Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2126

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TL: Sword God Union > Sword God Alliance 

“Yes, it's a monkey, its name was something… Dragon Shisan.” 


An ear-splitting boom could be heard exploding from a mountain range ten li away, a heaven-shaking fire shot through the skies. 

“Speak, what in the world happened?” Jiang Chen said with a sinking voice, his heart was filled with extreme anger and worry. 

“I too heard this from the others. A peerless god stash was found 30,000 li east from here. Rumours have it that there are countless Divine King, Hierarch and even Divine Emperor grade divine souls protecting the stash. It is a place of death. The divine soul of a Divine Emperor, who dares to provoke it? Yet that monkey still infiltrated that deathly place. In the end, many others followed suit. A god stash of a Divine Emperor must be filled with incomparable riches. Countless experts are now rushing towards Mount Maitreya. Some say that a shocking battle will probably ensue there.

“Among those countless experts were humans. In addition to countless divine soul experts, one could truly say that it’s a gathering of heroes, a rare sight to behold. But the danger that accompanies it is also extremely worrying. Five major camps were formed countless aeons ago by divine souls in the Divine Tomb. Those are the East, South, West, North and Central divine soul camps. Rumours have it that three of these camps are headed towards that way. Boss, are we joining in the fray too? We may probably stumble upon some great reward. Rumours also said that someone obtained a divine tool from Mount Maitreya, there were even sightings that a Heavenly God Tool was found.” 

The Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign looked at Jiang Chen with perturbed eyes. Most of them wanted to go to Mount Maitreya to check things out. If it’s not now, then when should we go get a piece of that pie? If one managed to get one or two divine tools in their hands, they’ll surely become a powerful entity when they enter the Divine World. 

“Go! We depart now! Rally the people, we’re going to Mount Maitreya.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with fire. 

“Damn Monkey, you better not run into trouble.” 

Jiang Chen was extremely worried. Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow were his life-and-death brothers. To think there’s such an unexpected incident happening now, and with no news of Big Yellow until now, how could Jiang Chen not be worried? Hence, he gave out an urgent order for everyone to depart to Mount Maitreya. Please, Dragon Shisan, be okay! 

In Jiang Chen’s heart, nobody was more important than Big Yellow and Dragon Shisan, not even his blood relative. Therefore, the current Jiang Chen was extremely anxious. 30,000 Li was not really far in terms of distance, yet it wasn’t short too. It’ll at least take them a few days to get there. But Jiang Chen’s heart was filled with anxiety and nobody could understand how he was feeling right now. 

The current Sword God Alliance had become stronger than ever. About 30 Void God experts, and 1,300-ish Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. One could say that they’re the strongest faction around the eastern region. No divine soul groups dared to mess with Jiang Chen anymore. But according to what the previous Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign had has said, there’s still a divine soul organisation hidden in the eastern region that had yet to clash with them. 

“Yesheng Yunwang, A'Mo Kehan, Lu Dong, Jiang Xinxin, listen. The Ffour of you will lead the men to Mount Maitreya in with full speed. I’ll move ahead first, you guys follow behind.”

Jiang Chen changed into a stream of light after finishing his sentence. He instantly vanished into the horizon with the dragon wings oin his back. 

“Everyone, advance at full speed, towards Mount Maitreya. Our Sword God Alliance cannot be left behind!” Lu Dong roared and advanced with rapid speed. 

Mount Maitreya, with an area of 10,000 li, its topography was precipitous and high above the clouds. The highest peak was at least 10,000 meters tall, looking extremely grand and perilous. The whole Divine Tomb was covered with a grey-ish tone, but only Mount Maitreya was covered by fogs and clouds, giving off a vibe of paradise, a Xanadu. 

The surrounding area of Mount Maitreya was filled with countless Immortal Sovereigns and divine souls. But at this moment there weren’t any conflicts between them, although they all belonged to different camps and factions. 

The second highest peak of Mount Maitreya, Tian Zhu peak, it was a green mountain with black-ish water. A violent ape with an iron stick in its hand looked at its surrounding with solemn eyes, his expression was exceptionally cold. A shade of cruelty could be seen on his face, his whole body was filled with cuts and bruises. Standing on top of Tian Zhu summit like a stone pillar, supporting the Heavens and Earth. Like a spartan holding off the coastal pass of Thermopylae! (TL: One man can hold out against ten thousand by Li Bai) 

“Damned monkey, you think you’re hot sh*t? This is the a burial ground of a peerless god. It’s not something that you can take in alone.”

“You really think you’re unmatched, unrivalled? Haha, all the heroes under this Heaven have gathered here, what qualifications do you have to wrest away the Tian Zhu peak for yourself? Aren’t you awfully naive!”

“Yeah. Do you think this is your house? Haha, f*cking monkey, your death shall soon come. You’ll die without a burial ground when our Deputy Lord arrives.” 

“You’re powerful, so what? In the end, you’ve sustained heavy injury thanks to us. Overconfident piece of sh*t. When our Alliance’s Lord conquers the whole Mount Maitreya, prepare to have your soul shattered, humph humph.” 

“Why bother talking to him? You can see that he’s on his last legs. Let’s work together and kill this ape, it’s as easy as taking a toy from a baby.”

There were many people on top of Tian Zhu peak, continuously yelling. But no one dared to be the first to fight the monkey to the death. Because the monkey has already killed 500 Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, there were even Divine King divine souls that had fallen under his iron stick. However, But he also still sustained heavy injuries after fighting battles after battles, the body of the monkey has almost become a crippled animal. 

The monkey held the iron stick in his hand with a solemn expression, his eyes unwavering, even with enemies on all sides, he stood his ground steadfastly as before.

This man was none other than Dragon Shisan, possessing overbearing manner, killing off each and every one of them every that dareds to go near him. Now, he has given a thorough shock to everyone aeveryone there a thorough shock. Because his appearance was like an ancient war god, standing his ground steadfastly, causing the others to not dare to take another step forward. 

Dragon Shisan held his iron stick in with an unparalleled manner. Even if he was heavily injured, his combat battle strength was unrivalled. No one dared to take the lead, where Void God experts too had fallen in his hands. Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, not even ten-thousands strong dareds to encroach. 

People from several alliances and rogue cultivators stood behind, waiting to reap an effortless reward. 

The twelve peaks of Tian Yin! There wereas twelve entrances, there was a temple on each peak that leadsconnects into the god stash of Mount Maitreya. 

Some managed to enter, with some coming out with great rewards, some dying a horrible death, and some even mysteriously vanished. 

The main peak, Tian Lan peak was the largest peak amongst the others, many people chose to enter from the Tian Lan peak but not everyone managed to reach the god stash of Mount Maitreya. Moreover, the all twelve peaks of Tian Yin was different from one another. There were many HierarchHierach divine souls defending the main Tian Lan peak. 

Whereas for the Tian Zhu peak, after Dragon Shisan has reached the temple, he did not continue further but stood outside of the temple, blocking off every other person who attempteds to enter the temple. In the eyes of others, it looked like he intends to swallow the god stash for himself, hoarding the single peak for himself. 

“As long as I’m here, not one of you shall take another step into Tian Zhu peak.” 

Dragon Shisan’s expression was dark. Even though he sustained heavy injuries, he still wouldn’t let anyone take another step into the Tian Zhu peak. 

“F*cking monkey, looks like you’ll not give up until you’re dead. If you’re ballsy enough, I dare you to come down from the mountain and fight me, I’ll be sure to give you a beating you’ll remember in your life.” 

“Yeah. F*cking monkey, taking the high ground, coward!” 

“Trash! You’ll die for sure when our vice lord arrives!”

“Hahaha, c*cky a*sh*le, prepare for your death!” 

An increasing amount of taunts and curses could be heard. But Dragon Shisan was unfazed, he just stood on top of Tian Zhu peak, and looking down at the group with disdain. 

“Such a big joke, you’re calling me a coward? Hahaha, a bunch of brainless pigs, you guys encroached me with 10,000 strong men, yet you never think of the word cowardly? Bunch of cowards, trash, who dares to fight me?!”

Dragon Shisan sonorous voice resounded across Tian Zhu peak. Yet, not a single Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns from the 10,000 strong dared to take another step. Because they knew that the first to go will die for sure. Humans are selfish beings, especially at this moment, they have cultivated for thousands and thousands of years to attain the great Dao and managed to win a ticket into the Divine Tomb, who wants to seek their own death? 

“A mere Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign and you guys couldn’t take him down. Truly disappointing.” A cold and overbearing voice resounded across Tian Zhu peak. 

A figure flew down from the sky with an imposing manner. 

“Vice Lord, the vice lord has arrived, hahaha, we can finally take down that bastard. F*cking m*nkey, your death has arrived.” 

“Yes, Vice Lord, take him down, get rid of this evil for the people.” 

Ear-splitting shouts resounded throughout the place. 

“Who are you? State your name, I, Dragon Shisan, have never killeds a nameless person.” Dragon Shisan pointeds at the void with his stick and said with a forced pale laugh. 

“You’ll understand when you’re dead how foolish your words are. Since you’re eager to know, let me tell you, the one who will murders you is none other than, the Vice Lord of the Unparalleled Charm Alliance, Li Shuai!” Li Shuai proudly said.  

His eyes were filled with killing intent. At this moment, only a battle awaits and the loser shall die!. 

“Unparalleled Charm Alliance? Hahaha. This name sounds stupid. Psh, Vice Lord, this has truly opened my eyes. But, it’ll take you more than that to kill me.” Dragon Shisan gripped his iron stick firmly. 

“What is there to say to a person one who is in his last legs? If it weren’t for you, my men would have long entered the Tian Zhu peak, surrender and I may possibly leave you with a complete corpse.” Li Shuai palely said. 

“I hate people that talks more  than me. Come and get it, enough of your b*llsh*t!” Dragon Shisan sneered. 

A battle was ready to be set off!

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