Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2073

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“Big brother, how did you find your way here? The outside of the altar was sealed by a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. How did you manage to get in?”

Other than feeling surprised, Zuo LingEr couldn’t help but also ask in shock.

“I thought that you might have already advanced to Great Sovereign realm and I was worried about your safety. That’s why I came to the Desolate Ancient Land. Coincidentally, I encountered the Barbarian Race having there trial there. I killed the Wuke Shan of the Wuke Family, transformed myself into his appearance and sneak into Wuke Family. Of course, I have my own way to enter this altar.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He now reverted to his original appearance, so Zuo LingEr could immediately recognise him.

“However, big brother, it’s too dangerous here. You better leave here by yourself. It will cost your life if you save me.”

Zuo LingEr left Jiang Chen’s hug and said seriously.

She was already very happy because Jiang Chen came to Wuke Family to save her despite the danger. This made her filled with bliss. Even if she would die on the altar tomorrow, she already felt very grateful.

“Silly girl, what did you say? Listen to me, you’ll hide inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and we’ll leave this place,” Jiang Chen said.

“No...Once I leave the altar, the old ancestor of the Wuke Family will immediately sense it. The entire Wuke Family is in a concealed space. With your strength of Third Grade Great Sovereign, it’s impossible to escape.”

Zuo LingEr shook her head.

Upon hearing her words, Jiang Chen couldn’t help forwning his forehead. With the current situation at hand, it seemed like a mission impossible to bring Zuo LingEr away secretly. As she said, once she left the altar, the entire Wuke Family would immediately notice her absence. With the Wuke Family’s speed of response, they would not be able to escape despite the assistance of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and Great Void Technique.

“Big brother, I think it’s better if you just leave. LingEr can’t put you in harm's way again,” said Zuo LingEr.

“Little girl, what kind of person do you think your big brother is? I, Jiang Chen, have done too many vicious things in my life, but I still managed to stay alive until now. Over the years, there have been many people wanting to kill me, but how many of them succeeded? You just follow my instructions and I will handle the rest. I will have my own way to leave the Barbarian World. You should know that your big brother never does things that he isn’t certain.”

Jiang Chen said and opened the gate of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

In fact, he really did not have much confidence this time. However, sometimes he had to do it even if he’s unsure. Without doing anything, you will not have any opportunity. But if you tried, you might grab a chance of surviving. 

Moreover, since Jiang Chen had already come here, there was no way for him to leave without taking Zuo LingEr along with him.


Zuo LingEr looked at Jiang Chen’s face which was filled with determination. Her heart was infinitely warm.

“Come, trust me.”

Jiang Chen smiled.


Zuo LingEr nodded, and then entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. She, of course, trusted Jiang Chen. If there was someone whom she truly trusted at all cost and entrust her life, that person would definitely be Jiang Chen.

As Jiang Chen said, he had been creating too many miracles in his life. There had always been too many people wanting to kill him, but he still stayed alive ultimately. 

When Zuo LingEr entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, an incomparably formidable imposing manner immediately gushed out from the inner sector of the Wuke Family. Soon, there were black waves rushing out, turning into an old man holding a crutch. 

His cultivation realm was extremely powerful. It was almost at the uppermost level. The huge black airwaves flooded the entire sky of the Wuke Family. It was terrifying.

“Old ancestor, what’s happening?”

The chief of the Wuke Family, Wuke Manjun, appeared. The arrival of the old ancestor almost almared the whole Wuke Family. All the strong figures of the family flew out from different directions.

Since the blood sacrifice is coming soon, the thing that could lure the old ancestor out must not be a trivial matter.

“Someone has entered the altar and intends to take away the Saintes. Seal the entire Wuke Family now!”

The Old Ancestor Wuke said in an extremely cold tone. The smell he left on Zuo Ling Er has just disappeared a minute ago and it was completely erased. This made him very shocked that’s why he came out immediately.

As soon as Old Ancestor Wuke finished his words, a golden light sprang out from the altar. The golden light was very dazzling and contained endless strength that could destroy anything. The whole altar was destroyed by the collision of the golden light. 

*Ho long *

The huge altar was turned into ruins with black smoke rolling out. The golden light then transformed into a bloodly dragonman.

Jiang Chen knew that the moment Zuo Linger entered Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, his identity would be revealed. If this was the case, he did not need to hide anymore. Since he had already rescued Zuo LingEr out, the next thing he needed to do was to find ways to leave Wuke Family.

“It’s someone from the Immortal World. How did he manage to sneak into our family?

“Damn the human race! He destroyed our symbolic altar. Damn it! Damn it!”

“Kill him! The Saintess is in his hand!”

In an instant, numerous experts besieged Jiang Chen from every direction. Everyone was filled with towering killing intent, looking at Jiang Chen with hatred. The altar had existed for ages in Wuke Family, and it was almost the family’s representation. The altar was holding their belief.

All of a sudden, a party crasher had destroyed the altar. That was like damaging their belief. How could they bear such a blow?

Old Ancestor Wuke and Wuke Manjun fixed their gaze on Jiang Chen. Their eyes were filled with shock because they did not know how this human from the Immortal World sneak into their family. His breath was completely different from the breath of the Barbarian Race. It was impossible for him to hide himself. They should’ve been able to identify him immediately the moment he entered the Barbarian World.

What made Old Ancestor Wuke more shocked was how he was unable to notice this man entering the inner space of the altar. Even him as the old ancestor could not realise this. Even though he was a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, he had no idea at all how this guy managed to do it. 

“Damn human! I am going to kill you.”

A Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign took action immediately. His hand was holding a black barbarian blade, charging towards Jiang Chen instantly. The strike of the blade created a black flame, chopping the void into half. Dreadful killing intent spread over Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen snorted as he slapped an enormous bloody dragon claw, like a huge bloody mountain was falling down. The Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign screeched and was crushed by the claw on the spot.

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was opened out and absorbed the Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, leaving no dregs behind. 

The Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign had given Jiang Chen five thousand dragon marks directly. His mouth acred into a sneer. These people were actually fertilisers to him for his advancement. He could already imagine the moment they become his nurishment when the catastrophe arrived. He almost couldn’t wait for that day to come.

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