Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2095

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“Look! The mirror’s projecting the battle between Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang.”

“That’s right, the battle has already started. This should be the legendary Great Thousand Mirror. Although we are unable to go there, we can still watch the battle through the projection of the Great Thousand Mirror.”

“The barbarian genius is really awesome. His cultivation realm has already reached Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm, which is two levels higher than Jiang Chen. I am not sure if Jiang Chen will be a match for him.”


Many people started getting anxious as they watched at the projection of the Great Thousand Mirror without blinking. Everyone was intrigued by the battle between Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang. However, there were very few of them able to go to the West to watch the battle. Most of the people were waiting for the news of Jiang Chen’s victory. 

Being able to witness the battle was an incredibly exciting thing to all of the people there.

The battle had become the center of public’s attention and the entire Immortal World was flooded with silence. None of them spoke and they fixed their eyes on the Great Thousand Mirror in the sky. They were unwilling to miss out any scene of the battle.  

Ho Long…

The Fire Dragon and Barbarian Dragon were wrestling against each other above the sky, and then they disappeared. This was the first time they collided and hence the victor could not be decided yet. 

“There’s something about this guy that can restrains us barbarians. However, since my Ancient Barbarian Bloodline is purer, the restraint on me is weaker.”

Wuke Tianxiang’s face was filled with shock. Although Jiang Chen’s restraint did not affect him much, he, a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, felt pretty ashamed as the result of his bout with Jiang Chen was a draw.

Who is he? He was the unprecedented number-one genius of the Barbarian Race and had the purest bloodline amongst the barbarians. With his strong Ancient Barbarian Physique, he could killed most of the masters who has a similar cultivation level as him with a single strike. However, he could not kill a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. This has startled Wuke Tianxiang. He knew that he had to take this opponent seriously. 

On the other side, Jiang Chen felt shocked as well. 

“This guy’s Ancient Barbarian Bloodline is purer. That’s why my flames couldn’t affect him much. No wonder he’s the number-one genius of the Barbarian Race. It seems like I have encountered a good opponent today. But that’s also great, or else this battle would be too easy and meaningless.”

Jiang Chen also felt starled but his face immediately showed excitement because he was a person who favoured challenges. The stronger the opponent was, the more it could provoke his combat intent. Wuke Tianxiang made Jiang Chen feel that this battle was worthwhile. 

“Little Chen, this guy has the Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique. It’s not easy to handle him. Your usual restraint on the Barbarian Race is not working on him.”

Big Yellow tried to remind Jiang Chen.

“This dog has good sense, he could actually see through my Combat Physique.”

Wuke Tianxiang glanced at Big Yellow and snorted. 

“The ending will still be the same.”

Jiang Chen released his imposing manner and his body was instantly filled with combat intent. It’s not easy to encounter an opponent who could fight him. Today, he was going to have an enjoyable battle. 


Jiang Chen took action and casted out the True Dragon Greate Handprint. The dreadful dragon claw was like a heavenly trap, turning into a bloody huge cage, attempting to catch Wuke Tianxiang.

“Ancient Barbarian God Fist.”

Immediately, Wuke Tianxiang also took action. He casted out the Ancient Barbarian God Fist. The enormous fist seemed to have originated from the ancient era, appearing above the sky.

In an instant, the enormous fist was wrestling with the huge dragon claw in the sky. The sky was ripped up by the fighting.

Ho long….. 

The heaven and earth were banging, releasing destructive waves of the battle. These waves were extremely terrifying. If they fell down from the sky, they could destroy a world. That would be a disaster to both the army of the Barbarian World and Immortal World.

The sounds of clashes came out unceasingly. Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang had already been fighting for half an hour and destroyed more than ten battlefields. However, the winner still couldn’t be decided yet.

The scenes in the Great Thousand Mirror was chaotic. It was not easy to see what was happening on the battlefield clearly. However, people could see that both Wuke Tianxiang and Jiang Chen encountered a true match this time. Undeniably, it would be hard to determine the winner in this battle. 

“This guys is really strong.”

Dragon Shisan could not help heaving a sigh. He was very nervous and wished that he could go to take over Jiang Chen in the battlefield 

“The incredible Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique. It can be compared to your combat physique in the ancient era. Of course it’s unparalleled and dreadful,” Big Yellow said.

In most of the domains in the Immortal World, everyone was highly tensed.

“A battle like this is really terrifying. The Barbarian World has such an incredibly monstrous genius now. Luckily, Jiang Chen is also formidable.”

“Wuke Tianxiang is a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign while Jiang Chen is only a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. There is still a gap between the two of them. If both of them had the same level of cultivation, I am afraid that Wuke Tianxiang would not be a match for Jiang Chen.”

“Now is not the time to talk about cultivation realm. We have to talk about their combat strength now. I don’t know if Jiang Chen can win this battle.”

“Don’t worry. I have faith in Jiang Chen. He has created many miracles in the Immortal World.”


The battle was too intense. All the people of the Immortal and Barbarian World who paid attention to this battle was in great shock. 

At the beginning, they were very confident in their own genius. Now that the two had been fighting for some time, their confidence was damaged greatly. Now, no one knew who would be the winner at the end of the battle.

“Jiang Chen, you are indeed the most heaven-defying person I have met. But, no matter how much of a genius you are, you will still die in my hands today. Barbarian God Possession!”

Wuke Tianxiang was also thrilled by the battle. He shouted aloud, and then his body started having a great transformation. In a flash, he enlarged into a giant and his body gave out brilliance. The formidable Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique was suppressing.

At this particular moment, he was like a reincarnated Barbarian God. Immediately, he punched at Jiang Chen with his huge fist. This punch directly created a big hole in the sky, and the fist broke through space, hitting on Jiang Chen.

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen was not slow at all and released the dreadful slaughtering Dao. He completely became a Slaughtering God and threw out the unyielding dragon. Then, he transformed into a real dragon and unified with the unyielding dragon, making himself into an unyielding dragon. 

Slaughtering, slaughter everything under the heavens. 

Within a short period of time, the terrifying slaughtering intent filled up every space in the battle field. It was boundlessly overbearing.


The unyielding dragon roared, shaking the heavens, rushing towards Wuke Tianxiang’s Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique. 

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