Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2139

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“Kakaka, my hands are itchin’ already. Let’s see how this Lord Monkey tortures you all to death.” Dragon Shisan laughed hysterically. 

With the peerless divine staff in his hand, he unleashed his aura towards the surrounding, the imposing manner he unleashed was unstoppable! 

“Many thanks.” 

Zhan Lingyun and Mo Ling Dongchen’s eyes lit up. If Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan were willing to help them earlier, the situation would’ve become better. Moreover, adding the dozen Early Void God experts behind them, these four beasts will surely be defeated. 

Dragon Shisan was the first to attack with his staff. The strength he unleashed was off the chart, causing one of the beasts to retreat a few hundred meters back while whimpering in pain. At this moment, the other three beasts launched a fury of attacks towards Shisan, lessening the pressure of Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun. 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword unleashed its might. Although it didn’t instantly kill off those beasts, it gave them tremendous pressure. With the other Early Void Gods joining in the fray, the scale towards victory was slowly leaning towards Jiang Chen and his party. 

Jiang Chen took his time while he continued his fury of ordinary sword strikes. Adding the fact that he was the only Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign fighting those beasts, he became extremely ‘average’ when compared to Dragon Shisan and the others. However, not even Dragon Shisan dared to look down upon Jiang Chen. Because in this battle, Jiang Chen had chosen not to show his true strength. 

In this Divine Tomb, hidden dangers and opponents were everywhere. Hence, one needed to stay vigilant at all times. Especially now that they’re about to reach the Divine Treasury, they have to be even more vigilant on their surroundings. Each and every person could become your enemy. Even Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun, if it wasn’t for the sake of hiding his true strength, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have given those two any assistance.

The Law of the Jungle. This was the iron rule of this world and no one could go against it. 

Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan, Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun’s strength were off the chart. The four long-tailed giant beasts were instantly forced into a defensive as a result. Dragon Shisan’s efficiency with his staff was especially unrivalled, causing Mo Ling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun to feel utterly shocked. 

Dragon Shisan was obviously hiding his true strength when he fought Xiong Batian. His current combat strength was off-the-chart, Xiong Batian would’ve been swiftly killed if he were to fight against him now. Yet, this still wasn’t Dragon Shisan’s full strength, it was at most 70%. Jiang Chen was trying to scare the duo, otherwise, they would not be taken seriously by the other party. 

“Eat my staff!”

Shisan’s laughter was as loud as thunder while moving forward. His staff slammed down upon a beast with a massive force, instantly causing the target to fall on the ground, twitching. 

One of the beasts shot out an ice blast, instantly freezing Jiang Chen. But the five True Flames within his body instantly defrosted the ice surrounding him. The beast then swoop its tail towards Jiang Chen. In response, Jiang Chen slowly lifted up his Heavenly Dragon Sword and cleanly cut down a section of its tail, causing the beast to roar furiously and tumble away. 

Meanwhile, Mo Ling Dongchen and his partner did not dawdle, while fighting a beast on their own. The previous injuries they had suffered wasn’t major as they unleashed their might; after all, they were much stronger than Xiong Batian. 

After the four of them unleashed their might. the beasts were now the ones that are being preyed on. As the beasts’ whimpers and roars could be constantly heard, the whole Profound Ancient Ice Path became extremely grim and icicles were falling here and there. Finally, the four long-tailed giant beasts were beaten to death by Dragon Shisan. 

The corpses left behind by the beasts slowly degenerated into ice and snow, fusing into the Profound Ancient Ice Path. 

“Such mysterious beasts.” Jiang Chen frowned. 

Seeing his expression become extremely solemn, the people behind him were on full alert. Even though the beasts were slain, it disappeared without a trace in an instant. Such a scene had caused them to be more on edge than ever. 

From a distance, Jiang Chen looked at the Suan Ni and Ya Zi that were a dozen zhang tall, standing guard in front of the bronze gateway. 

Layers of snow and ice had covered the top of the bronze gateway. One could faintly discern that the gateway was thirty zhang tall, as tall as the Heavenly Southern Gateway. Its majestic form was incomparable, giving off a feeling of peerlessness to those who lay their eyes upon it. 

“The true Divine Treasury should be right behind that bronze gateway.”

Zhan Lingyun slightly squinted his eyes, after experiencing such a life-and-death battle and reaching such a place where the bronze doorway was right in front of him. He’ll surely use all of his strength to move forward and see what lies behind that gateway, whether there’s any treasure behind it, or not. 

“Let us see what lies behind that bronze gateway. Whether there’s truly any Divine Emperor grade treasures there.” Mo Ling Dongchen said indifferently. 

“I can’t wait anymore, Little Chen, let’s go.” Drago Shisan said while staring at the bronze gateway. 

Jiang Chen took a step forward as he stood at the front of the group. Suddenly, the wind howled and the surrounding snow started to dance. The two handles of the bronze gateway were a zhang big. Even though they were hundreds of meters away from the door, they could clearly see the handles of the gateway. 

The two ancient divine beasts, the sons of the Dragon God, Suan Ni and Ya Zi, looked extremely fearsome, looking extremely lifelike. The pair of crystal eyes felt like it was looking at everyone, causing people to feel afraid. 

“This Profound Ancient Ice Path somewhat feels strange. The howling of the wind feels like the howling of the ghosts and spirits, giving me shivers.”

“Aye. This Profound Ancient Ice Path is covered by layers of ice and snow, to think there’s such a giant space deep underground. Shouldn’t this place be covered with flames and fiery seas? Why is there an endless snow land here? 

“Stop your nonsense. Those four beasts were slain by us and the bronze gateway is right in front of us, do you suggest that we retreat now?” 

“You’re right. The Divine Treasury is just a step away, whoever retreats now is an utter fool.” 

Many Void God experts nodded in agreement. Although each and every one of them were frightened by the howling of the winds. Yet, no one wanted to back away. Humans are greedy by nature. If one wasn’t greedy, how could they attain the true treasure of the Gods?

“Brother Jiang Chen, what do you think?” Mo Ling Dongchen said while looking at Jiang Chen with a profound gaze. 

He heard about this bronze gateway from an extraordinary senior. A peerless unparalleled bronze gateway could be found in this Divine Tomb. Yet he had no idea whether this bronze gateway was the one he had heard about. If it was, then, it’ll absolutely be shocking. 

“Let’s go. What is there to fear, since we’ve reached this far, we’ll just face it head-on whatever may come to us.” Jiang Chen said quietly. 

Even though Jiang Chen could also see that this bronze gateway was extraordinary. The bronze gateway was surrounded by a layer of fog and clouds. With the wind and snow brewing around the gateway, it felt like it was a giant maw of a lion, that could swallow the Heavens and Earth. But to retreat empty-handed after entering a treasure trove was not in his character. 

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