Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2072

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Looking from afar, the Wuke Family was like an ancient castle where the air was covered by a thick dusky mist. This environment wasn’t suitable for humans to live in, even an Immortal Venerable cultivator would feel extremely pressured staying here. 

Jiang Chen followed Wuke Sha to the gloomy Wuke Family. Jiang Chen chose to go into seclusion according to the arrangement beforehand. 

His place of seclusion was specially arranged for him after he had attained the Barbaric Sovereign realm. It was great news for Jiang Chen because he wouldn’t have been able to find his way if he were to look for ‘his’ previous residence, and would’ve surely given himself away. 

Jiang Chen walked into a small seclusion palace, and never left ever since. 

On the darkest night, he quietly crept out of the palace. 

During the day, Jiang Chen already found that the Wuke Family’s buildings were complicated. The place was like a maze with the addition that the buildings were connected with a mysterious formation. It was impossible to look for Zuo Ling’er in such a complicated maze. 

Of course, this wasn’t a problem for Jiang Chen. He doesn’t have a problem in locating Zuo Ling’er’s location with the Great Divination Art. 

Jiang Chen unleashed the Great Divination Art, however he still couldn’t catch a glimpse of Zuo Ling’er’s qi. But this was within his expectation, as Zuo Ling’er must’ve been kept in a secret location. It would be weird if he could easily catch her qi. 

But it doesn’t pose a problem even if he couldn’t catch Zuo Ling’er’s qi. The uniqueness of the Great Divination Art wasn’t something that could be overcome by an average technique. Even without the qi of Zuo Ling’er as a guide, he could still feel the general direction where Zuo Ling’er was held in. 


The Great Divination Art sent out a buzz and Jiang Chen was able to quickly feel Zuo Ling’er’s general direction. He then unleashed the Great Void Technique and flew straight towards that direction. 

He changed into a black spirit and continuously appeared in different places within the Wuke Family. 

Perhaps only Jiang Chen was able to move in the deepest territory of the Wuke Family without getting discovered. 

With his Third Grade Great Sovereign realm cultivation base and with the help of the Great Void Technique, he could go anywhere within the Heavens and Earth. Not even an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign would be able to catch his trail. 

After a while, Jiang Chen arrived in a black plaza that was located at the centre most point of the Wuke Family. On the plaza, a giant black altar was erected, the sacrificial altar was filled barbaric ‘flavour’, complex runes were carved upon the altar with a giant cross on top and a portrait of the fierce barbarian god could be seen hanging on top of the cross. 

One could feel an immense pressure coming from within the deepest place if one was to stand below the altar. That pressure would even cause the soul to shiver. 

“Ling’er must be in the altar” 

Jiang Chen surmised the exact location of Zuo Ling’er, but his brow couldn’t help but frown because it was extremely hard for him to save Zuo Ling’er out from within the altar. 

Jiang Chen could feel a powerful seal placed by a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign on the outside of the altar. Forget about passing through the seal, if one were to even touch it, the Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign would immediately be notified. At that time, let alone rescuing Zuo Ling’er, it would be miraculous for him if he could escape with his life. 

But Zuo Ling’er must be saved. Moreover, this was the best moment for Jiang Chen to save her. It would be an impossible task for him to take her away from the Old Ancestor of the Wuke Family if he were to wait for the blood sacrifice to start tomorrow, even with the help of the Gold Feather Fan he still wouldn’t succeed. 

The Gold Feather Fan could only unleash a single attack of Golden Sovereign. Even if this attack could harm a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign, it would merely injure him, it would be impossible to kill him. 

At that time, Jiang Chen will be in a dangerous spot, besieged from all directions by the experts of the Wuke Family. At that moment, his best option would be to run away via the Great Void Technique, but Zuo Ling’er’s fate would still be the same. 

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. I can only depend on you now.”

Jiang Chen’s pupil lit up with splendour. At this moment, he could only rely on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has reached the sixty-sixth floor, and was now much different from the past. Jiang Chen had used the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to snatch the Regenerative Lotus. Now that the pagoda has grown stronger, he believed that he could use it to enter the altar without a problem. 

Jiang Chen’s body vanished and entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The incorporeal pagoda was like a speck of dust within the void, hovering at will without anyone noticing it. 

The only regret was that the speed of the pagoda was slow, like he was moving with a giant mountain on his back. 

Quickly, the pagoda approached near the altar and Jiang Chen was feeling anxious. It was after all a seal placed by a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign, he wasn’t really sure whether the pagoda could safely pass through it without detection. If it couldn't… everything would've been for nought. 

“Let’s make a bet!”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. At this moment, what he needed was to make a gamble. To save Zuo Ling’er this was the only chance he had. 


Nothing happened when the pagoda touched the seal and he went straight through it. He appeared in the internal space of the altar in the next moment. 

*Err… …*

This obviously caught Jiang Chen off guard. But this did not hinder the joy in his heart. At the same time, he understood that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was now strong enough to go through anything. Not even the seal of a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign was a problem. 

“Looks like I worried too much. I wonder what the 99th floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda looked like? I’m looking forward for it.”

Jiang Chen was feeling happy, however the feeling of anticipation towards the completion of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was much greater. 

In the inner space of the sacrificial altar, a circular prison could be seen. The prison was connected to the top of the sacrificial altar. 

At this moment, Zuo Ling'er was sitting inside the prison with both eyes closed, her face had an expression of indifference, she wasn’t as scared as one should be. 

But it was exactly because of this that Jiang Chen felt even more hurt. The Zuo Ling’er who doesn’t know how to be afraid meant that she went through a lot in the Barbarian World. These experiences had changed Zuo Ling’er’s disposition, and the process must’ve been terrible. 

Jiang Chen’s body disappeared and jumped out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He then said quietly: “Ling’er.” 

This calling had caused Zuo Ling’er’s body to shake violently. She opened both of her eyes in an instant. She fell into an endless shock when she saw Jiang Chen appearing in front of her eyes. 

“Big Brother.”

Zuo Ling'er sprung up and lept into Jiang Chen’s arm while her tears flowed down like rain. 

It was an indescribable joy, a ray of light shining down in the endless pit of despair, Zuo Ling’er had countlessly dreamt of him appearing in front of her on her final moments. But it was just a dream in the end, and she knew that it was only an extravagant hope of her. Because even if Jiang Chen really came for her, he wouldn’t have been able to change a thing, let alone save her. Yet she still longed for it. 

Now, the dream she had hoped for had happened in front of her without any indication. She was unable to control her feelings even though Zuo Ling’er’s disposition had already gone through an enormous change.

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