Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2135

*Bonus Chapter*

Although they had started to organise a counterattack, their predicament didn’t change much. Only a little more than a hundred of them managed to resist those divine souls and delay their slaughter. In the end, the casualty amounted to almost thirty thousand Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. The ending was extremely heart-breaking. 

This scene only showed that those with great greed would have to say goodbye to the world. If someone’s desire could not be satisfied, he will try to swallow an elephant that would ultimately harm himself. Once greed grows in one’s heart, he is doomed to meet death.

Thirty percent of the hundred thousand Immortal Sovereigns had died. Such a horrifying percentage. Even Moling Dongchen and the others took a deep breath after witnessing the death of numerous people at Tian Zhu Peak. The result of the one-sided massacre of the twenty divine souls to those Void Gods also frightened the leaders. 

“These divine souls are indeed very strong. Even if the three of us joined together, I am afraid it will still be very difficult to overcome all twenty of them.”

Zhan Lingyun inhaled deeply, his countenance sinking. Even if they took action right now, they might not be able to defeat the twenty divine souls. More importantly, all of the divine souls were middle Void God Level. If the battle had been very intense at the very beginning, the three of them would definitely suffer heavy injuries.

Having lingering fear in his heart,  Xiong Batian looked at the divine souls from afar. Fortunately, he did not take the lead and rushed in, otherwise he would have been badly injured as well.

“Those two guys probably already know that this place is more dreadful than any other place. That’s why they were guarding it instead of entering.”

Moling Dongchen suddenly turned his head and looked at Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. 

“Don’t look at us like that. If we knew about this beforehand, you think that we will allow this to happen? Even if we gather all the people here, we might not be able to kill those twenty divine souls. Moreover, if there’s still more inside, how powerful will they be? You should already be able to imagine the outcome.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. Facing the doubt of the trio, he remained calm and wasn’t afraid at all.    

Moling Dongchen didn’t answer. Indeed, what Jiang Chen said was absolutely right. A while ago, he had encountered a divine soul of Hierarch realm whose strength was comparable to a Middle Void God. It was just a step away from advancing to the Late Void God. However, the divine souls they are facing right now had injured more than ten Void God experts badly.

This kind of combat strength could be considered as peerless! Especially in this Divine Tomb, the higher the level of the divine souls, the stronger the pressure they were going to emit. These guardians had the absolute strength of a Late Void God. This meant that the danger hidden in the divine treasure was indescribably great.  

“What he said was right. However, we are already halfway there now. I, Zhan Lingyun, will definitely enter Tian Zhu Peak!” Zhan Lingyun said in a deep voice as he glanced at Jiang Chen for a second. 

What Jiang Chen said sounds reasonable, however, Zhan Lingyun still assumed that this guy had hidden intentions. Although he did not know how dangerous Tian Zhu Peak was, he should have known this was absolutely not a friendly place.

Actually, Jiang Chen really did not expect those divine souls to be so terrifying. The twenty divine souls had killed about thirty thousand experts in less than half an hour. This scene was really incomparably terrifying, and it made many of them tremble. They even felt that’s really intolerable. 

After all, all those who died were humans. Although some of them were evil, they were all blown away harshly, without exception. In their path of finding the opportunity to become god, they had gone through so much hardship when entering the Divine Tomb. Bluntly, they all were innocent people who sacrificed their lives. Jiang Chen had killed quite a lot of people, however, he never killed the innocent. It was not necessary for them to die!

“I hope what you said is true. Or else, the axe in my hand will not be softhearted.” Xiong Batian said cruelly.

“Stupid, acting like a wolf, eh? If you refuse to believe, let’s fight again.”

Dragon Shisan, with the Unparalleled Divine Staff in his hand, said with a cold smile. If Jiang Chen did not request him to purposely lose the battle just now, it was just a piece of cake for him to kill this bastard.

“A dead monkey. I am too lazy to haggle over with you.”

Xiong Batian clearly had other ideas in his mind at this moment, otherwise, knowing his brutal character, he would’ve fought Dragon Shisan with his life and give him a harsh lesson.  

“It will be too late if we don’t take action now. Let’s take this chance now that the divine souls are still in battle and hurry into Tian Zhu Peak, or else we might not have a good chance like this anymore.”

Zhan Lingyun gave both Moling Dongchen and Xiong Batian a glance and said. Although the three of them did not come from the same alliance, they were the most reliable ally for each other right now because none of them were confident enough to enter the peak alone. 

Zhan Lingyun and the other two each summoned twenty of their own Void God subordinates, then went on the passage towards the divine treasure.

“Seems like they couldn’t wait anymore.” Dragon Shisan whispered. 

“However, I feel sorry for those innocent Immortal Sovereigns.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling helpless.

“Monkey, let’s give them some fortune. We’ll join hands together. Are you confident in fighting those twenty Middle Void God divine souls?”

Jiang Chen looked at Dragon Shisan with his burning eyes. 

“Are you looking down on me? I am already a Void God now. The iron staff I am holding right now can fight ten of them at the same time. How about you? If you can’t do that, you can give two more to me. Gagaga.”

Dragon Shisan’s face was filled with pride and he gave Jiang Chen a disdainful look.

“You’re just a loser in my hands, when have you ever defeated me? As a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, I can eliminate a Void God like you effortlessly.”

Jiang Chen caught a glimpse of Dragon Shisan and Dragon Shisan was irritated. 

“Let’s see who’s able to kill more of them. Little Chen, you shouldn’t look down on me this time. I am a peerless sovereign who is going to step over the cloud nine. I will let you know the true Battle Saint Technique through this staff.”

Dragon Shisan was very confident. Then, after ascending to the sky with a step, he swept his Unparalleled Divine Staff in all directions. The shadow of the staff pressed against the twenty Void God Level divine souls.

“Great! It seems like he really has gained a lot from the white-jade divine statue.”

Dragon Shisan caught Jiang Chen’s eyes. After advancing to the Void God realm, Dragon Shisan’s strength became more than ten times stronger than before. Obviously, this guy’s Battle Saint Technique is now more formidable than ever. Each of his staff techniques was as if it was created by the Heavens. The Unparalleled Divine Staff had boosted his combat strength quite a lot. He really could not be underestimated right now.

“Help! Help!” 

“Boss, help! Leader, you can’t leave us here!”

“Are we gonna die? Our leaders, they have left. Who’s going to save us? These divine souls are too powerful. How can we, Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, withstand this?”

Many of them had actually already started giving up in resisting at this moment because Moling Dongchen and Zhan Lingyun, together with those real Void God masters, had entered the passage towards the divine treasure. However, they were heartlessly abandoned by their leaders. The divine souls even took up this chance quickly and killed the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns without giving any mercy. 

At this moment, these people finally understood that they had already been turned into useless abandoned children. 

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