Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2071

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Qi waves tumbled. Jiang Chen struck once again without hesitation. The giant black palm instantly engulfed the prodigy. That giant black palm was like a giant mountain of death, pressing down upon his opponent. Under everyone’s shocked gaze, the Wuhuang prodigy let out another blood-curdling scream and was shattered by Jiang Chen’s palm slap. 


The scene immediately caused countless eyes to fall upon Jiang Chen. They had never thought that Wuke Shan would become so violent and cruel. To think that he would kill someone without a warning, not giving others a shred of respect. 

Although, by right it was normal to kill another when one started attacking. Since it was the norm of the Barbarian Race during a trial. 

But according to the rules, this was also the time where they should stop killing each other. Wuke Shan’s action was too ballsy that he dared to go against the rules. 

“Wuke Shan. You’re nuts! You dared to kill people at this moment!”

The prodigy of the Wuzi Family was shocked but he still reprimanded him loudly. 

“You guys wanted to kill me first. If you’re talking about breaking the rules, you guys are the one who broke it first. Only death awaits for those who dare to attack me, Wuke Shan. He’s dead and you’re next.”

Jiang Chen’s cruelty was at its peak. He appeared in front of his opponent after finishing his sentence, and the terrifying black palm attacked once again. 

After 24 hours of contact, Jiang Chen had thoroughly understood the rules of this trial. Now was the time when the prodigies of the twelve great families gather in a single place. In fact, it was already the end of the trial and everyone was just waiting for the gateway to exit the, Desolate Ancient Land and no killing was allowed anymore. Otherwise, the situation would be out of control and the Barbarian World would face a big loss. 

Jiang Chen had never thought of attacking anymore, but these two gave him a chance to attack and with thousands of eyes witnessing it too. It was them who started the fight first, the blame would also be placed on them as they were the ones who broke the rules first.


The prodigy of the Wuzi Family couldn’t defend against Jiang Chen’s attack and didn’t have a chance to evade. His life ended and became a pile of ash. 

Too powerful! That ruthlessness! This scene has shocked many people on-site. None of them had thought that Wuke Shan was such a ruthless man. His technique was vicious and savage, truly a devil in disguise. 


At this moment, the exit portal of the Desolate Ancient Land was opened by a powerful energy. That portal then changed into a giant black gateway. Jiang Chen could see the internal sector of the Barbarian World through the gate. That extremely thick barbaric qi could cause people to tremble in fear, giving off a vibe of hell where the devil resides. 

Twelve powerful figures descended, representing each of the twelve families. 

Twelve elders appeared and each one of them was at the Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereign realm. Their cultivation realm undoubtedly signified that they were high ranking officials in the Barbarian World. 

“Wuke Shan, you dare break the rules and kill my clan’s prodigies. You’re seeking your own death!”

The elder of the Wuzi Family immediately looked at Jiang Chen after arriving at the scene. A violent qi wave immediately swept towards Jiang Chen. 

On the other side, the elder of the Wuhuang Family was also filled with killing intent. Evidently, they saw what had transpired from the other side before the portal was opened. They saw Jiang Chen kill their prodigy with their own eyes. This truly angered them! After all, it wasn’t easy to cultivate a young Barbaric Sovereign. They won’t be able to accept it when their prodigies were easily killed off by the others. 


The elder of the Wuke Family also took action and stood in front of Jiang Chen. 

“Wuzi Ying, what are you doing?! Aren’t you shameless?! A person of your stature dared to attack my family’s junior?!” The elder of the Wuke Family said loudly. 

Jiang Chen, who was standing behind sneered. He could see that the Barbarian World was the same as the Immortal World, whereby there were internal disputes. It would be great to create more disputes within the Barbarian Race before the catastrophe truly arrives. 

“Wuke Sha! Wuke Shan broke the rules and killed our prodigies! You should have seen it too!” Wuzi Ying said fiercely. 

“Rubbish! It was obviously them who broke the rules first when they tried to kill Brother Shan. It was due to their own incompetence that they’re killed by Brother Shan. Many of us can testify that!” Wuke Hong who was saved by Jiang Chen stood out and said. 

“Yeah! They were the ones who attacked Wuke Shan first!” Another individual said. 

“Heard it? Looks like your guys were the ones who broke the rules first.”

Wuke Sha said with a sneer. 

“Alright. We’re going to attack the Immortal World soon. It’s best to stay united for the time being.” The expert from the Wuchi Family said. 

“Hmph! This matter is not yet finished! Wuke Sha, you better prepare yourself!”

Wuzi Ying harrumphed and led the people of Wuzi Family away. 

After that, the people from each camp also left and returned to the Barbarian World. 

Jiang Chen followed Wuke Sha and flew towards the direction of the Wuke Family. 

The Barbarian World was vast, yet it was extremely small if it was compared to the boundless Immortal World. 

Moreover, the environment and resources for cultivation wasn’t something that could be compared with the Immortal World. They wouldn’t have been able to grow if it weren’t for the powerful bloodline of the barbarians.  However, there’s something that Jiang Chen must admit, the Barbarian World was a world suitable for the barbarians. 

“Wuke Shan, you did well this time. To attain the Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign in one go. Your status in the family will also be raised highly too.” Wuke Sha said to Jiang Chen. 

“It’s all thanks to the help of elder.” Jiang Chen humbly said. 

“The day after tomorrow is going to be the ritual to extract the Barbarian God Bloodline from the saintess. The moment the Old Ancestor manages to get the bloodline… our Wuke Family shall truly become the strongest family in the entire Barbarian World. Stronger than the other eleven great families. Commanding the whole Barbarian World and attacking the Immortal World. At that time, you must perform well and a great future shall await you.”

Wuke Sha said with a smile. Obviously satisfied with the young man in front of him. 

“The teaching of elder will be followed by this one. I’ll immediately go into seclusion after returning to the clan to thoroughly digest what I’ve obtained in the Desolate Ancient Land. When the time comes, I hope that Elder will give out a command to have others not disturb me.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Very well. I’ll arrange it for you. You’ve become famous on this trial, numerous people will surely seek for you the moment you return. You go to seclusion and leave everything else to me.” Wuke Sha said.

“Thank you, Elder.”

Jiang Chen said with his fist clasped. The reason for his action was obvious. One, he’s not familiar with the Wuke Family, and it’ll be easier for him to give himself away if he were to bump into more people. It would be best for him to stay alone without meeting anyone else. 

Most importantly, Jiang Chen needed to search where Zuo Ling’er was held and sneak her out before the blood sacrifice starts. 

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