Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2128

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“Little Chen, you’re finally f*cking here, if you’ve come a bit later, you’ll have to wail for my funeral!” Dragon Shisan said loudly. 

He knew that this fellow liked to appear on the very last moment, always creating such tension for others. 

Dragon Shisan never had any relatives other than his wife and brothers. At this moment, in this Divine Tomb, only his brothers could be there for him. 

Jiang Chen’s arrival was just in time. He would’ve died there and then if Jiang Chen was any second later. Dragon Shisan was feeling conflicted. He didn’t need to die here, but he didn’t have a choice. He must protect this place, he needed to block the others from entering Tian Zhu peak. That was his mission, it was the meaning of his existence. 

No matter how dangerous it was, Dragon Shisan could not step back. Even if he was confronting ten-thousand divine soldiers, not a single shred of fear was shown, he would willingly die to protect this peak. 

He thought that he couldn’t see the kid anymore, the battles they fought together, the risks they took, the life-and-death situations they had faced. At this moment, he was on the verge of meeting Hades himself, but the sure-death situation was solved by Jiang Chen’s single blade! 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword was Jiang Chen’s peerless divine sword. The blade shook the heavens, capable of fighting endless battles, exhibiting complete dominance. 

A hint of un-noticeable regret flashed through Dragon Shisan’s eyes. No matter how talented or how powerful he was, he was met with 10,000 strong experts. In the end, he couldn’t take them head-on alone. He felt extreme regret; there’s no meaning if he loses his life here. 

Jiang Chen’s arrival has lit Dragon Shisan’s hope in living. He was extremely moved. The fighting spirit within him was once again lit. 

“Such a terrifying fellow! He managed to block our Vice Lord’s overlord spear with a single blade. WOW!” 

“Truly. This fellow must not be your average joe. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be this powerful.” 

“Looks like he is here to save that d*mned monkey.”

“Yeah. But I believe our Vice Lord is better than him! Hahaha. Our Vice Lord is an Early Void God! No one could compare to him.” 

Someone said with a wild laugh, cheering Li Shuai up. 

Jiang Chen tread on the void with the dragon wings on his back. In an instant, an imposing killing intent could be seen between his brows!

“Damned Monkey. How are you? I have never thought that you’ll be forced to such a state. Hahaha.” 

“Little Chen. I know you, you'll kill this guy today!” Dragon Shisan’s furiously said with teary eyes. 

Thousands of words were compressed into a single sentence and that’s how they ridicule each other. Just a single look was enough between brothers. 

Jiang Chen too did not speak much, because this wasn’t the time and place for such things. 

“It’s you!” Li Shuai squinted his eyes, locking onto Jiang Chen, clearly infuriated seeing his nemesis. 

“It’s me, yeah, so what? You, who lost against me. You ran away after losing the fight. I even thought you’re dead. Humph.” Jiang Chen said with disdain. 


Jiang Chen’s words caused a wave of emotion to erupt. The whole Tian Zhu peak was in an uproar. This fellow fought the Vice Lord and won?! How is that possible?! 

Li Shuai’s expression became ugly. But this is the truth. After all, I would’ve been killed by him if I was any second later in running away. Plus, aren’t I the Vice Lord of the Unparalleled Charm Alliance now. 

“Holy shit! Kid, you’re something. This fellow lost to you?” 

Dragon Shisan cried out strangely, causing Li Shuai’s expression to become uglier. Since countless people were watching the battle on Tian Zhu peak. How could Li Shuai be happy when he was called a loser by Dragon Shisan? 

“Ignorant fool. Don’t get cocky. That was a thing in the past where you managed to defeat me. This time, it’s different. Now, I’m at the Void God realm, what makes you think you can fight me? It’ll be easy for me to kill you like taking candy from a baby.” Li Shuai said proudly. 

However, the people surrounding Tian Zhu peak was in chaos. 

“To think the Vice Lord had once lost to this man. Looks like it’s going to be a clash between prodigies.”

“Yeah. But the Vice Lord is correct. That was in the past. It’ll be different today. Since the Vice Lord has become a Void God, and this fellow is but a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign.” 

“Hahaha. You’re right. Vice Lord is the most charming in the world. The Vice Lord is unrivalled!” 

Ear-splitting voices resounded around Tian Zhu peak. The people were still in favour of Li Shuai. 

“Little Chen. You better not disappoint me. Also, you need to be careful. This fellow is quite strong.”  Dragon Shisan said in a serious tone as it wasn’t the time to banter. 

He would not stand idle in a life-and-death battle. 

“Relax. A trash who lost against me will forever be trash no matter how strong it became.” Jiang Chen’s word's were incomparably haughty. 

But at this moment, only those who could defeat the opponent has the qualification to talk as such. 

“Looks like you think you’re hot sh*t. What can you do against me now that I’ve already reached the Void God realm? I shall redeem myself from the shame I’ve once suffered on that day. You chose a path with difficulties, though I would still look for you even if you didn’t come here today. Otherwise, I won’t be able to move further in my path of cultivation. You have saved me the trouble of searching for you out by appearing here.” Li Shuai said solemnly. 

However, his eyes were extremely serious. After his previous defeat, he understood himself much more, and respected his opponent. Especially Jiang Chen, since he managed to beat him when he was just an Eight Grade Immortal Sovereign. He needed to be extra careful since Jiang Chen had become a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. 

Li Shuai was confident as he had already advanced to the Void God realm. The gap between a Void God and a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign was enormous as they were on a completely different level, this gave him tremendous confidence. 

“You’ve already lost once and you have the gall to act tough? I could easily beat the sh*t out of you if I’m at my peak strength, and you still dare to fight against Little Chen? D*mn son. Yeah, you’re great alright but it’s a pity you’ve met Little Chen today. Little Chen had already beaten you once, beating you twice or even thrice could easily be done.”Dragon Shisan sneered, causing Li Shuai’s face to become red in anger. 

“Come. I’ll give you another chance. Otherwise, you may die a pitiful death.” 

Jiang Chen said coldly. This time, he will not give Li Shuai a chance to run away. Those who dare to harm his brothers shall pay a heavy price. 

“One who wishes to die wholeheartedly. How could I not grant it? Today, you shall die.”

“Look at this stubborn fool. Do you think you’re the top dog of all the worlds? There’s no lack of prodigies in this world, what it lacks are smart people, a brainless fool like you… It’ll be easy to kill you like slaughtering a chicken.”

Jiang Chen said while holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, his gaze and the tip of the sword facing his opponent, his battle intent spiked towards its peak!

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