Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2081

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What's done cannot be undone, that’s why Jiang Chen had no way of solving this. Of course, he could not beat Big Yellow up when he was cultivating. If he did something like that, the dog would surely get mad.

More importantly, Jiang Chen thought that it would be a great thing if Big Yellow could advance his cultivation level by using those essences in the treasure house in such a critical moment.

At the present, Monk, Han Yan, and Dragon Shisan were in adventure and their cultivation realm would certainly advance by leaps and bounds. In this case, Big Yellow had to improve himself as well. Or else, even if he was the incarnation of  Dragon Sun Demon Sovereign, he might still not be able to deal with the coming catastrophe.  

The following time was only a long wait. Three days had passed in a blink of an eye.

It was high noon on this particular day.

Ho Long…… 

A strong sound of thunder erupted in the sky above the Immortal World. Within millions of miles of the Immortal World, the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky, hidden by dark clouds.

After that, some giant cracks appeared in the void. In an instant, those cracks had turned into channels where cold air penetrated out. 

“What’s happening? Such a strong pressure. Is the judgement day here?”

“Oh goshh, look! What’s that? I can see human figures but they did not look like people from our world.”

“I have heard about the catastrophe that the Immortal world had experienced during the ancient era. Is there another catastrophe happening now?”

“Be ready, everyone. I am afraid that there are people from the other world coming to attack our Immortal World. Be ready to fight with your life.”


Countless people started screaming out of fear. Many of them did not know what was happening, and many of them didn’t know how perilous the catastrophe was. This seemed like a legend that happened a long time ago. 

It happened several thousand years ago. Generation after generation had passed in the Immortal Court, so who would remember what had happened in the ancient era.

However, the people of the Immortal World were not idiots. Being powerful Immortals, they had sharp senses to detect great danger. They were able to sense the atmosphere of the catastrophe that felt like the coming of Judgement Day. They could sense that they must use their life to safeguard the Immortal World and themselves in order to survive.

Ho Long….. 

Strong gales burst out and the army of the Barbarian World rushed out from the channels, like a flood. Each of them holding Barbarian Weapon, and their eyes were filled with blood which looked extremely ferocious.

Without any hesitation, hundreds and thousands of Barbarians started slaughtering the people of the Immortal World soon after their arrival.  A flood of barbarians were crashing in all directions.

Obviously, the Barbarian World were well-prepared before launching their attack. They even had done comprehensive investigation on every domain of the Immortal World and deployed their army according to the opponent’s military strength and numbers.

They had seen this war as a chance to cultivate, and hoped that their people could make progress and grow under the environment.


Immediately, the massacre began and blood was spurting out everywhere. Such an unexpected military attack launched by the Barbarian World had caused serious damage and loss to many places of the Immortal Courts as they had not made any preparations, and there was no foreshadowing of the war.

However, the people of the Immortal World were still able to react quickly. The powerful influences at every domain managed to turn on their defense mode naturally and quickly. They led their people on their domain to counter the barbarians’ attack. A catastrophe that involved life and death had finally broken out. 

Stimunalously, similar scenes were taking place at different places in the Immortal World. The wars broke out almost at the same time at different places. Most of the strong influences played a crucial role in this battle with the barbarians. 

When life is at stake, all of the major powers put their grudges aside and chose to join hands to confront the Barbarian World.

As the catastrophe was already here, all of the grudges became insignificant. Nothing mattered more than killing the enemy, and the Barbarian World was their only enemy.

The moment the catastrophe descended, the sky turned murky and the earth became dark. The entire Immortal World was in misery.

The sun no longer existed and the moonlight had permanently disappeared. No one knew how long this war would take. It could be a month, two months, a year, two years or even longer.

This was a catastrophic war, and also a seesaw battle.  This war was an experience, and also a transformation to both the Barbarian World and the Immortal World.

It might take a long time to determine the victor of this war because the experts on both sides did not want to end the war too soon as they wished that their people would grow through the war. 

The Nine major Immortal Domains and the countless other domains were fighting against the Barbarian Race fiercely.

At the same time, the Barbarians, having made full preparation for this war, sent their army separately according to their military strategy.

In terms of size, the Immortal World was much bigger compared to the Barbarian World. The difference was not little, and even the size of a hundred Barbarian World was not as big as the Immortal World.

However, the reproduction rate of the barbarians was high, contributing to the high population of the barbarians. Although their population is not as high as that of the Immortal World, their combat strength was really strong. When all of them came together at the same time, it definitely was a catastrophe to the Immortal World.

Great Qian Empire, Celestial Flower Valley, Exquisite Paradise, Ethereal Immortal Domain

All of the powers, regardless of small or strong, were confronting the Barbarian Race and having a fierce battle.

“The catastrophe is here! Everyone listen, we must eliminate the barbarians at all cost.”

“Let’s kill them, for our dignity!”

“Come on, sons of bitches! Let us show you our strength.”


The moment catastrophe descended, the sense of honour of the humankind of the Immortal World suddenly welled up and filled every single man. Being aware that the catastrophe was inescapable, everyone became a tough man who did not know what’s death. Their battle cells were stimulated at the moment. To safeguard humankind’s dignity, they became fearless. They would use their life and blood to fight against the Barbarian Race to safeguard the land of the Immortal World.

When the channel opened up in the Fengchi Immortal Court, there were hundreds of thousands of barbarians appearing in the sky. The formidable imposing manner of the Babarain Race formed into dark clouds, covering up the sky above the Immortal Court. The scene was frightening.

The Immortal Court had already done their full preparation, yet seeing so many experts from the Barbarian World still somewhat terrified them. 

At this moment, there were eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns in the sky compared to the three Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns of the Fengchi Immortal Court. They were Heaven Sovereign, Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang.

“Mother fucker, why are there so many Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns here? Since when did the Barbarian Race reach this level?”

Someone couldn’t help but curse. 

“I think this is related to the Ancient Elephant Bloodline in Ah Nan’s body. They might have come here for the Ancient Elephant Bloodline, or else they won’t deploy such a massive number,” said Jiang Chen. 

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