Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2100

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Quicksand City was situated at the border of the domain. It’s where Yang Junlong was situated. His current cultivation level has already reached the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm. Currently, he was facing the black barbarian army that had appeared in the sky. His eyes were shining in splendour, emitting an extremely imposing aura. 

The leader of the Barbarian Race was also a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign of Wulei (Thunder) Family, an elder who wore a giant crown on his head, looking extremely imposing. There were two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign standing right behind him. 

The others were also experts. Now that the battle on the Sovereign Domain had started, it’d be a clash between the powerful experts of both worlds; those that had joined the battle were all Barbarian Sovereigns. 

On the side of Quicksand City, there was only a single Seventh Grade Great Sovereign, which was Yang Junlong. Comparing their lineups, Quicksand City was obviously inferior than the barbarians. 

This only showed that the overall strength of the Barbarian World had surpassed the Immortal World. The Barbarian Race could send out three Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign to a small city like Quicksand City. 

Other than showing how powerful they were, this also showed the Barbarian Race’s determination to massacre the Immortal World in a swift and quick manner. (Blitzkrieg style)

The powerful experts of the Barbarian World were furious because of the losses they had suffered in the Immortal World. This time, they were resolved to determine a winner in this battle. The purpose of this battle was to completely destroy the Sovereign Domain, thoroughly removing the place from the map. Since as long as the Sovereign Domain was destroyed, the whole Immortal World shall become theirs, no one would be able to go against them. 

The people of Quicksand City had a slightly despaired look after they saw the lineup of the barbarians. Even if they have already made all the necessary preparations, in front of such disparity in strength, an extreme sense of danger had crept into the hearts of each and every one of them. 

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen and the others have finally arrived in the Sovereign Domain, and were immediately met with the rising curtain of the battle. 

“Everyone. Looks like the curtain to the battle of Sovereign Domain has already risen. We’ll split up and assist those cities that are in need of help.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Very well. Everyone, take care,” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord said and was the first to leave. 

“There are many cities in the Sovereign Domain and they’re sure to be in a fierce battle. Looks like the Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns are staying out of this, they should be keeping the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns of the Sovereign Domain in check. This is our battle, Monkey, Big Yellow, Ah Yan, Tyrant, and Ah Nan, you guys look for your own battle. There shouldn’t be any trouble for you guys as long as those Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns stay quiet.” Jiang Chen said. 

Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow were the strongest amongst them. Especially Dragon Shisan who possessed the strength to kill an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. He’s one of their major fighting power. Next is Tyrant, his God Suppressing Monument has an advantage over his opponent, and he could also stand his ground against an Eighth Grade Barbarian without a problem. 


Everyone simultaneously replied and dispersed into different directions, looking for their own battlefield. 

As a matter of fact, the whole Sovereign Domain was a big battlefield, killings could happen everywhere. The Immortal and Barbarian World cannot coexist together, killings would certainly happen when one was to meet against the other, there’s no discussion to be made. 

In an instant, everyone has left and stepped onto the ultimate battlefield. Jiang Chen’s gaze fell onto the direction of Quicksand City. 

No matter what the situation of Quicksand City was, Jiang Chen must go there and check it out for himself. He must be there when Yang Junlong needs help. 

He was one to repay gratitude. Yang Junlong has helped him numerous times in the past and had even helped him save Big Yellow. Such gratitude shall never be forgotten.

Now that Quicksand City was in danger, Jiang Chen must give his assistance. He might not be able to guarantee that everyone from the Immortal World could walk out with their lives, but he must ensure that those who mattered to him live. For him, Yang Junlong was someone important. 

On the sky of Quicksand City, the leader of the Wulei Family raised a black sword and waved it towards the front. He then shouted loudly: “Attack! Kill them all, kill every single one of them, hold no captives!”

*Kill! Kill! Kill!*

The barbarians roared. Even though their numbers weren’t great, each and every one of them was a powerful Barbarian Sovereign, the forces they banded together wasn’t something to scoff at. 

“Brothers of Quicksand City, listen carefully, we’ve come to Sovereign Domain for this day, the day has come for us to defend our soil and pride. Let us use our blood and life for this final battle. Our death shall be honourable!”

Yang Junlong’s imposing manner was off the chart. He was the first to rush towards those three Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. He did not have a shred of fear on his face even if he had to fight three. 

Dying an honourable death!

These words lit up everyone’s spirit, the eyes of the other great sovereigns had become blood-red. They unleashed their brilliant Great Sovereign Laws, wielding their own Great Sovereign weapon and attacked the barbarian army.  

“Hmph. Not knowing one's own limitations.”

The barbarian leader sneered. He and the other two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns acted simultaneously, they unleashed a terrifying Qi wave attack, aiming towards Yang Junlong. Obviously, these barbarians did not want to waste their time. They wanted to end their fight quickly by killing off Yang Junlong. The losses they have suffered in the Immortal World had deepened their hatred towards the Immortal World. 

This was a true catastrophe, a full-blown war. There’s no such thing as pride here, three versus one, the barbarian experts did not feel ashamed. Their goal was to eliminate their enemies, reaching their goal using whatever means necessary. 


Eventually, Yang Junlong couldn’t hold his ground against the three opponents. In addition to that, he had just reached the Seventh Grade realm, his cultivation realm wasn’t stable. Under the bombardment of three experts, Yang Junlong was blown away while coughing out a fountain full of blood. 

This ending was within Yang Junlong’s expectation, a sense of despair started to fill his heart. 

But when Yang Junlong was starting to despair, a powerful Qi wave tumbled from afar. Everyone could see a blood-red draconian rushing towards their location with a dragon sword on one of his hand, looking extremely imposing and full of killing intent. 

“Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen has come! He killed Wuke Tianxiang!”

“Great! Jiang Chen has come. Our Quicksand City is saved.”


Countless great sovereigns were filled with excitement. Yang Junlong’s face looked like he was smiling. Yang Junlong was happy that Jiang Chen had appeared in such a critical moment.  

Everyone had clearly witnessed how Jiang Chen killed Wuke Tianxiang. Now that Jiang Chen has become a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, killing off a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign was as easy as pie. 

“Fucking hell, why is that God of Death here.”

The barbarian leader’s expression changed tremendously after Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance. The upper hand they had gained had just vanished after Jiang Chen appeared. 

They knew how powerful Jiang Chen was. The high rankers of the Barbarian World have issued a kill order on Jiang Chen for this battle in Sovereign Domain. But pitifully, they do not possess the strength to kill off Jiang Chen. 

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