Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2098

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A giant hole was punctured through the sky just from the residual energy of the main attack. 

Jiang Chen’s attack carried every ounce of energy he had. It was the most powerful attack that he had ever unleashed up until now, fusing every resources and energy in his body. 

It was a clash between the strongest, the winner will be determined after this clash. 

Under countless nervous gazes, Jiang Chen, the Heavenly Dragon Sword, the Gold Feather Fan, all attacked at a single point. 

Facing such enormous energy, not even the powerful Divine Chakram could withstand it. A giant hole was punctured through the black Divine Chakram World as a result.  


After the Divine Chakram World was destroyed, the airwaves tumbled once again, the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram suddenly stopped whirling and bounced off the sky, as if it had suffered a backlash. 

At the same time, Wuke Tianxiang too flew backwards. With the Divine Chakram World destroyed, he too suffered a tremendous backlash, causing him an injury of unimaginable degree. In other words, he was currently like a deflated balloon, one that has lost all of his combat strength. 

Wuke Tianxiang could no longer continue his fight against Jiang Chen in his current condition. Whereas, the unparalleled Jiang Chen now no longer deemed Wuke Tianxiang worthy anymore. 

“Haha! Victory!”

“Jiang Chen is truly mighty! Wuke Tiaxiang has become useless after the Divine Chakram World is destroyed.”

“Kill! Kill the number one prodigy of the Barbarian Race!”


The people of the Immortal World was roused and cheers could be heard. The nervousness they had before was completely gone. The moment Jiang Chen forced Wuke Tianxiang back, the morale of the Immortal World was rising unceasingly, like a tidal wave.  

Whereas on the barbarians’ side, every one of them was wearing an extremely ugly expression. Their previous confidence and pride were completely gone, only the feeling of defeat was left within their hearts. 

Since the battle between the two worlds had started, the barbarians have suffered countless disastrous defeats. They originally thought they could raise their morale by having Wuke Tianxiang defeat Jiang Chen. 

But they had never thought that the prodigy of the humans was so powerful that not even their greatest prodigy could win against him. 


Jiang Chen let out another dragon roar. He then reverted to his half draconic form and kept the Gold Feather Fan. Afterwards, he pursued Wuke Tianxiang with the Heavenly Dragon Sword and the Great Void Technique. 

‘Strike while the enemy is weak’, Jiang Chen understood what he needed to do next.

A heaven-defying prodigy like Wuke Tianxiang mustn’t be allowed to get away and recuperate. He’ll certainly become a threat if he managed to slip away today.

“Quickly! Protect Young Master Tianxiang!” A Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign was in great shock and shouted. 

Immediately after, he and another Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign followed behind Wuke Tianxiang and managed to get to him before Jiang Chen. 

These two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were elders from the Wuke Family. The reason they followed Wuke Tianxiang today was to prevent any accidents that may happen to him. 

Now that they saw Wuke Tianxiang had lost and was on the verge of dying in the hands of Jiang Chen, they needed to act. After all, Wuke Tianxiang was too important for the Wuke Family. He’s the one who possesses the Ancient Barbaric Combat Physique, and the only prodigy in the Barbarian World that was not suppressed by Jiang Chen. Furthermore, they didn’t know when the next possessor of the technique would appear, hence it’ll be a great loss for the Barbarian World if he were to die here. 

“Monkey, Big Yellow!” 

Jiang Chen shouted. His gaze locked onto Wuke Tianxiang. He had no time for the other two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns, he left them in the hands of Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow as they wouldn’t have any trouble facing those two. 

*Shu! Shu!*

The instant those two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns wanted to act, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow had already moved even without Jiang Chen’s reminder. 

They were an abnormality amongst the abnormals, they possessed extreme speed and instantly appeared before those two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns.  

“Scram!” A Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign furiously said, and his terrifying big hand grabbed onto Dragon Shisan. 


Dragon Shisan moved forward fearlessly and unleashed the powerful Exterminating Symbol Art. It was the most powerful Battle Saint Technique that he had, and the Exterminating Symbol Art could easily kill off an average Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign.  



Half of that Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign’s body was crushed by Dragon Shisan’s Exterminating Symbol Art, and the barbarian tragically died on the spot after a blood-shrilling scream. 


At the same time, the other Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign had a hole punctured through his forehead by Big Yellow. 

In an instant, two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns tragically died in the hands of Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow. They couldn’t even withstand a single attack from them, truly a pitiful death. 

In the sky, a black gateway appeared and the corpses of the Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were sucked into it. 

Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow were not surprised by this at all. They knew that Jiang Chen had used the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to absorb those two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns.  

With Jiang Chen’s current strength, if he managed to absorb those two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns and Wuke Tianxiang, he’ll certainly reach the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

Jiang Chen walked towards Wuke Tianxiang and cut him with the Heavenly Dragon Sword, ignoring the look of fear that he was wearing. Completely cutting Wuke Tianxiang in half with just a single slash. 

The number one prodigy of the Barbarian World has fallen there and then. Jiang Chen had also taken the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. It truly was a tremendous loss for the Barbarian World. 


The seventieth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was completely condensed after absorbing Wuke Tianxiang, and the dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body had reached 1.91 million. The requirement for the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm was only 1.90 million. After that, Jiang Chen absorbed and refined a large amount of Sovereign Grade immortal meta stones to solidify his foundation. 

After reaching the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm, Jiang Chen’s strength had become much more terrifying. He could now easily kill off an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. 


Han Yan shouted the instant Wuke Tianxiang had fallen, he then rushed towards the barbarians and attacked them. Immediately after, the others from the Immortal World also raised their weapons and rushed towards the barbarians.  

The morale of the Immortal World had reached an all-time high. Whereas on the side of the barbarians, after their leaders have fallen, they have become flies without head, scampering aimlessly, some of them had even started to run away by opening up a portal towards the Barbarian World.

“Little Chen, what shall we do now? Should we lock down the whole area and kill off these barbarians.”

Dragon Shisan walked towards Jiang Chen and said. 

“No need. It's useless to kill off these barbarians. Might as well give the others a chance to gain some experience. This time, the barbarians have suffered a tremendous loss. If I guess correctly, the grand decisive battle would start in the Sovereign Domain soon.” Jiang Chen said. 

He thought it was about time for him to change to another battlefield. With his current cultivation realm now, he’s well prepared enough to stand on the final battleground in the Sovereign Domain and contribute towards the cause. 

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