Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2083

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“All right.”

The four Barbarian Sovereigns agreed. Immediately, they withdrew their focus from Heaven Sovereign, redirecting their focus Jiang Chen and besieged him from four different directions. Although the four of them had join hands to confront Jiang Chen, their eyes were still filled with astonishment and fear. 

None of them had met such a powerful Third Grade Great Sovereign before. From the imposing manner and blazing flames released by Jiang Chen alone, they could already sense a particularly enormous pressure. Under such pressure, they could not exert their full strength. 

“Beware! He is tricky.”


On the other hand, Heaven Sovereign burst into laughter. The Barbarian Elephant seemed like taking possession of his body. With his strength, it was not a problem for him to confront a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The truth was that the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was not a match for Heaven Sovereign.

Ho Long…..

The moment Heaven Sovereign fought fiercely with the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, he immediately gained the upper hand in the battle and the Barbarian Sovereign could only be in a defensive position. 

“The four of you, stop wasting time! Hurry and kill that damnable dragonman! ”

As the leader sensed great pressure facing against Heaven Sovereign, he shouted at the other four sovereigns and rushed them to take action quickly. 

“Let’s kill him now!”

A Barbarian Sovereign, who was holding a powerful barbarian weapon, released his utmost imposing aura and lunged at Jiang Chen with the other Barbarian Sovereigns. They must grab their time and kill Jiang Chen as soon as possible.


Jiang Chen gave a snort. He then strode to cast out the Great Void Technique and disappeared in an instant. In the next moment, he appeared in front of one of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. His Heavenly Dragon Sword was carrying boundless fire waves, which was already close to the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign’s head. 

With the Great Void Technique, it was impossible for the four Barbarian Sovereigns to reign Jiang Chen in. While depending on the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen was capable to overcome and kill the four of them.


The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign gave out a blood-curdling scream as he was cleaved into half without any strength to counterattack. 

No one would understand how terrifying Jiang Chen was without fighting him. Particularly to the Barbarian Race, if they hadn’t fought against Jiang Chen face-to-face, they would never know how strong the constraints he had towards the Barbarian Race.

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was ripped open into a slit and devoured the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. Jiang Chen absorbed the energy that was immediately turned to an enormous qi essence, and after which, he condensed even more dragon marks on his body.

From Jiang Chen’s estimation, he would advance to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign if he managed to absorb and refine the qi essence of all the Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns today. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could also condense its sixty-eighth floor.

Jiang Chen had a strong feeling that it would be harder and harder for the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to condense new floors in the future. Especially since the sixty-sixth floor had just been condensed, achieving the advancement of the next thirty-three floors would be as difficult as ascending the heavens since it required an incomparably massive amount of energy.

As the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda needed more and more energy, the energy it could contribute to Jiang Chen would decrease. This also meant that he will find it more and more challenging to advance his cultivation realm.

However, fortunately, many barbarians were here right now. There were also many Barbarian Sovereigns. These barbarians could contribute nourishment and energy to Jiang Chen unceasingly. In this sense, nothing could stop him from progressing his cultivation realm.

At present, the only thing Jiang Chen needed to do was to slaughter these barbarians and eradicate all of them.

In a blink of an eye, he had killed a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The remaining three Barbarian Sovereigns were shocked as their joint forces had not created any threat to Jiang Chen, rather they had just lost another Barbarian Sovereign.

This had turned the Barbarian Sovereigns’s panic into genuine fear.

This was the first battle of their war against the Immortal World. When they first came, they were high-spirited and confident, and came with an overwhelming imposing manner. At the beginning, they planned to achieve great success in eradicating everyone in the Immortal World. However, they encountered a maniac unexpectedly, and none of them were a match for him. It seemed like extinction is awaiting the Barbarian World, instead of Immortal Court. 

“Drop dead!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loud. While the three Barbarian Sovereigns were dumbstruck, his Heavenly Dragon Sword had killed one of them. The whole process was extremely quick and sharp without any hesitation. 

“Mother fucker. What kind of monster is he?”

“Let’s go, our plan is already in disarray. Let’s retreat.”

The other two Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns who had tried to besiege Jiang Chen just now were freaked out. Without any hesitation, they immediately ran away. 

“Once you’re here, don’t think about running away.”

How could Jiang Chen give them a chance to run away? These Barbarian Sovereigns were too strong. If they run away, they would bring great losses to other places in the Immortal World.

The Ethereal Immortal Wind which was integrated with the Five Elemental Sphere was spread into a visible web, enshrouding the two barbarian sovereigns, leaving them no chance of escaping. 


The Heavenly Dragon Sword sent out a graceful howl, and the dreadful sword web was interwoven, tearing one of the Barbarian Sovereigns apart.

The remaining Barbarian Sovereign completely panicked, not daring to counterattack. Instead, he could only open his eyes wide, seeing Jiang Chen’s combat sword fall on his head.


Following the last blood-curdling scream, another Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign died under Jiang Chen’s sword. 


The leader who was still fighting Heaven Sovereign, and the two Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns who were fighting Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun had seen what had happened. The three of them had the impulse to spurt out their blood.   

Five of the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns had been killed effortlessly  a few minutes after the battle started. Unbelievable.  

This was too terrifying. Jiang Chen was too formidable, and he was totally unstoppable, casting a great psychological shadow and trauma in the hearts of the people of the Barbarian Race.


Heaven Sovereign and Feng Jingyang both burst into laughter. Their fighting spirit became stronger and their attacks also became stronger and stronger. On the Barbarian Race’s side, their initial overwhelming imposing manner was now shrinking.  

“Great, Jiang Chen was too formidable. Killing Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns was just as easy as chopping vegetables for him. Fighting alongside him was indeed very exciting.”

“Let’s kill them. The barbarians are cracking up. Let’s use our utmost effort to kill them all and leave none of them alive.”

“We must kill all of them, or else they will be a scourge in the future.”


The people of the Immortal Court were in high spirit, waving the combat weapon in their hands to greet their enemy fiercely.

At the Barbarian Race’s side, their fighting spirit has completely collapsed. Not just the henchmen, even their leaders begun feeling fear.

“Let’s withdraw.”

The leader who was fighting against Heaven Sovereign snorted loudly. They were quick to come at first, but now they were even quicker in withdrawing. Jiang Chen had messed up their plan. The only thing they could do now was to withdraw and stage a comeback in the future. If they did not withdraw right now, perhaps all of them would die here.

“It’s too late to withdraw now.”

Heaven Sovereign would never allow them to withdraw now. His Million Stars Ruler transformed into a heaven light, blocking the leader’s escape route.  

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