Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2132

*Bonus Chapter*

A white jade statue of approximately seven zhang tall was standing above the center of the temple. It was a high-spirited man holding a golden Staff, stepping on the void surrounded by clouds. His battle spirit was towering as he pointed the Staff to the sky. Although the statue was made by white jade, the eyes were especially filled with domineering aura that looked down on everyone from above as if he was unparalleled.

Even Jiang Chen could sense a great pressure coming from the statue. More importantly, the white jade statue and Dragon Shisan unexpectedly looked alike.

“Can you sense it? It seems like I have a deep connection with him. Since I have arrived here, I felt compelled to safeguard him and this temple. I don't know how long he's been here and I don't know when he would disappear. However, as long as he’s still here, I gonna safeguard this place. He was like a family to me. I think my arrival to this world was destined. Here’s like a shore to me. If I leave, this temple will surely be destroyed. The passage to Tian Zhu Peak is just behind the statue.”

“It’s quite mysterious. This statue looks like you. However, to be honest, what kind of connection do you have with this temple?”

Jiang Chen asked in a soft voice. He did not dare to make any assumptions at this moment. This statue was definitely not a nobody, but a powerful figure. That’s how it was set up as a statue now. This matter is certainly not simple and even those who safeguarded this temple must be masters at Hierarch realm. However, it seemed there had not been any guardian at this Tian Zhu Peak for a long time. 

“Although there’s no guardian here, I’ll be the new guardian! Even if I might die, I will still safeguard this place as this place is like my home and I have the calling to protect it.” 

While Dragon Shisan murmured, his eyes carried some tears.

“I don’t know why, but I feel very bad, Little Chen. I never had a feeling like this before. If he’s a family member of mine, then where am I from? Who are my parents?”

Jiang Chen could understand Dragon Shisan’s current feelings. Although Dragon Shisan was born out of a rock, does he really have no parents? In his mind, it’s possible that Dragon Shisan was born from the heavens. But everyone has their own parents, no one was an exception. 

The white jade statue in front of Dragon Shisan was like his faith. Once the white jade statue fell, his faith of searching his parents would collapse as well. 

“Look! There are some words above the white jade statue.” 

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice.

“North breeze blows while snow swirls. Heaven cries while we are in tears. As we gathered together at the Yao Chi, we have composed poems while drunk. The couple of mandarin ducks in the old days flew on their own way separately. Heaven rendered asunder and earth cracked until the seas dried up and the rocks decayed. Sorrow! Sorrow! Sorrow! You bid me goodbye with your arm in red sleeve but put the sorrow aside. Lonely desolate breeze hated the afterglow of sunset. In despair, to achieve my highest aspiration I hold dear to my heart, I’d not regret a thousand times to die! ”

Dragon Shisan touched the words on the white jade statue softly and read out the words in a murmur. 

At this moment, the eyes of the white jade statue unexpectedly flowed out two drops of tears.

Jiang Chen’s pupils suddenly shrunk after seeing the tears falling down from the white jade statue. Dragon Shisan did not notice this,  but he saw this clearly. The white jade statue was indeed mystical.  

“Monkey, monkey!”

Jiang Chen shouted but Dragon Shisan seemed completely entranced. The temple was almost collapsing but Dragon Shisan was still standing there motionlessly. 

Jiang Chen wanted to pull Dragon Shisan away but he was like a motionless mountain. The white jade statue that he was touching was cracking and splitting into pieces. The fingers, arms and even the head of the white jade statue had fallen down and had turned into ashes. 

At this moment, a glowing golden divine staff appeared from the body of the white-jade statue. Dragon Shisan’s iron Staff was absorbed into the Staff and combined with the golden divine staff, and dazzling rays of beams was created. 

Finally, the temple stopped shaking and a dazzling light of essence filled the temple. 

“Unparalleled Divine Staff, Ru Yi Divine Needle!”

Golden light was blooming while these eight big characters suddenly rose up and disappeared into the void at last. 

Dragon Shisan held the Unparalleled Divine Staff in his hand. Staff shadows were spreading everywhere with its irresistible divine might! The injury on Dragon Shisan’s body suddenly recovered after being covered by the golden light while his Qi was increasing unceasingly. 

“This is undeniably a great fortune.” 

Jiang Chen said. Having witnessed what had just transpired, he knew that the divine might of the staff was invisible and comparable to divine weapons. Even his Heavenly Dragon Sword was probably weaker than this. 

This was Dragon Shisan’s great fortune, or his fate. This statue must have a deep connection with him, but they did not know that yet. Moreover, Dragon Shisan’s iron Staff had merged together with the Divine Staff inside the statue. This only showed that the two of them had a strong connection. 

Dragon Shisan’s body was also enshrouded with glowing brightness while his strength kept increasing. It finally stopped growing at the peak of early Void God level!

Dragon Shisan opened his eyes slowly and saw that the white-jade statue in front of him had already turned into ashes. However, his hand was gripping the Unparalleled Divine Staff tightly. He looked incomparably overbearing as the brilliance was glowing, and his might could not be hidden.

Currently, Dragon Shisan was like an Immemorial Divine God and his sight had also become extremely sharp and overpowering. 

“Everything has been over.”

Dragon Shisan kneeled down slowly in front of the white-jaded statue and kowtowed three times. 

“He’s my father. He has died….. But his divine soul had not been destroyed and entered the Divine Tomb . But his soul was later destroyed by that person at the end. This white-jaded divine statue was the last sliver of my father’s soul.” 

Dragon Shisan’s voice was a bit hoarse. His eyes were filled with towering killing intent. Jiang Chen could sense that this guy must’ve come to know many things. 

“What crime had my father done? They had even pushed him to death!”

Dragon Shisan’s roaring were like thunderclaps and it was deafening. The entire temple trembled intensely at this moment.

“Little Chen, have I lost my composure.”

Dragon Shisan kept the unparalleled Divine Staff and muttered in a wry smile.

“Who are they?”

Jiang Chen asked.    

“Those who killed my father. I will kill them one day.”

Jiang Chen wanted to ask more but Dragon Shisan only mentioned these words. He knew that Dragon Shisan was trying to protect him. He wanted to undertake some things by himself, instead of involving Jiang Chen. 

Although Jiang Chen’s strength was not strong enough right now, Dragon Shisan’s vengeance on the enemy would become Jiang Chen’s revenge as well. Those who killed their friend's father could not live under the same heaven with them. He would stand up with Dragon Shisan and fight with him together. 

Jiang Chen gave Dragon Shisan a heavy pat on the shoulder, then Dragon Shisan responded to him with a faint smile. He seemed to have come back to be the peerless haughty monkey who laughed, and swore all the time.

“I am afraid that the divine treasure of the Tian Zhu Peak’s not simple. Since the temple’s been ruined and my father’s statue has broken now, let’s go check out the divine treasure.” 

Dragon Shisan grinned while his eyes were glowing with cunningness. 

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