Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2134

*Bonus Chapter*

Moling Dongchen and the others thought about it twice but they didn’t stop Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan. If they fight to death at this moment, they would only suffer a loss. None of them wanted to have a deadly fight with Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, otherwise, the wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel.

Moreover, once they enter Tian Zhu peak, only those who were capable could obtain the divine treasures if there were any. Whoever had bigger fists and whoever could stand firm wins. Or else, entering Tian Zhu peak was to no avail at all. Whether they could get any treasures, that really depended on their own strength. Most of their people are here, so Moling Dongchen and others were not worried about reinforcement at all. 

“All right. I hope you know your own limitations.”

Xiong Batian said with his arrogant face and snorted. He took up his bloody axe, and flew towards Tian Zhu peak. Moling dongchen and Zhan Lingyun looked at each other and smiled, then followed Xiong Batian.

“It seems like someone’s tricked by us, otherwise, I don’t know how dreadful our battle would be,” Dragon Shisan pursed his lips and said.

“Let’s watch their own fortune now. This Tian Zhu Peak is definitely not something easy.”

Jiang Chen gave a faint smile. Since there were people taking the lead, they were willing to hide behind.

“Hahaha, dead monkey, you’re still not able to enjoy the fruits of your labor alone at the end. How could you dare think of monopolizing Tian Zhu peak alone? I will take a step before you.”

“He has a swelled head. When the true experts are here, didn’t he still need to step aside? He’s trying to bully the weak but was actually afraid of the strong. He needed to have the guts to fight the three major alliance leaders before entering Tian Zhu Peak.”

“That’s right. Let’s hurry and get in, otherwise, there might be others taking a step ahead and take away the divine treasures.”

“Hurry, follow up. We have to be the first batch of people to enter the divine treasure house of Tian Zhu Peak. Hahaha!”

Around a hundred thousand Immortal Sovereigns, among which only hundreds could fly, swarmed into Tian Zhu Peak. The remaining Immortal Sovereigns soon walk quickly in order to ascend to Tian Zhu Peak as soon as possible. Since this was a place where the divine treasure was, if you were late for a second, you might not even be able to take a piece of it. 

Seeing more and more people ascending to Tian Zhu Peak, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan looked at each other. They knew that a true battle of slaughter probably would happen very soon. 

The news that Tian Zhu Peak was breached spread to many places immediately . Countless experts began flooding into the peak since everyone wished to get a slice of the treasure. As long as they manage to enter the peak, they would definitely gain something. In Mi Le Mountain, only the treasure houses of Tian Lan peak and Tian Zhu peak are accessible. However, there were incredibly formidable masters guarding these two peaks. 

Wishing to gain some benefits, many rogue cultivators also started finding ways to enter Tian Zhu Peak at this moment.

These were the divine treasures of Divine Emperors, so who would dare not to enter? Divine Venerable Divine souls had been safeguarding these treasures. Even those early Void Gods found it hard to resist the temptation. Except those with great strength, others were doomed to become nourishment for the divine souls.   

“Little Chen, what should we do? Go in or not?” 

Dragon Shisan glanced at Jiang Chen and said. If they don’t enter right now, they probably would be left behind. 

“Why are you nervous? Let these guys go and die first. Or you want me to make funeral arrangements for you ?”

“Bastard. I don’t want to die at such a young age.” 

Dragon Shisan laughed and scolded. 

“Wait! There’s not much opportunity right now. I guess there will be a great crisis inside. As you could sense earlier that there’s something strange here. It’s better for us to trust your instinct than ignore it. Otherwise, we might face an unfavorable situation and die inside. Even Divine Venerable divine souls are here. Are you capable of overcoming them? Even though you have reached the Void God realm, I’m afraid you might not have absolute confidence to defeat them.”

“We must wait for a great opportunity and timing to take action as spear often hits on the bird that takes the lead. We’re gonna be the Jiang Taigong who sits calmly in a fishing boat despite the storm. We should not be in hurry for something great,” Jiang Chen said in a faint smile.

More and more Void Gods and countless Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns began flooding into Tian Zhu Peak. On the other hand, Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan went in slowly, and were not anxious at all.

Undeniably, Moling Dongchen and the others were also smart. They did not rush in and take the lead. Instead, they let others take the lead as they were also afraid of the unknown danger.

Caution is the parent of safety. People who were able to become the alliance leaders were definitely not fools. Naturally, they also had their own thought. 

Moreover, the other mountain peaks were also full of crisis. Wasn’t here overly peaceful? As the leaders, Xiong Batian, Zhan Linger and Moling Dongchen, were all waiting patiently for their own troops to enter first only then would they make a decision.

“Hahaha, Tian Zhu Peak, I am coming.”

“The divine treasures here must be abundant.I have heard that there are people who have gained more than one piece of divine weapons.  

“Since the old times, only those who are capable can obtain the divine weapons. I am going to return home with a load full of harvest this time.”

“Old man, you’re shameless. Things will not go as you said. The more wolves, the lesser the meat will be. Whoever’s capable will gain more. Gagaga.”

Countless people were rushing into Tian Zhu Peak. However, there was a great chaos at the passage. Sundreds and thousands of people were turned into flying ashes when they were about to reach the divine treasures inside. Their traces and movement could not even be seen at all.

Twenty middle Void God and some Divine King divine souls came out like fall breeze that swept over all the leaves, taking away the life of those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Many of them had not even realised what had happened before they were killed and vanished in the face of the heavens and earth. 

“Ah! Ghost! Help!”

“It’s horrifying! These divine souls are devils.”

“No, no, no! I don’t want to die!”

Terrified, deafening screams came out unceasingly. The twenty Void God divine souls begun sweeping away at Tian Zhu Peak. Hundreds of thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were killed within ten minutes of time. Those who first stepped onto the peak had all died. Their blood incarnadined the entire Tian Zhu Peak.

Panic-stricken and blood curdling screams were wringing everyone’s heart to the very core. The eyes of those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were filled with despair. Even those early Void Gods could only run away in all directions to keep themselves alive. However, most of them would stay at Tian Zhu Peak forever.

The twenty divine souls swept away in all directions and their imposing manner was irresistible. The Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns basically died immediately after being exposed to these divine souls. They did not have the strength to resist them at all. This had also become a unilateral slaughter at Tian Zhu Peak. The situation was too horrible to witness. 

Numerous people were running away while screaming for their parents for help. However, as time passed even more people died. The corpses covered the peak while blood was flowing everywhere.  

At this moment, both the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns and Void Gods had no dignity to mention at all. As long as they were able to come out of Tian Zhu Peak alive, they were the luckiest amongst the unfortunate ones. 

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