Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2090

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The Mi Luo Immortal Court was in the same predicament as the Ethereal Immortal Court, facing the onslaught of the Barbarian Race. 

The attackers of Mi Luo Immortal Court were experts from the Wulan and Wulv Family. The scale of the attack was the same as that of the Ethereal Immortal Court, where the barbarians sent five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns with a bunch of experts behind them. The space where the Mi Luo Immortal Court was located was nearly destroyed, the whole place was covered by a thick cloud of gloom from the intense battles. 

Mi Luo Sovereign Lord and two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns were coughing out blood due to injury, their complexion were pale and one could see the despair displayed on their faces. 

“How could the Barbarian World be this powerful?!”

Mi Luo Sovereign Lord lamented. They did not expect the second catastrophe to be this frightening. The barbarians had become such a terrifying opponent after laying low for thousands of years. One didn’t have to guess that the other Immortal Courts must have their hands tied fending off the same level of attack if the ones attacking us was of such scale. 

Mi Luo Sovereign Lord’s expression became darker after thinking about it. This indicated that the other Immortal Courts were facing an unprecedented danger. Once all the Immortal Courts crumbled, the whole Immortal World will completely fall into the hands of the barbarians. 

“Sovereign Lord, what do we do now?” A Sixth Grade Great Sovereign elder asked. 

“What else can we do? Fight! Fight until our last breath! This is the Immortal World’s catastrophe, we’ll die fighting, there’s no escape for us anymore.” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord said while gritting his teeth. 

There are no terms of surrender when they’re faced with such a catastrophe. The only choice they have was to die fighting, there’s no escaping this fate. 


The leader of the Wulan Family shouted, he then attacked the three of them with the other four barbarians. Their aggressive attacks were so devastating that the trio had almost no chance of defending. They weren’t giving any chances to Mi Luo Sovereign Lord and the two elders as they were heavily injured. 

The three of them may not be able to get through such a devastating attack. 


At this moment, an ear-piercing sound suddenly resounded from the void. A radiant sword glowing like dragon pierced through the void and fell onto a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign’s body. 


That Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was split into half, and a fountain of blood gushed out of his body. 

“Who goes there?!” The Wulan Family leader shouted. 

The death of a Sixth Grade barbarian comrade had terrified them. The opponent must be a powerful expert, since he could kill a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign in just a single sword strike. 

The three Mi Luo Immortal Court experts who were heavily pressured felt relieved. Their gaze too, were looking at the void. They saw a half dragon half human youth emerged through the void like a spirit. He had a gallant figure, a battle sword held in one hand, just like a peerless War God descending upon the battlefield. 

“Jiang Chen!” 

The Mi Luo trio exclaimed in shock when they saw Jiang Chen’s arrival. They could feel the dangerous Qi emitting out from Jiang Chen. Even though he was just a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, his strength wasn’t something to scoff at. His strength was the real deal, as a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign had just fallen under this Fourth Grade Great Sovereign’s blade. 

“I had never thought that the one to save our Immortal Court would be… him…”

“His growth is monstrous! If our Immortal Court had continued our enmity towards him… I fear that no amount of people from our court could take him down.”

The two elders sighed. They knew that all of their past grudges had disappeared in the eyes of such a catastrophe. This had also shown how magnanimous Jiang Chen was as he was willing to help them. 

What else could their Immortal Court say? Even if they had suffered in the hands of Jiang Chen, there’s nothing more important than the catastrophe that they’re facing at the moment. Most importantly, Jiang Chen had become something that they couldn’t look down on. In fact, they should thank the heavens that Jiang Chen didn’t come here to seek trouble with them. 


After Jiang Chen appeared, the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand sent out a howl, and it's terrifying sword Qi instantly locked onto an opponent, Jiang Chen then attacked him without any warning. 


The disparity in strength was too much, only death awaits after they’re locked on by the Heavenly Dragon Sword. No resistance could be made, without a doubt. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda opened up a crack and swallowed the two Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign corpses whole. The sixty-ninth floor of the pagoda had started to become more and more complete. 

For Jiang Chen, a Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereign was a powerful nourishment. It was getting hard for him to further improve the pagoda, the energy he could get from the pagoda had become lesser and lesser. Hence, he must continue his slaughter without giving a damn to his opponents, and use all he could get to continue improving himself. 

The catastrophe had just raised its curtain and it shall continue for a period of time. Jiang Chen must use this opportunity  to quickly improve his strength, only then could he join the final battlefield on the Sovereign Domain. 

The remaining three barbarians were scared shitless. They weren’t able to respond due to the shock that they had just received. Where did this psycho came from? To instantly kill off two experts from their side. 


Jiang Chen didn’t give them any chance. The Heavenly Dragon Sword swam through the battlefield like a real dragon, cutting through another barbarian expert’s skull. That barbarian too, let out a blood-curdling scream and tragically died on the spot. 

*Argh! Argh!*

The remaining two also died tragically in the same manner. After solving the crisis here, Jiang Chen needed to proceed to the Radiance Immortal Court. Hence, he must conclude his battle quickly. 

It was extremely easy for him to exterminate a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, there wasn’t any challenge for him at all. The gap in strength between them had been pulled apart. Those barbarian experts could only unleash half of their original strength when Jiang Chen goes all out. 

The trio from the Mi Luo Immortal Court stood there looking dumbfounded. The things that happened in front of them were like a dream, those threatening five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were cut down by Jiang Chen like vegetables on a chopping board. They wouldn’t have believed it if they didn’t witness it themselves. 

Mi Luo Sovereign Lord’s mouth became parched, he couldn’t say a word to Jiang Chen. He believed that Jiang Chen could take down the whole Immortal Court alone if he really wished so. 

“Many thanks, Jiang Chen. No matter what had happened in the past, let bygones be bygones.” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord clasped his fist towards Jiang Chen. 

“Mi Luo Sovereign Lord, in the face of the enemy, we should work as one to fight the Barbarian World. Your Immortal Court must reorganize as quickly as possible. This is just the first wave of attack, the Barbarian World has become more powerful than ever. I’m now going to Radiance Immortal Court, I’ll leave the remaining barbarians to you guys.” Jiang Chen then disappeared without a trace afterwards. 

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