Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2153

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Niu Dalang stared at Jiang Chen. In his perspective, it was necessary to eliminate Jiang Chen even if Dragon Shisan and Moling Dongchen interfered. 

“Boy, come and I will kill you.”

Niu Dalang was holding the halberd while staring at Jiang Chen ruthlessly. His killing intent was unstoppable.

“Haha, interesting. Seems like these guys are going to face misfortune.”

Ao Feng showed an indifferent attitude, and looked forward to a show that was about to start, as if this wasn’t related to him at all. None of the people in the scene wanted to take action and get involved in this because no one would help a person without getting something in return. In this place, the only person you could really trust was yourself. Other than that, you have no one with you.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight. You thought that we’re afraid of you?” Dragon Shisan said pridefully.

“I remembered Brother Ao Feng said that he would let us enter the third floor. Now I know that you just said that thoughtlessly.” Jiang Chen said with a faint smile. 

He shook his head, seemingly heaving a sigh. 

“We gain our voice with our strength in this world,” Ao Feng replied, shrugging his shoulders. 

“That’s right.”

Jiang Chen nodded and looked at Niu Dalang. A battle seemed to be inevitable right now.

“Little Chen is only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, and you’re going to fight him? You’re so shameless. How about I fight you first? If I am defeated, only then could you kill him and I will definitely not stop you.”

Dragon Shisan looked at Jiang Chen with a smile. He actually meant that he would give Niu Dalang a lesson first.

“Since you guys are determined to die, then I will not show you any mercy. You all should die! I want to use your blood to mourn the death of my brother.”

Niu Dalang’s voice became even more ruthless than before. His brother was like a part of his body, and now one of his arms had been cut off. The pain in his heart was imaginable. 

“Be careful.”

Jiang Chen decided not to take action for now. Although Dragon Shisan might not be able to eliminate Niu Dalang, he could still give Niu Dalang a good fight. 

“Taste my staff now before you speak anything!”

Dragon Shisan smiled and took out his staff, and sent a blow towards Niu Dalang. Its terrifying momentum shook the heavens and earth. Suddenly, Ao Feng and others’ countenance fell as they realised that this guy had been hiding his true colour. No one, including Ling Tianba or Bing Chan, dared to look down upon Dragon Shisan’s strength right now.

“Battle Saint Technique, battle with the heavens while fighting the earth!”

The shadow of Dragon Shisan’s staff spread everywhere, fiercely suppressing Niu Dalang. His fighting spirit was irresistible.

Niu Dalang’s hand was holding the supreme divine halberd that was not any weaker than Dragon Shisan’s divine staff. The divine halberd could be considered having peerless mightiness. It was much more powerful than before. 

“I don’t believe that you would be able to resist me.” 

While Niu Dalang and Dragon Shisan were fighting with their supreme weapons, dazzling radiance could be seen along with the deafening sounds of collision every time their weapons clashed. The terrifying sounds of battle had startled the people there. Watching their fight could bring some new insights to Ling Tianba and Bing Chan. 

Instead of being methodological, the way Dragon Shisan fought was very straightforward and daring. The mad and unparalleled divine staff was sweeping away everything in all directions. Even though it was confronting the divine halberd, it was not any weaker than the halberd in Niu Dalang’s hand.

“Niu* air soars to heaven, invincible! Moooo…”

Niu Dalang transformed into an enormous divine bull in an instant. Golden light was given off from the transformation. He now had a bull’s head and a human body, emitting an overbearing imposing manner.

“Wherever you go, I will kill you with my staff.”

Dragon Shisan snorted. He was not driven back by Niu Dalang’s attack, instead, he took a step forward and struck a few blows with the staff. While Niu Dalang was under Dragon Shisan’s dreadful suppression, he couldn’t display the true power of the divine halberd. However, his defence was quite strong. It was also impossible for Dragon Shisan to kill him.

Dragon Shisan’s overbearing might was expressed fully. Even though he was just an Early Void God, he already had such formidable combat strength. It was not a level that ordinary experts could reach. Of course, we could not compare his strength to Goddess Luo and Ao Feng who had unparalleled talent. 

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen took action without any hesitation. Under the absolute suppression of Dragon Shisan, Niu Dalang did not have a chance to counterattack and suffered Jiang Chen’s Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. His body and soul was being burnt by the flames. Niu Dalang was already defeated, however, Dragon Shisan still smashed him with his staff without hesitation. Niu Dalang was killed.

Moling Dongchen never expected that Jiang Chen would take action at this moment. This was a bit … shameless.


Ling Tianba snorted coldly.

“Who cares about that. It doesn’t matter whether it is a yellow cat or a black cat, as long as it catches the mice, it is a good cat*” 

Jiang Chen murmured then picked up the divine halberd from Niu Dalang’s hand  with a smile on his face. If he did not take action to kill him, he would definitely be a hidden disaster for Jiang Chen later in the third floor of the palace. He would be like a time bomb that might explode anytime. Jiang Chen of course would not want to keep someone like Niu Dalang beside him.

He did not need any reason to kill Niu Dalang. What’s the point of talking about kindness to an enemy? If he wanted to kill him, then he would just kill him. Even if he did not kill Niu Dalang, Niu Dalang would think about killing him all the time.

“Nice one. Little Chen, I like it. Hahaha.”

Dragon Shisan understood Jiang Chen the most. He gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up. What’s the point of talking about justice with these people. In the Divine Tomb, if you did not have enough strength, then you would be killed by others in the dark. If you wanted to have a voice to stand here, you could only do that by staying alive and becoming the winner. That’s the only way to rewrite history.

Moling Dongchen could deeply sense the dreadfulness of these two brothers. Luckily, he wasn’t Jiang Chen’s enemy. Otherwise, he might have no good ending being their opponent.

“There’s no need to grieve for some people’s death.”

What Jiang Chen said had also startled Ao Feng. It seemed like Jiang Chen was also a cruel guy. However, his strength was too weak, that’s why Ao Feng did not put him in his eyes. The monkey’s strength was not bad, but not strong enough.

“That’s right. Since he intended to court death, then he couldn't blame us for his death. His brother died because of his own actions. These two brothers are just alike.” 

Dragon Shisan looked at the shadow of Niu Dalang, full of sarcasm. 

“Can we start now?”

Jiang Chen looked at the people present on the scene. Although he was only a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, no one dared to underestimate him now.

“That’s right. Only the strong ones deserve to stand here.”

Ao Feng looked at Jiang Chen, then placed his divine spear on the concave seal on the door of the palace. Jiang Chen, Ling Tianba and Bing Chan also placed their divine weapons on the seals. Suddenly, the gate of the Refining God Palace lightened up in a burning fire. The burning feeling filled everyone’s heart. Even the wall around the palace was flaring in flames.

“It’s so hot.”

“Is this Refining God Palace?”

“This Refining God Palace is like a huge furnace.”

Everyone’s spirit was shaken for a while as they resisted the flames that was gushing out from the surroundings. They could not even find where the flames were coming from but it was torture to be surrounded by the flames.

All of them felt an incomparably strong pressure that seemed to be coming from their heart. They were all vigilant to what was going on under the roasting of the fiery flame.

Except Jiang Chen, he was quite relaxed, walking around because there were five types of supreme flames in his body. Ordinary flames would not be able to enter his body.

At the end of the Refining God Palace, he found another Bronze Throne!

*It doesn’t matter whether it is a yellow cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat : it’s a quote from Deng Xiaoping’s ‘Black Cat and White Cat Theory”

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