Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2094

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A day later. 

The army of the Barbarian Race had occupied the further west of the Immortal World, an extremely desolate land, but right now, their breath filled the air. They could be seen everywhere.

Hundreds of thousands of barbarians were waiting at their camp base. Each of their faces showed excitement. 

These past few days, the Barbarian Race’s fighting spirit had plunged to the lowest point. Due to the defeat, they had lost their arrogance and imposing manner.

However, today was a very meaningful day for them because their number-one genius, Wuke Tianxiang, was going to show up to challenge the number-one genius of the Immortal World, Jiang Chen.

This would be the most significant battle between the two worlds. It would also be a battle to rebuild the Barbarian Race’s fighting spirit. Numerous people were paying attention and looking forward to the battle. Jiang Chen’s name was like a phantom living in everyone’s heart. If Jiang Chen didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have been defeated in their first attack.

Every one of the barbarians had mixed feelings about Jiang Chen. They were afraid but at the same time they hated him. It should be said that they hated him bitterly and madly. 

“Tianxiang wants to challenge Jiang Chen. Do you think Jiang Chen would dare to accept the challenge?”

“That would be great if he doesn’t accept it because it will prove that he is afraid of Tianxiang. If that’s the case, his position as the war god will collapse in countless people’s heart. Then, the Immortal World’s fighting spirit will go down.”

“I think Jiang Chen will definitely come. That guy is so arrogant and he is not afraid of the heavens and earth. He even broke into the Wuke Family and took away our Saintess by himself.”

“Humph! If Jiang Chen does really come, he will inevitably die. Tianxiang is a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. A normal Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, even a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign, will not be a match for Tianxiang. Jiang Chen is only a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. The gap between them is huge. Even without thinking, we already know the result of the battle.”

The barbarians paid full attention to this battle and they had incomparable confidence on Wuke Tianxiang. 

At this moment, there was a young man wearing black clothes standing in the sky. His deep black pupils seemed to be able to see through everything. He was standing there with his black robe waving in the wind and enjoying the thousands and hundreds of respectful gazes and admiration.

He was looking afar and looked like he was waiting for something.

Wuke TianXiang, the number-one genius of the Barbarian Race. While just being a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign he could kill a Seven Grade Barbarian Sovereign with a single hand.

Dong dong dong…….

Suddenly, the heavy sound of the battle drum came out from the sky afar like a thunderclap.

Soon, a massive army of the Immortal World appeared in the sky. It did not seem weaker than the Barbarian World’s army.

A very significant event of both worlds would place today. Many of the powerful forces of the Immortal World were here, wanting to witness the upcoming peerless battle. This battle represents a holy war between the pinnacles of the younger generation.

At this moment, those who were standing at the frontline for the Immortal World were Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan, Big Yellow, Tyrant, and Han Yan.

Behind them were the people who willingly followed them because they wanted to witness this historical moment with their own eyes.


As soon as Jiang Chen appeared, a guy immediately looked at him, and in turn, Jiang Chen also looked back to the guy. The guy was Wuke Tianxiang who was standing in the sky.

“This guy is very strong, Little Chen. How about you let me to handle him?”

Dragon Shisan said. 

“I will go. This battle has different significance for me, and I am more suitable for the task,” said Jiang Chen.

“Okay, be careful.”

Dragon Shisan nodded in understanding.

Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang’s battle was not a normal battle. It was a battle that represented both the Immortal World and Barbarian World. To the entire Immortal World, Jiang Chen was currently more influential than Dragon Shisan. That’s why Jiang Chen was bearing the hope of countless people in the Immortal World. Once he achieved victory, he could brought unimaginable impact to raise up the human’s fighting spirit. 

Jiang Chen strode a step, and instantly transformed into his dragon form, and then faced Wuke Tianxiang. Both of them exchanged a look, then their imposing manner begun welling up. 

“Jiang Chen, you have taken away our family’s Saintess and even killed so many barbarian experts. Today will be your time to die!” 

Wuke Tianxiang said in an overbearing manner.

“I am afraid that I will not be the one who will die at the end, but you.” 

Jiang Chen snorted. 

“Don’t bullshit with me. Let’s start the battle now. I really would like to see how you, a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, are going to fight me.” 

Wuke Tianxiang was in his high spirits as he was very well-prepared for this battle.

Buzz Buzz…..

At this particular moment, there was a buzzing sound coming out from the sky. A gigantic mirror appeared in the sky. Simultaneously, the gigantic mirror scattered  into countless pieces and each piece flew towards different directions of the Immortal World.

“Great Thousand Mirror.”

Jiang Chen was moved because he knew this mirror. The Great Thousand Mirror once appeared during his visit to the Golden Horizon. It had recorded part of the scene of the previous catastrophe.

“Look! That’s the legendary Great Thousand Mirror!”

“It’s said that it is an invisible mirror existing in the Immortal World. It only appears when catastrophe befalls, in order to record part of the scenes. The Great Thousand Mirror now appeared again when Jiang Chen is going to fight Wuke Tianxiang.”

“The Great Thousand Mirror is scattered into many pieces with different surfaces and they show up at different domains. This battle is too significant to both Immortal and Barbarian World, so Great Thousand Mirror wants whoever can’t be here to be able to witness the battle scene. Later, the scene of the battle between Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang will be imprinted by Great Thousand Mirror. Then everyone of the Immortal World will be able to watch the battle through the scattered mirrors.

“That’s great! In this sense, if Jiang Chen win, that will encourage Immortal World’s fighting spirit. I can’t imagine that.”

“Let’s see. I am confident in Jiang Chen. He never disappoints us.”


The appearance of the Great Thousand Mirror had set a ruckus. This legendary mirror had appeared twice in the past. Once in the first catastrophe and the second time was in the Golden Horizon. It was the third time now.

Everyone knew that the Great Thousand Mirror only appeared to record the most critical historical moment. 

Now that it appeared in today’s battle, it could be imagined how important this battle was. This battle was destined to be remembered by generations and generations.

Under the sky, Wuke Tianxiang took initiative first. He casted out a Barbarian dragon that turned the entire space around.


The barbarian dragon roared fiercely and then rushed towards Jiang Chen madly.

“Fire Dragon Seal.”
Jiang Chen was not afraid at all, and casted out the powerful Fire Dragon Seal. The boundlessly terrifying fire dragon was huge. It crashed towards to the Barbarian Dragon.

Ho long…..

The entire space was completely destroyed. A battle like this was indeed overly frightening. It just started but it already managed to destroy the space around them. It was horrifying.

At the moment, there were shadows of the Great Thousand Mirror appearing at different domains of the Immortal World. The humans would not miss out what was happening in the battle through the help of the Great Thousand Mirror.

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