Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2084

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The light of the Myriad Transformations Stars Ruler engulfed the whole area, completely blocking the leader’s path. Those average Barbaric Sovereigns on the same level as Heaven Sovereign couldn’t fight against him once he unleashed his divine might. 


The leader was already desperate and didn’t want to fight anymore. Unfortunately, he was blocked off by the Myriad Transformations Stars Ruler, and the powerful air wave destroyed his attack, causing him to be thrown back a hundred ahang, his complexion extremely pale. 

Meanwhile on the other side, Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun were suppressing their respective opponents, not giving them a chance to escape. The barbarian army was basically trapped. Even though the barbarians had sent quite a large number of experts in this battle, their numbers were still lacking compared to the Immortal Court. In addition, their morale had become low, further decreasing the chance of them breaking through the encirclement. 


Jiang Chen moved, and the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand unleashed a boundless pressure. He then appeared on the top of Ling Liqun’s opponent and attacked. That Barbarian Sovereign was frightened and hurriedly lifted his weapon to defend against the impending Heavenly Dragon Sword. 

Pitifully Jiang Chen had him in his sight. Not only was the weapon struck away from his hand due to the force, but his whole body was also split in half. Then, Ling Liqun dealt the final blow, completely ending that Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign’s life. 

Jiang Chen did not dawdle after he finished off one opponent. He then flew towards Feng Jingyang who was still fighting against the other Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. Jiang Chen planned to kill them all, especially the powerful Barbarian Sovereigns, they must not be left alive. 


Following another blood-curdling scream, the seventh Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign fell under Jiang Chen’s blade. At this moment, only the leader was still alive, however, he was already coughing out blood from getting attacked by Heaven Sovereign. While the barbarian was busy getting pounded by Heaven Sovereign, Jiang Chen slipped in once again and struck the final nail in the coffin. 

The leader’s expression became pale white and started to despair when he saw the death god (Jiang Chen) coming for him, and he almost completely gave up his resistance. 


Jiang Chen was ruthless, the sword slashed through the leader’s body, cutting him in half cleanly. 

At this moment, eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns perished in less than ten minutes after the battle started. All of them died from Jiang Chen’s blade. The scene was too shocking, even Feng Jingyang and the others thought that they were dreaming. Jiang Chen’s existence truly inspired people to follow him. 


After the eight Sixth Grade barbarian Sovereigns have died, the bunch of barbarians was left without a leader. They all became spineless soldiers without any fighting intent left in them, leaving them to be slaughtered by the people of the Immortal Court. 

Looking at the battlefield, Jiang Chen’s mouth curved into a slight smile. Heaven Sovereign and the others did not join in the remaining battles, giving the others a chance to increase their experience in fighting against the barbarians. 

Whereas for Jiang Chen, his top priority at the moment was to break through to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

“Ah Nan, give me a large amount of Sovereign Grade Immortal Meta Stones that the Immortal Court could give, quickly!” Jiang Chen said towards Nangong Wentian. 

The sixty-eighth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has already been condensed. The dragon marks in his body has already reached 1.85 million, he’s on the verge of breaking through to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm. But the Immortal Meta Stones that he had kept was almost exhausted. He needed a large amount of them in order to break through to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm.


Nangong Wentian did not dawdle. He knew that Jiang Chen was in a crucial stage of breaking through. The higher the cultivation level Jiang Chen have on this war, the greater damage it’ll cause to the Barbarian Race. No amount of Immortal Meta Stone was worth being stingy on such a catastrophe. 

Moreover, the relationship between Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian was a friendship of life and death. He would even wager his life for the sake of Jiang Chen if he were to be in danger, not mentioning about some Immortal Meta Stones. 

Heaven Sovereign then grabbed into the void and accessed the space on the other side, and after taking out a large amount of Immortal Meta Stones, he delivered it straight to Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen then took it without restraint, refining the whole bunch of Immortal Meta Stones as if it doesn’t have a cost. Then, a loud bang was heard from the  Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s cultivation broke through to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm, and the amount of dragon marks on his body is 1.86 million. 

After reaching the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm, Jiang Chen’s combat strength has reached a new height. He could now kill a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign in one shot and could go toe-to-toe with an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign, and could probably kill an Eighth Grade if he used the Golden Feather Fan.

In other words, it was impossible for the Barbarian Race to cause fundamental damage to the Immortal World with Jiang Chen’s existence. 

“Very good. Little Chen. You’ve reached the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm and your strength has become even more terrifying. Any barbarian who bumps into you is really unfortunate.” Heaven Sovereign said with a laugh. 

Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun’s face were also blooming with a smile. The faster Jiang Chen grew, the happier they were. They needed people like Jiang Chen in this war against the barbarians. 

“Ah Nan, lock down the whole place. Do not let a single barbarian leave. I’ll check out the other battlefields.” Jiang Chen said. 

Now that the war has come to them, the number of experts that are sent by the barbarians must be large. Especially towards the Immortal Courts, the Fengchi Immortal Court had eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns attacking them. Even though one of the reasons was that Heaven Sovereign possessed the Ancient Elephant Bloodline, there was no guarantee that the other Immortal Court would have it easier than them. 

Sovereign Taixu had tasked him of protecting the Immortal World. Naturally, Jiang Chen had to shoulder the responsibility. Now that he has become a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign and the situation at hand was basically under control. He did not stay idle and moved towards the other battlefield to check on the situation. 

Killing more barbarians, improving the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and increasing his cultivation level. These were the most important things that he had to do now. 

However, Jiang Chen also knew that it’ll become harder for him to breakthrough to the later stage. He needed to kill Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns to further improve the pagoda, and for him to breakthrough to a higher level

“Alright, you go ahead, Leave this place to us.” Heaven Sovereign said. 

Now that the eight Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns have died, the remaining barbarians were of no threat to the Immortal Court, only death and slaughter awaited these barbarians. 

Jiang Chen then disappeared, leaving the Immortal Court. 

Demonic Immortal Island!

The current Demonic Immortal Island had almost fallen into the enemy’s hands. The whole outer sea was locked in a massive battle, with the battlefield spanning over thousands of li. 

Dark clouds covered the sun, the Heavens and the Earth had fallen into darkness, giving off an immense mental pressure. 

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign had already transformed into a peerless heavenly bird and was locked in battle with three Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns without feeling any pressure. 

However, the current Demonic Immortal Island was still in a crisis. The other two Sixth Grade Demon Sovereigns who were in hiding had already appeared and was encircled by three Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. 

In other words, six powerful Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign were sent to attack the Demonic Immortal Island. Even if Heavenly Peng managed to hold three of them off, the other three was still a big threat to the island. 

Most importantly, a large number of Fifth and Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were behind them, followed by countless soldiers. The Demonic Immortal Island couldn’t take them on, causing massive casualties on their side in just mere moments. 

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