Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2079

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Jiang Chen had returned to the Golden Clan and all the high ranking officials of the Golden Clan had gathered together.  

The experts within the great hall were the crème de la crème of the Golden Clan, the high ranking officials of the clan. The atmosphere within the hall was solemn and depressing. Jiang Chen told the assembly everything that had happened in the Barbarian World. With regards to the catastrophe, the Golden Clan has a heavy responsibility to bear. 

The situation at hand wasn’t favourable for the Immortal World. In terms of overall strength, there’s still a big gap between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World. Furthermore, the barbarians were more savage compared to the others, the lives of those in the Immortal World would surely be lost once the catastrophe arrives. 

The only fortunate thing was that Jiang Chen managed to snatch Zuo Ling’er away from the Barbarian Race, causing them to lose the Barbarian God Bloodline. Otherwise, the consequences would’ve been grave once Ancestor Wuke managed to refine the bloodline. 

No one spoke in the great hall, as if they were waiting for someone. 

After a while, the void in the great hall trembled. An old man wearing a golden long robe appeared. The light of the hall became incomparably bright after he appeared. His stature wasn’t majestic, but the Qi he emitted could make a person tremble in fear. 

“Old Ancestor.”

Jin Chixiao and all the high ranking officials of the Golden Clan stood up and greeted the old man. They were extremely respectful of him. 

Jiang Chen too, slightly bent his body. He had witnessed how strong a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign was and he could already see that the Ancestor of the Golden clan was also at the peak of Ninth Grade Great Sovereign realm. The Old Ancestor’s cultivation was the same as Sovereign Taixu and Sovereign Leiting, their Qi and aura were similar. But when it comes to fighting barbarians, Golden Sovereign was slightly better than them. 

A Ninth Grade Great Sovereign like Golden Sovereign could at least fight against two Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns on equal ground.

This was a form of superiority, a form of suppression. The powerful bloodline of the Golden Clan could severely suppress the Barbarian Race. 

“En. I’ve heard the conversations. Our Golden Clan emerging once again was also for this catastrophe. Since the catastrophe has come, preparations shall be made,” Golden Ancestor said with a nod. 

His expression was indifferent, without a shred of restlessness from the news of the catastrophe. 

That was a formidable disposition. A unique characteristic of those who had lived for  countless of years. 

“Old Ancestor, what arrangement shall the Golden Clan make?” Jin Chixiao asked.

“Jinyuan stays behind to manage the clan. The others who are Seventh Grade and above, follow me to the Sovereign Domain. The whole Immortal World cannot avoid this catastrophe. The barbarians will put their focus on the battlefield in Sovereign Domain. After we leave, the Immortal World will be less pressured as the barbarians will only send troops according to the overall strength of the place.” The ancestor said. 

“Old Ancestor, rest assured. This one shall lead the clan to fight against those barbarians.”

An old man stood out and spoke. His name was Jin Yuancun, a Seventh Grade Great Sovereign. A single Seventh Grade was left behind to manage the clan was already good enough. The others would depart to the Sovereign Domain as that was the final battleground. 

“Jiang Chen.” Jin Chixiao looked at Jiang Chen.

“Patriarch, freely state your orders.” Jiang Chen said.

“You should know how strong the barbarians are after your ‘trip’. Our war with the barbarians this time is of a grand scale. Even though the final battlefield would be in the Sovereign Domain, the Immortal World is still our base. You’re the inheritor of the Golden Feather Fan, a key person for this catastrophe. You’ll assist Elder Jin Yuancun after we leave and defend against the barbarians together. I hope you’ll grow faster in the battle that is about to ensue. I hope to see you in the final battlefield.” Jin Chixiao said. 

He thinks fondly of Jiang Chen. Just like how Sovereign Taixu had divined. Jiang Chen was a key person in this catastrophe, a person who could change the course of this war. 

“Patriarch, rest assured. The Barbarian World shall fall into eternal damnation this time.”

Jiang Chen said with an inspiring tone. He knew that once the war starts, it would not end in a single day or two. This was a war between two worlds, and the barbarians had been preparing for centuries. No one knew how long the war was going to last. 

“Jiang Chen, the situation of the Immortal World is in your hands. Those barbarians are also an opportunity for you to grow.” The Golden Ancestor said towards Jiang Chen with a gaze full of appreciation. 

Then, the Golden Ancestor ripped open the void and led the experts of the Golden Clan away, heading towards the Sovereign Domain. 

After the high ranking officials have left, the people of the Golden Clan started to prepare for war. At this moment, Jiang Chen departed from the Golden Clan. 

There are only three days until the great war arrives. Jiang Chen wanted to use this time to see how his friends were doing. 

First stop. Jiang Chen went to the White Dragon Temple to see his old friend Ancestor Greenlotus. 

“Greenlotus, the catastrophe is about to come, a great war is coming. The White Dragon Temple must be prepared to fight against the barbarians,” Jiang Chen said. 

“The White Dragon Temple has always been preparing.” Greenlotus said solemnly.

Jiang Chen and Ancestor Greenlotus’s friendship was a unique one. From the first incarnation of Jiang Chen to the next, and to the time where Greenlotus became the abbot of White Dragon temple. As if it was all fated from the beginning. 

“Where’s that damned monk?” Jiang Chen asked.

“He secluded himself in the God Suppressing Monument after he came back that day. The little monk has great affinity with Buddha, the encounter he shall receive in the monument would surely be tremendous.” Greenlotus said, filled with much appreciation towards the monk. 

Unable to meet the damned monk. Jiang Chen and Greenlotus talked for a little while before he left. 

Second stop. Jiang Chen went to the Great Qian Empire and told them about the catastrophe, telling them to prepare for it.  

Yan Chenyu has already advanced to the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm. She did not follow Jiang Chen as the Great Qian Empire needed her when the war begins. No one could escape from it. Every place in the entire Immortal World would become a warzone. It was the same whether Yan Chenyu followed him or not.

After leaving the Great Qian Empire, Jiang Chen departed towards the North Yin Domain Profound Yin Cult. He went to see the cult master, asking for Han Yan’s situation. 

“Han Yan has gone to the Devil Mountain and has not come back yet.” The Cult Master of the Profound Yin Cult said. 

“Where’s the Devil Mountain?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“This, I do not know. The Devil Mountain only existed in legends. Only those that managed to find the mountain knows where  it is. The mountain was mentioned in the history of the cult for thousands of years, and Han Yan was the first to find it. Legends have it that the person who managed to enter the mountain would receive the true inheritance of the Ancient Devil.” The cult master said. 

“This is Ah Yan’s fortune.”

Jiang Chen was extremely happy that Han Yan managed to find the legendary Devil Mountain. Han Yan’s cultivation must’ve increased exponentially after going into the legendary mountain. 

The monk went in the God Suppressing Monument and Han Yan in the Devil Mountain. Next, the fourth stop. Demonic Immortal Island 

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