squinted his eyes. 

Even though he hated Jiang Chen to the core, but if he was a clansman of the dragon clan, then Jiang Chen should not be killed. 

The people of the Dragon Race had always been small in numbers. Hence, killings between clansmen were forbidden. However, Ao Feng was dead set on killing Jiang Chen even if he was a member of the Dragon Clan. He won’t be violating the rules of the clan as long as no one from the clan knew that Jiang Chen died under his hands.

“I’m not a clansman of the Dragon Race. However, your not the only one who has the Dragon Transformation Art.” Jiang Chen looked coldly at Ao Feng. 

One big and one small dragon, one True Dragon and one with a draconic form. The scene caused everyone to be shocked to their cores. 

“I’ve never seen such a person before. Is he human or dragon?” Goddess Luo frowned and murmured. 

“This two fellow, both of them are not someone to be trifled with.” Ling Tianba said while licking  his dry lips. 

This Divine Tomb. It’ll be hard for him to be one of the best in this land. Only those who stood on a much better place could see that people who are much more powerful exist out there. The experts in this world were much more terrifying than he could imagine. 

Jiang Chen hailed from the Immortal World yet he, Ling Tianba, could not even defeat this Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, such sarcasm. 

*Roar….* Ao Feng roared, causing the sky to shatter.

He moved his dozen tall dragon body and encircled Jiang Chen. A suffocating pressure was created, causing everyone to have a hard time breathing. Only Jiang Chen was able to stand tall, unaffected. He was unfazed by such a level of dragonic pressure. 

“Prepare to die!” *Roar!!* 

Ao Feng moved his giant body and a giant tail sweep was launched towards Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was unfazed and grabbed the incoming tail, and then used every ounce of his strength to throw Ao Feng’s giant heavy body away, causing the spectator to gasp in surprise. 


Ao Feng was flung away without dignity. This scene was totally out of everyone’s expectation. 

Jiang Chen sneered and closed the distance between them. Ao Feng too moved forward and continuously roared. As the two figures overlap against each other, a series of exploding sound could be heard from their continuous clash. Even Dragon Shisan felt somewhat pained from watching their clash, it was a pure mano a mano exchange, in fist and blood. 

“Ugh! B*stard! You f*cking b*stard! I’ll kill you!” 

Ao Feng’s furious voice could be heard while Jiang Chen plucked out several dragon scales from his body. One should know that the scales of a dragon must not be touched. If anyone were to touch it, only death shall await them. 

Now that Jiang Chen has ripped off several dragon scales from Ao Feng’s body, one could imagine the anger that was boiling in Ao Feng’s heart. 

“Let’s see whether you have the skills to do it, or not.” 

Jiang Chen took a step forward, completely overpowering Ao Feng, not giving Ao Feng a chance to take him down. Ao Feng’s giant body was completely useless in this battle. 

Jiang Chen stepped on Ao Feng’s dragonic body with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Each of those steps was filled with killing intent! 

“Jiang Chen! Between you and I, only one can get out of here alive! Argh!” 

After Jiang Chen finished the five steps of the Azure Dragon, the situation collapsed. Ao Feng coughed out pools of blood, scattering his dragon blood across the field. The spectator’s expression drastically changed as the dragon blood was set ablaze, the scene was truly terrifying. 

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent was ignited. Because he knew that if Ao Feng wasn’t killed, his future would become bleak. He might as well eliminate the threat to ensure there won’t be any problems in the future. 

The terrifying Slaughter Dragon Seal completely blew Ao Feng away. His giant body slammed onto the weapon storage. Flames were set ablaze on Ao Feng’s body, he was in excruciating pain as his injuries were getting heavier and heavier. 

Jiang Chen continued his pursuit and closed in on Ao Feng. The Heavenly Dragon Sword pierced into Ao Feng’s body. 

“How could this be?! My body is impregnable, not even a divine weapon could harm me unless it’s a Heavenly God Weapon. How could this happen?!” 

Ao Feng’s heart was swallowed by terror. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword unexpectedly pierced through Ao Feng’s body, and the excruciating pain he felt has given him a sense of impending doom, danger. 

“This sword… is not even a Divine Weapon, there’s not even a shred of divine power flowing through it. How could this be?!” 

Goddess Luo was shocked. Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword had a dominating might that was unstoppable.  

“F*ck him up, Little Chen!” Dragon Shisan said while laughing. Only Jiang Chen was able to deal with that fellow. 

“You’re just a puny human. You dare harm me?!” 

“I’m not just going to harm you, I’m going to kill you.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

“Fierce Sky Ripping Dragon Strike!”

Ao Feng roared and pushed Jiang Chen away as he casted a powerful attack!

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