Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2136

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Their eyes were not only filled with despair and loneliness, but also hatred and rage as a result of being abandoned. However, everything was of no avail. It seemed like for them, death had become a trivial issue. The number of casualties had reached forty thousand, almost half of their total number.

The leathility of this pack of terrifying divine souls was indeed overly terrifying.

“Taste master monkey’s Staff!”

Dragon Shisan came crashing down from the sky like a peerless war god. His incomparably ruthless staff terrified the heavens.

“Inferior human.”

One of the divine souls who took the lead said and snorted.

At the next second, unexpectedly, he held Dragon Shisan’s Unparalleled Divine Staff directly. Suddenly, the divine soul was blown away by Dragon Shisan’s Staff and his soul was destroyed!

Everyone took a breath and the crowd under Tian Zhu Peak was in a uproar. 

“Faster, look! Is that the monkey?”

“Don't you think so? Since when has he become so powerful? Or has he been hiding his true strength? Even if our leader landed a blow, he might not be able to destroy a divine soul.” 

“This monkey is so dreadful.”    

“In this sense, are we going to be rescued?”

In their eyes, Dragon Shisan was transforming into a peerless master at this moment. Falling from the sky, he rushed into the divine souls and fought them head on!

“You guys are a bunch of lowly Immortal Sovereigns. Scolding you guys is a waste of effort. If Little Chen chose not to show mercy, I wouldn’t have cared about all of you even if you all had to die more than a hundred times.” 

Fortunately, Dragon Shisan was not someone who couldn’t tell black and white. At this moment, of course he would not haggle over these matters. 

“I am here!”

Jiang Chen was unarmed and was attacking with his fist while casting out the Slaughter Dragon Seal. It’s mightiness reached the vault of the heavens and deadly air was rolling on the clouds. 

Punching out with his fist, a dragon seal was formed at this moment. However, Jiang Chen did not expect that the Slaughter Dragon Seal would instantly eliminate a Middle Void God divine soul. Moreover, this suppression seemed like an inborn restraint to divine souls. The said divine soul died on the spot as Jiang Chen’s dragon seal was glowing, in dark light. It seemed to be even more powerful than ever before!   

“Such a horrifying seal!”

This time, it’s not only those onlookers who were shocked, but also Dragon Shisan. Since when had this guy’s Slaughter Dragon Seal become so powerful? It was even filled with deadly aura. 

As soon as Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan took action, they had decisively killed a divine soul master respectively. In an instant, they had also taken over the battlefield. With their dreadful combat strength, they were going to have a great battle with the remaining eighteen divine souls.  

Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal was incomparably heaven-defying. It became more and more dreadful after each battle. He now killed three more divine souls. He did not even cast his second technique yet. As long as the Slaughter Dragon Seal was sent out, it would sweep away in all directions and evoked terrifying howls from the divine souls. 

Dragon Shisan became dignified as he slowly realised that Jiang Chen was not any weaker than him. Although Jiang Chen was just a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, Dragon Shisan did not have the absolute confidence to defeat him. This monster once again showed his heaven-defying side. He also terrified Dragon Shisan who was already a Divine God. 

“The two of them are exactly like lions falling down from heaven.”

“Finally, we have a way out! Our hundred thousand years worth of cultivation will not be wasted.” 

Many of them were very excited and shed their tears. Not everyone was filled with evil intentions and some people had no choice but to choose evil. If their cultivation of a hundred thousand years ended here, it would be really devastating. 

Under a big environment, one could grow and avoid crises by drifting with the wind. Or else, if you stay alone in the Divine Tomb that was filled with great danger, how is one going to ignore the enemy and divine souls?  

The environment pushed them to do something. Some of them were forced to climb up the mountain out of their own volition. 

“Little Chen, you have been too monstrous. When has your Slaughter Dragon Seal become so powerful?”

Dragon Shisan said with dissatisfaction while destroying another divine soul with his Staff.

“Secret! Haha.”

Jiang Chen casted out another Slaughter Dragon Seal, shaking the heavens. At the end, they managed to completely sweep away the twenty divine souls. Jiang Chen had killed eleven of them while Dragon Shisan killed nine of them, and lost to Jiang Chen.

“Motherf*cker, I couldn’t defeat you. But I am not giving up.”

Dragon Shisan snorted and stopped talking. His angry face made Jiang Chen wonder whether he should laugh or cry .    

“Many thanks to the two brothers for saving us. I couldn’t express how grateful I am.”  

*Hua la la*

Under the Tian Zhu Peak, more than fifty thousand Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns bowed on their knees at this moment without any exception. This was because Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan had saved their lives. No one could understand the desperation they felt as their cultivation of a thousand hundred years was almost wasted. If they died while fighting with other cultivators, they would not find that pitiful. However, if they were killed by those divine souls and did not even have a chance to enter the Divine World, they would definitely become resentful spirits even after their death. 

What a pity that only half of their initial number remained at the end. Right now, they know that human life was so fragile and worthless. Even if they were Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns!

Jiang Chen looked extremely cold at this particular moment while looking at all of them. However, he could not help but heave a sigh.  

“I am not a kind person, but I definitely won’t be a senseless killer. Although you guys had created trouble for my brother in the past, that was still not that an evil of a battle of death and life. If your one hundred thousand years worth of cultivation ended today and can’t even touch the gateway of the Divine World, you will definitely be regretful even after your death. I am also an Immortal Sovereign and I have fought many battles just like you guys. I hope you understand that the path of entering the divine treasure at Tian Zhu Peak was extremely hard and dangerous, not even one of you will be able to stay alive if you enter.” 

Jiang Chen’s voice sounded like a huge bell, resounding around the foot of Tian Zhu Peak. Everyone understood what Jiang Chen said and showed great admiration to Jiang Chen. 

“This time might be an opportunity for you. I believe that many powerful Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns will definitely advance to Void God realm after this battle. I will not stop you guys. If you are willing to enter the passage of the divine treasure with me, I will not stop you. But, you should know your own strength. Although the divine treasure is precious and rare, it only belongs to those who are fortunate, capable and powerful.

“However, I hope that you can be appreciative. I won’t be able to protect you for your whole life. Humans should rely on themselves, only then could they rise up and be more powerful.”

Jiang Chen’s voice resounded in everyone's heart. Many people knew that it was hard for them to achieve something on their own if they enter the divine treasure. They might even die inside. From this perspective, choosing to stay here would be the safest option at this moment.

At the end, only about fifty Early Void God masters chose to follow Jiang Chen to enter the passage towards the divine treasure. The remaining ones stayed at the foot of the mountain to continue their cultivation. Many of them did really advance to the threshold of Void God realm and their strength increased. That’s why staying back at the foot of the mountain was the best option for them.

Jiang Chen’s sight zeroed on the peak that was covered with heavy mists. More than four hundred thousand hero spirits who had died in hatred made the entire Tian Zhu Peak covered with haze. The ghostly air was heavy and filled everywhere.

“Lead the men with my divine souls, devastate the heavens with my deadly Qi!”

Dragon seal was forming up in Jiang Chen’s hand, pointing towards the vault of the heavens. When perishing, hundreds and thousands of spirits were attached on Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal and turning into void. 

However, Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal was not even corroded by the ghostly air. Instead, it had become a great killing weapon with an overbearing upright spirit!

Four hundred thousand hero spirits gathered here but the imposing manner of Jiang Chen’s Slaughter Dragon Seal was all-conquering. The vault of the heavens was shaking! Killing intent towered to the clouds! 

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