Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2130

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“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

As soon as Jiang Chen shouted, five kinds of flames turned into a seal in a flash. The entire void was burning fiercely. Everyone took a step backwards. The fierce flames that blotted out the sky and covered the sun were all the supreme flames. Each of them was an existence that could destroy heaven and shatter earth. How could the people around not be stunned to see Jiang Chen holding five of the flames?

“Such a terrifying guy! However, my Unification of Spear and Man will still terrify you.”

Jiang Chen snorted seeing the golden spear was crushing towards the flames in the sky.

The flames in Jiang Chen’s hands was like a torch, sending out a destructive blow immediately. The mightiness of the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was at its peak and collided with the golden spear like how the planets colliding with each other, then exploded in an instant. 

Li Shuai’s Unification of Spear and Man was pushed back by the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. Above the void, the flames fell down, crushing the mountains, and countless Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns retreated immediately. Or else, they would be involved in the disaster. 

However, the dreadfulness of Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal could not be underestimated. In an instant, the flame devoured Li Shuai who was completely engulfed by the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. Screaming in pain, he was in an awkward predicament and suffered in the blazing fire. 

At this moment, he finally knew how powerful the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was. Li Shuai’s Unification of Spear and Man had been overcome by it as he was being burned in the five kinds of flames and was almost instantaneously turned into ashes.

Li Shuai escaped from the flames but he was seriously injured. After being burned, he looked terrible, like someone who had run helter-skelter to escape a burning house. More importantly, it was the fire that burned his heart and made him injured so badly, coming to the point of death.

“Vice Lord is defeated! Sigh, this guy is indeed a monster.”

“Yea, seems like we, the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance, offended a strong enemy.”

“So what? If our leader is here, how would we be defeated?” 

“Although you said so, we still lost even if we have more people than them.”

Numerous people flew a few miles backwards because the entire Tian Zhu Peak seemed like it erupted because of the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. Although they had managed to retreat, hundreds of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were still burned to death by the flames of Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. No corpse and bones were left behind, everything was buried in the Tian Zhu Peak forever. 

“Your last day is here. It’s here!”

Jiang Chen pointed his sword towards Li Shuai. Since Jiang Chen never had a habit of forgiving others, and only death could ensure they won't be a threat any longer. Of course, Jiang Chen was not afraid of him. However, if he posed a threat to his family and friends in the future, that would be a pain in Jiang Chen’s heart forever. 

That’s why Jiang Chen would eliminate all roots of crisis before they blossomed into one. What could a genius do? There were so many geniuses in the world and a lot of them died prematurely. If one could not stand at the top of the world and become the strongest man, what was the purpose of having talent?  

“Oh my gosh, he’s going to kill the Vice Lord!”

Someone exclaimed in shock. Jiang Chen’s killing intent was boiling and filling the air, engulfing Li Shuai. 

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

Li Shua was trembling in fear because Jiang Chen had blocked his path. It was impossible for him to escape now. Even though there were hundreds of thousands of divine troops behind him, none of them dared to stand up to fight Jiang Chen and save him. 

Jiang Chen had been invincible and no one dared to go against him in this battle.

“Without a doubt, you will certainly die!”

While Jiang Chen’s sword was falling on Li Shuai, a shadow of a sword suddenly appeared at this moment, stopping Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Jiang Chen frowned as the guy seemed quite powerful. Who was he?

“If you want to kill my people, you have to pass through me first.”

Having a long hair, the man wore white clothes with a composed look. He was standing with his sword, looking around with disdain.  

His pair of blue eyes seemed seemed like it could see through a human's heart. Terrifying killing intent was filling everywhere. 

The white-clothed man turned around and just stood there. He had a fair skin that woman would be jealous of. He had exquisite facial features that really attracted people. His every single move and action was filled with magnificence and grace.

One word to describe, handsome!

Two words to describe, very handsome! 

Three words to describe, super duper handsome!

The white-clothed man gazed at Jiang Chen and said,

“You can’t kill my people.”

“Really? Unparalleled Charm. I guess you’re the leader of the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance. Unfortunately, no one can stop me from killing someone that I had already decided to kill.”

Jiang Chen sighed and shook his head. 

This guy was indeed very very handsome, he was even more handsome than Big Yellow before he was incarnated. He’s irresistibly charming. 

“He’s the big boss of the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance? Overly handsome.”

“Yea, I’ve never seen anyone as handsome as him. It seems like strength isn't important anymore and only a handsome face matters.”

“You guys are crazy. What’s so good about being handsome? It’s better to be rougher like me.”

A muscular man who was covered in black fur said with pride. 

“Damn! You are a dinosaur with your overgrown beard. How can you compare yourself to the leader of the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance? Shameless.”

Some people couldn’t help giving a snort of contempt.

Undeniably, the leader of the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance was indeed so charming. No one could find a flaw in him, and people were fascinated by his appearance, making his strength less important to them.

“Handsome boss, save me!”

Li Shuai cried and said. At this moment, Li Shuai had lost his pride as an expert, he looked like a child who was crying. Standing in front of death, he had completely lost his dignity. Life and death had become the only thing he strived for. 

“Moling Dongchen, unparalleled handsome! You are exactly like your name. I have heard about the leader of the Unparalleled Handsome Alliance before, and you really have a well-deserved name. If you were a beauty, I am afraid I would fall into you. Hehehe ....”

Dragon Shisan smiled. However, Moling Dongchen remained solemn and calm. He gave Li Shuai a slight glance while his mouth was overflowing with a faint sneer. 

“Release him! Get out of Tian Zhu Peak, then I will not count the previous debt with you.”

Moling Dongchen’s said in a flat tone, however, his voice was so graceful. What a pity that he was a man. A man like him was destined to turn the universe around and bring disaster to the world. 

Jiang Chen looked at Moling Dongchen and they exchanged glances. None of them were willing to take a step back!

“No one can order me around, even the heavens is not an exception!”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s gave a faint smile. He took out the Heavenly Dragon Sword and pointed to the void where a tremble occurred. As soon as the sword swept the void, Li Shuai already had no place to escape. Staring at Jiang Chen, he felt shocked, his life came to an abrupt end on the spot!

“How dare you disobey me!” 

Moling Dongchen said indifferently, however everyone could feel the chilling aura emitted by Moling Dongchen. 

“So what? He almost killed my brother. Killing him is justifiable!”

Jiang Chen took a step without any fear and questioned Moling DongChen in front of his face. Jiang Chen did not show any respect to him at all.

Although they had not taken action against each other yet, they had been hostile to each other as soon as they met. 

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