Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2145

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“The most terrifying thing about the Red Horn Heavenly Bull was its horn that’s stronger than a golden rock and incomparably powerful.” Moling Dongchen warned them.

“No matter what direction your strike comes from, I’m gonna give you a strong blow with my staff.”

Dragon Shisan said proudly without any fear. Just now, he was embarrassed by the stone sculpture, so he was going to take back his dignity.

Dragon Shisan took the lead and rushed towards the beast. His terrifying staff technique struck down from the heavens in the form of thunder, sweeping the whole place away.

However, the Red Horn Heavenly Bull was not easy to deal with. The three Red Horn Heavenly Bulls joined together and took action to resist Dragon Shisan’s attack. Despite being unbreakable, the unparalleled divine staff was bounced back by the Red Horn Heavenly Bulls’ resistance, whereas, the bulls did not suffer any damage at all.

“They are really strong. These guys are really annoying!”

Dragon Shisan roared in rage and his face looked terrible. If these guys continued to fight off Dragon Shisan, it would be really shameful to him.

“Aren’t these the actual bodies of the beast instead of just the soul?”

Jiang Chen took a cold breath and looked really serious. At first, he wanted to collect their souls, but now it seemed impossible because these guys are really existing. They were not souls.

“Early Void God strength. These beasts are actually at Middle Void God realm.”

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell. The difference between the realms of souls and the realms of the living was exactly here. If they were around Middle Void God realm, they were actually around Early Void God in terms of strength. Since they did not have real bodies, their strength of course would not be that strong.

However, these eleven beasts were different. Each of them was talented. It was estimated that they would be no different from the divine beasts if they were in the Divine World. Currently, they were like eleven Early Void God masters. 

They were even those unparalleled formidable beasts. That’s why they were able to give a relatively strong pressure to Jiang Chen and the others.

Dragon Shisan was not kind at all when facing the three ferocious beasts. Attacking with the Battle Saint Technique, Dragon Shisan’s iron staff hit out to resist the beasts continuously. He managed to resist them and got the upper hand. However, he couldn’t make much damage on the three Red Horn Heavenly Bulls because their strength was quite formidable. The most terrifying part was their body and horn that no one could resist. One could even call them divine weapons!

Although the Red Horn Heavenly Bulls might look a bit clumsy in terms of attacking or counter-attacking, they were still very skillful in battle. Even a normal Middle Void God might not be able to fight them!

In fact, Moling Dongchen was at a disadvantage in his fight with them and did not even have a chance to counterattack. At this moment, he seemed a bit overwhelmed with the situation because his strength had not fully recovered yet. He had suffered a severe injury before this, that was why he ended up in this situation. However, overall, he was still able to handle the situation.

Even Dragon Shisan was only able to withstand three of the Red Horn Heavenly Bulls’ attacks at a time. On the other hand, Moling Dongchen had already used all of his strength to achieve what Dragon Shisan did. The most terrifying thing was the remaining three Red Horn Heavenly Bulls and two Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers that were targeting Jiang Chen.

“Misfortune really never comes alone. Since you guys are courting death, I will fulfill your wish.”

Jiang Chen murmured. His sword pointed to the sky as he stepped on the ground firmly. The pride released by the sword was towering, sweeping away everything.

“Kill the intruders!”

The Heavenly Overload Divine Tiger said with overbearing killing intent. At the same time, it led the other few fierce beasts to rush towards Jiang Chen madly.

Jiang Chen slashed his sword in all directions. The light of the sword was spreading out everywhere, the momentum of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was irresistible. However, he still failed to break through the defence of the Red Horn Heavenly Bull. Meanwhile, the other two Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers were about to take action.

Although Jiang Chen was fighting five enemies, he did not fall into a disadvantageous position. However, he could feel the pressure because these beasts seem to be not using all of their strength. Especially the Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers, they seemed to be torturing him slowly instead of killing him immediately.


The three Red Horn Heavenly Bulls lunged from three different directions, breaking through mountains and rivers and everything. Even the void was almost torn apart by them. Their momentum was all-conquering, thus Jiang Chen needed to cast out a few True Dragon Palms to resist their attack.

“You have intruded into the forbidden place. This is a dead end. Accept your judgement, you petty humans!”

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The two Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers fell down from the heavens with their high fighting spirit. Their roaring was as loud as the thunderstorm. Their enormous claw hit Jiang Chen directly, but Jiang Chen remained calm in the face of their attacks. The Heavenly Dragon Sword fell down, blowing against the tigers but the tigers managed to withdraw and escape from the strike. 

Another Heavenly Overload Divine Tiger also came out, preying on Jiang Chen like a hungry tiger. Its strike had shaken and cracked the ground. Fortunately, Jiang Chen managed to dodge its attack but the two Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers became even more brutal. It seemed like they really wanted to shred Jiang Chen to pieces at all cost. 

Jiang Chen continued to avoid their attacks and casted the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal twice. However, it still failed to drive off the Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers and Red Horn Heavenly Bulls. Instead, he was forced to draw back and was a bit embarrassed.

Facing three Early Void God beasts and two Middle Void God beasts, even Jiang Chen would need to spend his utmost strength. If he made some careless mistake, he would probably be killed by these five brutal killers.

Although Jiang Chen was battling with his utmost effort, he was still under pressure and made a few steps backwards. Nevertheless, he was not nervous at all because he knew that these guys would not be able to kill him.

It’s just that he was furious after being restrained by these few brutal beasts. If he did not give them a lesson, they would really think that they were the most peerless creatures in the world.

“Stupid guys. Seems like I must give you a good lesson.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. He turned his body around and casted his dragon transformation skill. His body suddenly became much bigger and was covered by dragon scales. His body was like a fierce beast right now!

Transforming into his half dragon form, Jiang Chen’s dignified manner drastically increased. Most importantly, as soon as Jiang Chen used his dragon transformation skill, a terrifying aura of a true dragon filled the air and covered the earth. Even the two Heavenly Overload Divine Tigers could not help but take a few steps back, and it seemed like they were under great pressure. 

“Such a dreadful aura is coming from this half human half beast guy.”

The Heavenly Overload Divine Tiger said in a low voice, and it finally displayed some concerns to Jiang Chen. This was because all of them were a bit fearful towards the pressure emitted by Jiang Chen. This was the pressure of an expert that could restrain the bloodline of divine beats. It was the aura of the beastmaster.

“Who dares to have a battle with me?”

Jiang Chen’s pride towered to the heavens. His overbearing might reaching the sky. He crashed into a Red Horn Heavenly Bull directly, ferociously colliding with the beast’s body. The collisions of their battle were ten times stronger than the previous battle. Jiang Chen’s madly overbearing momentum was indeed irresistible! 

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